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New morning lust

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My sister gave me my first blowjob last night heres what happens next

I was looking into her eyes and could tell she was lusting after me. I was about to ask her about last night when suddenly our mother bursts in the room saying good morning! Time to get ready for school!

We looked at each other in akward silence for a few seconds as mom left the room seeing that we were already awake.

I began my normal routine to get ready for school, putting last night out of my mind briefly. I walked into the bath room and started the shower. As the water began to warm and I leaned down to check the temperature to see if it was where I liked it i suddenly felt arms around the back of my waist. I spun around in surprise as my sister looked up at me. Her eyes said mistevious things as she put her hands up. I looked at her and slowly lifted her large t-shirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I looked at her in shock. I had not looked at her naked before. My cock began to rise rappidly. In embarassment I put my hands in front of it.

My sister giggled and grabbed my hands and started stepping into the shower. The water cascaded down her body and she was the sexiest looking girl. Her chest had not yet formed much but her nipples began to poke straight forward. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close and gave her a kiss on the lips. I didnt know how to kiss really so we stood there with our lips locked together and enjoyed how it felt.

We must have been in there for a bit because mom suddenly knocked on the door calling for me.

Yes mom!?

Where is your sister!?

I think she went to get breakfast!? I’ll be out in a minute!

We looked at each other knowing we almost got caught. She jummped out of the shower and ran to get dressed before mom came back again…

I hope something more happens soon.

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