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New House Rules (Daddy series pt4)

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Things have been a bit crazy since Mom walked in on me and Daddy. The first few days Daddy seemed on edge, probably worried she would tell someone. After a few days he decided she must have wanted to avoid a public show and it seemed to make him bold. It had been a week and Mommy had only been home a few times, usually grabbing clothes and doing laundry before leaving again. Daddy had been working from home and we spent our spare time together.

I’d just gotten home for the day and was taking my shoes off at the door when Daddy came up and hugged me from behind. I giggled and turned to face him, throwing my arms around his neck. He kissed me, gentle at first but ending with a nip at my bottom lip. “Alright Princess, I think it’s time we start doing things right,” he said, scooping me up into his arms. “From now on, whenever you are at home you are to be naked. We can work out specifics later, but right now I need constant access to my little fucktoy.” He nudged open his bedroom door with his foot and tossed me on his bed and I squealed.

I sat up and looked around, watching Daddy start to undress. We had never done anything in the bed he shared with Mommy, and it made me really wet to be here now. “Now Princess,” he urged, snapping me out of my trance. I quickly stripped off my shirt and pants, and was working on unhooking my bra when Daddy’s hands gripped my wrists, pining them behind my back. I struggled slightly and he chuckled, “Come on, I think we need to talk about something first, little girl.” I huffed a bit, horny and frustrated, but relaxed against my Daddy.

“I know you’ve noticed that Mommy hasn’t been around too much recently. I’m sure she’s just upset about the way things are now, but I want to know how you feel about it Princess.” He was still holding my hands at my back but he kept me pressed to his chest so I couldn’t look him in the eye. Still I did my best to crane my neck around to look at him. “Daddy that just means I need to do even more than before. If Mommy’s gonna be useless Daddy then you have to let me replace her!” The answer seemed so clear in my mind I didn’t quite see why he even asked.

“That’s what you wanna do Princess? You want to serve Daddy?” The question was barely more than a whisper, like he was scared to ask. I nodded. “Of course Daddy! You said Mommy never let you do what you want, but you can use me however you want! I’ll be a perfect set of holes for you!” He finally released my wrists and I was able to turn around and snuggle close to him. He was so warm and comforting as he wrapped his arms around me.

“Princess, I’m so glad you said that, cause Daddy’s planning on turning you into the most perfect cock sleeve this side of the Mississippi.” He kissed me hard, his tongue pushing down my throat and I clung to him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he pushed me to the bed, hands roaming everywhere. My bra had never made it to being unhooked and it barely registered as he snapped the straps and pushed it to the side, hands kneading my titties as he bit and sucked at my nipples. I was already losing my mind, moaning and clawing at his back and shoulders begging for more.

“I need full access to your body 24/7 Princess,” he whispered in my ear, hand moving down to push my panties aside and play with my pussy. “I have to be able to keep this pretty little pussy so full of cum you’re dripping.” A finger pushed it’s way inside and he began stroking at my g spot. “You’re going to be Daddy’s little breeding whore Princess, doesn’t that sound like fun?” A second finger joined the first dnd he continued his oral assault on my nipples.

I was nearly incoherent with need, grinding against his hand and trying to pull him closer. “Yes Daddy! Please breed my pussy like Mommy!” I yelled, needing the release that was coming with my impending orgasm. His thumb circling my clit was making me wild, but when he jammed his pinky in my asshole I came hard, screaming for him. He withdrew his hand and pulled my panties off and tossed them aside. Daddy was already naked and his rock hard cock was glistening with precum. I reached for his cock and he let me grab it, rearranging so I could take him in my mouth.

I licked at the tip, savoring Daddy’s salty taste before twirling my tongue around the head like Daddy taught me. His hands found my hair and he stroked the back of my head, urging me on. No encouragement was needed as I used one hand to play with his heavy balls and the other to help force his cock down my throat. I jerked and gagged, taking as much of him as I could. Daddy’s hands gripped at my hair, pushing me down a little harder each time. I was gurgling and struggling to breathe, but the groans from Daddy was all the motivation I needed to hear.

When he finally pulled my head away, long strands of saliva drooled down my face and chest. I smiled up at him, “Daddy are you gonna fill my pussy now?” He didn’t say a word as he spread my legs and began rubbing himself up and down my slit. My clit was still super sensitive and it was driving me crazy. No matter how I wiggled, Daddy wasn’t letting his cock inside me, he just kept rubbing and teasing while I struggled. “Please! I need to feel you inside me Daddy,” I cried. Daddy smiled down at me, a cruel kind of love on his face. “Beg for it Princess.”

“Fuck Daddy please fuck me. I need your cock stretching my little pussy and pumping me full of your hot cum.” My grinding and wiggles continued, struggling for any amount of penetration. I could feel my pussy juices flowing, so ready for Daddy to use me. “Breed my whore body Daddy use me like the cock sleeve I am!” His rubbing paused as he lined himself up to my hole, then he drove himself home so hard the instant orgasm had me seeing stars.

He was fucking me like an animal, all wild thrusts and clawing hands. If his hands weren’t at my tits squeezing and twisting, he was grabbing at my hips so hard I knew I’d have his fingerprints bruised into me. The room was a cacophony of grunting, me and Daddy both, the slapping of our bodies, and the wet sounds of a cumdump in use. I clung to him, legs wrapped around his waist to pull him as deep as I could. I was clawing at his arms and back as he put one hand around my throat and began to squeeze. I bucked wildly at him, using my pussy muscles to milk his cock to show him how much I liked it.

His rhythm slowly and he pulled me up by the throat for a kiss, still pounding into my pussy as I gasped against him. “You are gonna make me the happiest Daddy in the whole world you know that Babygirl?” He kissed my forehead, his thrusts getting slower but harder. I swear if I looked down I could see his cock bulging through my tummy. “I’m gonna breed this little pussy Baby, are you ready? Are you ready for my cum?” He looked me in my eyes, and even though words were beyond me, I nodded vigorously and ground myself against him.

Daddy jammed his cock in me so hard it hurt, but I could do nothing but moan as I felt him shoot pulse after pulse of hot cum right into my cervix. I was cumming and crying, all my nerves on fire as I milked his cock. “Thank you… Fuck Daddy thank you… Oh god I hope you fuck a baby into me!” He clutched me a little closer and held me as I cried through my pleasure.

Daddy kept me impaled on his cock, but rolled us over so I was laying on his chest. My body felt limp with the exhaustion of multiple orgasms but I snuggled closer, loving the feeling of his softening cock still inside me. I rested my head and listened to his thundering heartbeat slowly return to a normal rhythm and tried to do the same with my breathing. He stroked at my hair, his chest rumbling under me, “Did you mean what you said Princess? You hope I fuck I baby into you?”

I was too tired to even move my head to look at him but I hummed my assurance. “If you put a baby in me, then I’ll really be a replacement for Mommy. And all I want is to make you happy Daddy.” Playing with my hair was slowly lulling me to sleep, so I felt more than heard him respond, “This is now our bed Princess, just you and me. Mommy can sleep on the couch or something. Nap for a bit, I can still use your perfect little cunt while you sleep.” I smiled, feeling his cock start to stiffen up as I drifted off to sleep.

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