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Part two of I perved on my aunty at wedding party

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My aunty is very big busty and she likes to take care of me.

Her husband had an emergency meeting so he went home and left his daughter and wife my aunty, daughter is slim but cute small teen, anyways I was playing board game with her daughter as she(my aunty) was busy upstairs in my bedroom laying there imagining dirty thoughts came to her mind, however my aunty came and told us all to get ready for the wedding party to attend to and I was like I only take five minutes.

I quickly got dressed at my aunty walked in and told me to go out as she gets changed with a cheeky smile on her face and I asked her how long you going to be as I wanted to relax in my bedroom, she said maybe 2/3 hours.

I walked out and I put the camera in my bedroom to see her big milky juicey boobs and her sexy ass and she was naked for at least 20 minutes and I kept the camera on my phone screenshot the dirty parts where she was undressing and screen recording her undressing that made my 9.4 inch dick go crazy in my jeans and it was growing so much so her daughter even noticed it asked me what is that bump between your legs?

I slowly sneakily walk upstairs into my bedroom as my aunty knew the camera didn’t mind at all and in fact in front of the camera she took her bra off and made me madly want to fuck her so badly.

I slowly creep inside my bedroom as she is laying there masturbating watching porn her pants pushed to side making my bed wet by squirting I wanted to eat that bare pussy, then I pulled out my 9.4 inches dick out my dick is throbbing now I touched it it was hard then ever and she starts to moan softly as she knew there are people in the house.

I walked slowly towards her shut the door slowly, locked the door slowly as her orgasm kept getting louder and louder I suddenly put my left hand on her mouth and my right hand slide in her pussy she opens her eyes and her eyes lit up and I Suck her clit her moan turned into muffles she put her phone down and grabbed my hair pushed it against her pussy and she said just like that baby ahhh fuck so good!!

She kept asking me to keep going don’t stop and I get up and my dick is still out of my jeans between my zip and she seen it and said ooo that cock is hard and big that is so big biggest cock I have ever seen daddy.

I took off my jeans took my belt off wipping her face, boobs, ass, pussy, tied it around her neck and slapped her I called her you bitch let me fuck you now bitch, she has never been called that name before but she said call me whatever you want and use me please daddy!

Then I teased her with my dick and slapped her face hard her eyes water up and then I started inserting my cock in her she starts to moan faster master I am all yours use me please and then I started pounding her ass and she moaning saying her ass is virgin I said I don’t care I still fuck you no matter what!

Then I started pounding her pussy ramming her pussy ass and slapping her boobs hard and she loves the way I am treating her she said I am your (randi) cumslut, slave, bitch, do whatever you please!

My pace started to go more faster and I tied her hands and legs up and she let me fuck her how I wanted and I unlocked the door and her daughter walk in as she hears the moan asked her when are we going to the party/ event and she even seen how I fuck her mom brutally and said just let me give him pleasure.

I bent her(daughter) over ripped off her clothes off she said I Am on periods I used condom and her ass is ready for me so I spanked it in front of her mom she was happy to see her daughter training to become personal slut professional slut whore.

Then she stared to suck her mom’s pussy as I started fucking ramming my dick in her ass and pussy then she took off my condom kept saying daddy I want to feel you please fuck me like that she wanted to squirt making it harder forvboth of them as the daughter begs me to cum and ask permission for it.

I said no you are not allowed yet, she said ok sir but sir keep going and I cream for you sure/daddy/master, then she watches her mom being used like that and her body shakes as they both haven’t had dick this size before and the daughter she virgin I said that she loose it tonight

I slapped her told her to kiss ur mom and tell you bend over time for me to wip your ass and cum dripping from her pussy she said sorry I can’t control myself dam your are sex god they both said.

I punished them both hardcore no mercy and daughter had tears in her eyes kept moaning loud and her mom sees me treating her daughter like that and then I started ffucking her mom roughly bed banging the wall hard as I grabbed her neck slapping her face and she begs me to have my cum where ever I want so I cumed inside her she kept moaning no I will be pregnant sir I will make this happen as you want I told her I don’t want you pregnant just yet she said ok sir then I continue fucking her daughter and more cum and I fumed on her face and I told her to suck every last drop of my cum

Now you both are my cumsluts bitches I will come next time fuck you without condom and I will fuck you more brutally and bring girls with you this time so I can show them what lovely cumsluts you are to them

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