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Paradise Found Series: Another Tale (Part 2)

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A new escapade in the life of Elias, this time involving three gorgeous sluts

I shielded my eyes from the Sun as i walked towards the mall, Harper and Alicia walked in front of me, the latter as chipper as always. How could anyone have so much energy all the time? Despite originally planning to spend the day sleeping, I let myself follow my daughter’s whims and here we are, going to the mall at mid-day in under the scorching sun.

I tried not to stare at two loves of my life but they both looked as beautiful as always. Harper was wearing a shear sundress that reached her knees and I couldn’t help but gawk at her nipples poking out under the thin fabric when i first saw her in the dress this morning. Harper was a stunning woman in her early 30s who looked like she was a college student. I’m surprised she did not chose modeling as her professional career. Honestly she and Alicia looked more like sisters than they did mother and daughter. I have to be honest, i was a bit disappointed with Alicia’s choice of clothing. She was wearing a black tube top and a pair of jeans. While she looked as beautiful as always, i missed the sight of her bare legs. I did however, appreciate the way her jeans hugged her ass. Sometimes i wondered if i should just go YOLO and fuck her in public in front of everyone. But then I’d rather not get arrested. My brother got sent to jail once and he had not a single positive experience from that.

I felt like i was in heaven the moment we stepped inside the mall. The air conditioner is truly God’s greatest gift to mankind. “We’re gonna go shopping and you’re coming with us Dad” Before i could protest, she grabbed my and Alicia’s arms with her hands and pulled us towards the first floor.

As i sat in the waiting lobby inside the store i couldn’t help but stare at some of the other customers and workers there. It was unbelievable how hot some people are.

“Funny seeing you here Mr. Whitlock” i heard a calming voice say. I turned around to see a beautiful young girl looking at me. “Willow!”

“I never thought you were the shopping type”

“God no. I’m just waiting for Harper and Alicia”

“Aly’s here to?” Excitement exuded from her peaceful voice.

Willow was Alicia’s girlfriend before that was her best friend. She was a really nice girl and was happy that Alicia was with someone like her. She truly deserved her. I couldn’t help but admire her body. Her skin the color of chocolate, Willow was one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen being only 15, the same age as Willow. Before i could make more small talk, she came over to me and sat on my lap.

“What are you doing?”

“Just pretend I’m your daughter if anyone sees at us. Daughters sit on their dad’s laps all the time”

“Not daughters dressed like hookers” i thought to myself. The fabric on Willow’s skin showed more than it hid. She wore a small crop top and tiny tight skirt. She slowly slipped a hand inside my pants grabbing hold of my cock that was already throbbing at this point. She continued to stroke my cock and as i kissed her deeply. We looked my father and daughter alright.
She suddenly got up and started pulling down my pants. As excited as i was to get freaky in public, i did not want to get kicked out of this mall with a fine so picked Willow up as she wrapped her legs around me and took her towards to changing rooms. I didn’t even realise my cock was already inside of her. I roughly pushed her against the wall at the back of the section as i pounded her with intensity. We keps making out not letting a single moan escape. As i was about the pull her top op to reveal her breasts, heard some voices and swiftly opened the door of one of the changing rooms and shut the door once we were inside.

“Oh mommy!” I heard a loud moan and turned my heard around to see Harper going down on Alicia. It looked like we we had walked in on some good mother-daughter bonding. Alicia opened her eyes and kept eye contact with me as Harper continued eating her out. It was one of my favorite sights, my wife feasting on my daughter. Willow immediately went to her girlfriend and kissed her deeply. Wow three beautiful women fucking each other is all i wanted to see. But i had to continue what i started. I gave Willow no warning and shoved my cock in her ass and pulled her top up to grab her breasts. Before she could let a loud moan out, my daughter kissed as Harper started licking her and fingering her at the same time. I was now pounding Willow against Alicia as they continued to kiss exchanging saliva. Alicia moaned loudly as she came on her mother’s face.

At nearly the same time i was nearly done too. I pulled out from Willow and shoved her to the ground. All three girls got on their knees and pulled their tongues out as i jizzed all over their tongues and faces. I felt my dick go hard again when the three beautiful girls started making out with each other exchanging cum and saliva. I felt another load coming as I watched all three of them swallow my cum. I knew this wasn’t enough as a i took turns fucking all three of their throats.

When I was done all three of them were gasping on the floor. Their faces red, covered in tears and cum. I was nearly satisfied but I suddenly had a brilliant idea as Harper started cleaning herself.

“Don’t” i said.

5 minutes later i watched gleefully as all three women walked through the mall with their faces covered in my cum. I made sure to record them because i knew I definitely needed to post this one online. I had to share this beautiful sight with as many people as I could. I saw a lot people give us disgusted glares but we were quickly out of the mall. I was finally satisfied as i, with these three sluts, walked out of the mall, into the sunset.

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