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Paradise Found Series: Another Tale (Part 1)

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Elias finally shares a long-anticipated moment with his daughter

It was not an usual day. The only thing that was different was that i had taken a day off. It was now summer and i knew i had to take some days off from work for the sake of my own sanity. My wife Harper was something of a workoholic and preferred to take days off when something important came up or when she was really tired or sick. I woke up pretty late at around 11 am and after making myself breakfast and coffee i sat down on the couch and turned on the TV and put on Netflix.

Due to the scorching heat, most schools in the country were on their summer vacations earlier than usual. My daughter Alicia preferred to spend her summer outside with her friends. Today was one of the rare days when she was home. My mind took me to about 2 hours ago when i just woke up and went into the bathroom on the ground floor. Both me and my wife have decent jobs and had a nice and big house. The bathroom in the ground floor near my and my wife’s bed room was the biggest in the house. As i entered the bathroom to take a piss i noticed that the shower was on and Alicia was in it. Alicia had turned fifteen last month and was in her second year of high-school. It hadn’t been long since i saw her naked body but i couldn’t help but admire it every time i saw it. She was a goddess. Now i don’t wanna flatter myself but i am kinda good looking and so is my beautiful wife. Alicia inherited both of our best genes with her stunning face and killer body. I could both feel and see myself getting hard in the mirror as i was completely naked myself too. Ever since Harper and i got together we had decided we were going to do everything freely. We have no problems with nudism and raised Alicia the same way, teaching her to not be ashamed of the human body. We also never shied away from Sexual matters as we believe in free expression. I and Harper often have sex in the living room or in the kitchen, anywhere we want really. Alicia has seen us fuck like animals many times, Harper and I have a free use life style. Sometimes she even mastrubated as she watched us but she never joined us. We made sure to let her know that she shouldn’t be ashamed if she wants to join us and she dosen’t even need to ask if she wants to. We are also open to Polyamory and have had sex with other men and women many times.

I couldn’t help but stroke my dick as i watched her shower. Alicia was putting on a show without even knowing she was. I knew Alicia wouldn’t be uncomfortable even if she knew i was watching her but I didn’t want to startle her so i quietly exited the bathroom and jerked off thinking about my little goddess. After a few minutes when i was in the kitchen she came in fully naked. This was very common, Alicia was even more of a nudist than me and Harper. “Good morning Dad” she greeted me as she opened the fridge. I embraced her from behind and kissed her cheek, briefly stroking her nipple. I felt myself get hard again in my shorts. It was hard not to get a boner around her. “Someone’s a little excited to today” she said in a bubbly voice. I turned her around and kissed her on the lips. We made out in the kitchen for what felt like an hour. I tried not to turn her around and pound her in the ass making her scream but i didn’t want to force her into something she didn’t want. Raping my daughter was one of my favorite fantasies but not all fantasies are meant to be reality. I would never force my angel. She abruptly pulled away and dropped to the floor pulling down my shorts. “Are you sure about this?” I asked. She replied not by words but by taking my cock into her throat. It would be a lie to say that i never expected it but i was happy to see this day finally come true. I wanted nothing more than to make love with my daughter and show her how much i loved her. My wife and my daughter were the two beautiful irresistible loves of my life. She kept eye contact with me as she continued to suck my cock teasing me with those beautiful eyes that shone like diamonds. It was at that moment i knew that i was done being gentle. I grabbed her hair roughly and shoved my whole cock inside her throat as she gagged. I violently started fucking her throat as and she obediently let me, her eyes not leaving mine. I kept going and going till tears filled her eyes and her face was read. I pulled out before she could cum. Tears fell from her eyes as she gasped for air. She looked even more beautiful now than she ever had. But my work needed one more stroke before it was a masterpiece. I grabbed my dick and shot a heavy load on her face, her hair, her mouth, her chest, her nipples. Now she looked the most beautiful she ever had. I picked up my phone that was lying on the kitchen table and snapped a picture of her. No, not one. I snapped at least 20 pictures making sure i captured her in all her glory. After i was done i helped her up and gently embraced her, my cock touching her bare legs made me horny again but this time i controlled myself.

I snap back to the present watching some generic Netflix drama that i was not paying attention to. “Dad! I’m going out!” I suddenly heard my daughter say. I turned my head around to see she was dressed in a see-through crop top and shorts that left little to imagination. I loved her sense of style. Alicia wanted to be a fashion designer and always dressed in ways that expressed her. She was 13 when i first saw her in a small tank top and a thin short skirt, it was the first time in my life i wanted to fuck her. The nipples on her flat chest poking out and her slender legs bare for anyone to see. Now her chest was full but she had small breasts similar to Harper. Other parents might think of us as bad parents letting our 15 year old daughter, a child, dressing like this. But I was proud of her and i wanted the entire world to see her in all her glory. Deep down i wished she would go out topless, maybe even fully nude. I wanted the whole world to lust after her the way i did.

I thought she would just go straight out of the front door but she came over to me and sat on the couch next to me. “On second thought i will leave a bit later, i want to spend some time with you” see said to me as she spread her legs on my lap. I wanted to fuck her so bad. I don’t understand how anyone could see being with their own child as a disgusting act. She was my own daughter, of couse i wanted to fuck her. Cumming inside your own daughter was the best way to show love to them. When you are having sex with someone you are as close to another person as you can be. I knew she was teasing me. Without wasting another thought i grabbed her ass and turned it around. I pulled down her tiny shorts and inserted my cock inside her as she moaned loudly. I pounded her asshole as hard as I could, as she moaned everytime my cock went inside her. I kept fucking her again and again and again. Everytime i came and started again. After having fucked her at least 5 times she went limp clearly unconscious but i wasn’t done yet.

I pulled her limp body close to me and started pounding her core. This time there were no more moans from her as she slept soundlessly. I knew I should feel bad, i was technically raping my little girl but i couldn’t stop, how could I?

As I continued to pound her the front door opened and Harper came in. She saw my fucking our daughter’s cum covered body and said “Wow, i leave for a few hours and you’re raping our daughter?” She chuckled.

I was expecting her to be upset. Not because I was fucking our daughter, because she wasn’t conscious when i did it. But to my surprise she pulled out her phone and started recording us with one hand as she inserted her other hand inside her skirt. This turned me on even more than before. I now started pounding Alicia even harder than before. This time i pulled out walked over to Harper and roughly shoved my cock in her throat, cumming inside her mouth. It was at this moment, with my daughter alseep on the couch with her body drenched in cum and my wife on her knees with cum dripping from her mouth, I felt satisfied.

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    My kind of family

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    Hot! I hope in next parts he will lose any inhibitions and eventually impregnate her