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One hell of a childhood

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Read to the end…. I was 12 at the time with the dog With my bestie, we were about 15-16 36cc breast and phat asses and wet tight pussy.

Oh man, a few, hmmm….

I have written here about how I go out in public with dildos up my pussy or my ass. I still definitely do that. Grocery shopping, bank, whatever, and my pussy and asshole are stuffed full of a thick dildo or plug.

When I was little, I let my best friend’s dog lick my pussy for a couple minutes. I really wanted to keep going until I came, but my friend thought it was too weird, so we stopped. It felt amazing, though.

My best friend and I stole vibrators from a family friend and used to put them in our pussies and look at hard core porn together that we stole from her brother. We never came, but we’d look at pictures of huge cocks stretching wet pussies open, and we’d hold the vibrators in our slits and rub them up and down over our clits.

I’ve always been an exhibitionist, so when I was a kid and started masturbating, I used to get naked and stand in front of the big living room window and spread my pussy open while I fingered myself. I’ve continued to do that in various situations throughout my life.

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    Great, would love to read more please.

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