Park slutt

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I was on the way home when I seen a man in the park. He told me come here and rubbed my tits . He pinched nd squeezed my nipples. He then grabbed my hair and made me get on my knees and suck his “7 cock. I spit and gagged he stinked of cigarettes. ” Yea go deeper Yu fuckin slut” he’d say . I sucked faster and harder then realized I was so fuckin wet . The man eventually told me to stop and made me get on all fours . He rubbed my cunt . ” Your fuckin wet slut enjoyed huh ” he chuckled.
I shook my head no and he smacked me and pushed deep in my pussy . He fucked me roughly it felt like forever. ” You so tight nd wet slut your enjoying this” I moaned fuckk noo . He smacked me and said ” you know u are slut that’s why your wet .

I clamped down on his dick and came soo hard . He gave a few more thrust then came. He pulled out my pussy nd rubbed his dick on my ass I begged noo . He chuckled nd thrusted hard on my ass . I screamed In pain . ” Shut up slut before someone hears u you’d probably enjoy that ” I moaned and cried the entire time he fucked my ass. ” You fuckin slut I know your enjoying this . He started fuckin me fast and hard. I rubbed my clit trying the ease the pain . I moaned ass hr smacked my ass . He heard me ” oh so you do like being a slut ” he said . I ignore him and rubbed my clit faster as I felt myself getting wetter . I know I was going to dum soon even if I didn’t want to . He felt my pussy tighten up and said “c’mon slutt”. I minee as I felt his thrust get deeper and faster . Fuckk don’t come in me I begged . He chuckled ” I do what I want slut . That made me squirt hard . He chuckled and eventually nutted deep in my ass . He pulled out and made me suck his cum off . When I finished he chuckled and disappeared in the darkness ..

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  • Reply mama ID:1eowq8n8gtdj

    Fuck I squirted hard I want to lick your pussy

  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Loved it. More please.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    You’re a dirty little slut! Good girl!

  • Reply Pedo1 ID:1eowq8n8gtdj

    Fuck that’s amazing

  • Reply Cumslutt ID:1eowq8n8gtdj

    Fuckin hot I came soo hatddy