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Our first time

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We weren’t done and what would happen next I will remember forever.

We both looked down at my twitching cock and it was still as hard as a rock. I have masterbated before and I knew that most of the time I can cum twice and sometimes three times before my errection goes away.

I looked back up at my sister and grabbed her shirt. She lifted her hands up as I ripped it over her head and threw it to the floor. She was still on her knees sitting on her bottom bunk but she sprang her feet out and landed on her back. I reached out and grabbed her shorts and panties and in one swoop yanked them off of her.

I stood there in a moment of disbelief holding her shorts and looking at her hairless pussy. She slowly opened her legs and I could see her folds opening up. She was the most beautiful girl I know and seeing this sight was intoxicating.

I knew what I wanted to do…but I didn’t know what to do. I grabbed my cock in my hand and climbed into the bottom bunk and slid between her legs. I poked her pussy with the head of my cock but it didn’t feel like it was going in. She slid her hand down between us and linned up my cock. This time when I pushed it started to slid in. She was so wet and warm. She made a small face like it hurt and I froze.

She smiled at me and I felt her legs wrap around my waist. I slowly pushed in and felt her pussy engulf my cock. It was sliding in and out because she was so wet but at the same time felt like it was sqeezing my shaft and milking my cock.

I started breathing harder and my sister moaned every time I pushed my cock back into her recesses. I knew I was getting close again. What if I get her pregnant? Suddenly popped in my mind. She is only 9 but what if? I thought for a moment.

Lexi? Im gonna cum again…what if you get pregnant?

She looked up at me with lust and love in her eyes and didn’t say anything. She just grabbed me by the body and pulled me into a deep kiss. I kept pumping and pumping because it felt like heaven. I did not want it to stop ever!

My balls tightened up and tingled and then I sprayed into my sister. I filled her up with everything I had left. She moaned out and suddenly yelled FUUUUCK with a long breath out. I think she came too… her eyes were closed tightly and her body tightened up and her legs pulled me deeper into her pussy. Finally she release and relaxed. When her eyes opened and she let out a momentary squeek. She breathed in deeply and held me kissing me deeply again.

My cock slowly slipped out of her as it got soft but we stayed there hugging for a while. I must have dozed off because we suddenly heard the front door.

Mom was home!!!

We both jumpped up and scrambled to get dressed. I threw my shorts on and flipped on my playstation like i was playing it. Lexi ran into the bathroom I suppose to get dressed.

Hi mom! I said as she peeked in on me to say hi like she always did.

Spaghetti for dinner tonight sound good?

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  • Reply Kevin ID:28aww2z20j

    thanks for sharing such a hot story!

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    Loved this series. More please if you have some.

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    Damn!! That was hot