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One of my gay experiences

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Reading alot of these stories got me horny as fuck. Thought id share one of mine

I was 17 at the time. I had an older boyfriend in his 40s. I had met a few of his friends around those times because my boyfriend shared me around with his friends. Sometimes 3 somes, gangbangs and sometimes he would watch.
He had one friend that was always rough. Had a bigger dick than everyone we knew that had fucked me. His name was Harry (fake name)
He was going away for a weekend and had asked my boyfriend if he could take me with him on the trip. My boyfriend didn’t even ask me. He just said take some clothes. I’m sending you away for the weekend. And I hot excited I was going away but didn’t know who with.
It was a Friday after noon and Harry came over and picked me up. We hit the road. And he said suck me while I’m driving. So undid my seat belt. He slid his seat back alittle and had his cock out. His cock was uncut. Was thick. And it was just over 8 inches. His cock also had fat veins popping out. I loved the way his cock looked. But always hurt at first.
I sucked his cock for a good 10 minutes . And it was very sloppy. He then cum and I swallowed his warm fuzz. We then got the the motel 2 hours later. He told me to go in. Amd get naked and he will ne right back. So I went in got nude. Turned the heater on. As it was a cold night. I had noticed he brought a bottle of lube and condoms. So while I was waiting I squirt some lube over my body amd started jerking my cock and fingering my hole. He walked in and said good boy. Your warming up. He stripped down. Climbed over me and we kissed for a while. And he was teasing my hole with his big cock. As he was teasing me his cock was lubed up from my body. He slid his cock inside my hole. And started fucking me. Deep inside me with every thrust. We fucked in missionary for a few minutes then he pulled out. Then he got me turn roll over and amd lifted my ass up with my face buried into the pillows. He then caressed my ass cheeks and teased my hole alittle more with his hard cock. He then slid his cock inside me again deep. He had a firm grip on my hips and he started fucking me hard. His balls slapping my balls With every push. This went on for a few minutes amd then he blew inside me. Then he just dropped beside me and we fell asleep. When we had woken up. He was rimming my hole and jerking my cock. Till I came. Then we took a shower together and we went to a big national park for a walk and we had noticed a really bushy spot so we went behind it and he bent me over and fucked me there. That whole weekend he fucked me every chance we had. When we got back home he dropped me off. I got into bed. And my boyfriend and I started kissing and he also fucked me that night.

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  • Reply Nathan B. ID:5sowhxud4

    My first “gay” experience was nowhere as adventurous as that. My girlfriend had a brother my age (15, she was 13 1/2 or so, IIRC) who was obviously gay. This was kind of back in the old “don’t ask, don’t tell” days so he didn’t say he was gay but it was pretty clear he was. Anyway, my gf asked me to fuck her brother in the ass one time. I said hell no. One thing led to another, she said that he at least wanted to watch her suck me off, or something like that and once she had me horny, well, you can guess that I wasn’t quite as strict about saying no. She had sucked me in front of him and my dick was hard as a rock when she asked me to put it in him “Just for a minute” and finally I agreed. I told her I was sticking it in once and only once and that’s what I intended to do but once I did, she said that since it was already in him, I might as well fuck him. She said she had been wanting to see something like that. So I was doing it and I have to admit it was pretty nice. Then the really bizarre happened and she said that it would really complete her fantasy if I let him do me for just a minute. I said no fucking way. Then she said if it hurt I could just say no (as if I hadn’t already said no). Long story short, yeah, me and the dude fucked each other in the ass while she watched.