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old man and walking his dog in the park

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my first mans and dogs cock true story not fake

Had my first cock at 14 when i was playing truant in a park . An guy walking his dog sat by me and asked me to go into the toilets with . him . the park was deserted being a cold wet day so i went with him .Got in the toilets turned round and he had his cock out . He aske me to wannk him and said he would pay me
We went into a cublicle and he got my cock out and we jerked each other off . i then met him a few more times and i sucked him and he got his dog to lick my cock i came straight away .I ended up sucking him and his dog for money
Then one day he brought an old ugly restarded guy who had a huge cock with a big purple head . I started sucking him when he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth hard .I tried to push him away but the other man held my arms , it was very rough and he came in my throat . i sucked the other guy but never met them again together.
A couple of years later i saw the retarded man collecting glasses in a pub near the park gates , he saw me and we went into the park in some bushes and i let him fuck my mouth again . used to go there any time i was horny. he used to like lie down with him behind me put his cock between my thighs and hump me , his cock hitting my balls while he was, kissing my neck and his arm around me wanking me .
I am old now but still get hard thinking about that time and have sucked countless old cocks in toilets and played with dozens of dogs and been fucked by 2 . both neighbours dogs 1 a mongrel and one a lab . The lab used to visit me a few times a dy for a fuck. the mongrel used to love licking my cock but used to catch me with his teeth .
Never fucked a female dog but used to lick a small terriers pussy and a neighbours boxer used to visit me for me to lick her . she loved it but pussy to slall to fuck used to finger her with one finger and sometimes used to get behind her and hump her between her legs with my cock rubbing her pussy

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    i do it with any dog neighbours or strays . used to walk around the streets at night to get dogs to lick me

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    I never had sex…. But I want do it with a beautiful dog 🐶

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      I like to suck your cock