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Never Make Dirty Promises

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Husband talks dirty to wife during sex and she wants him to make it come true

Never Talk Dirty
My wife and I had been married for about 10 years and I had started talking dirty to her which made her get very hot and horny. I would tell her how I was going to get her a young black stud to fuck her, and sometimes I would tell her I would let him cum in her and then lick the cum out of her. She would always get very excited and we would have great sex. Soon she started saying things like, “promises, promises, never comes true, or “all talk and no show”. I would say something like,” Just wait, I will get a young black stud to fuck you all night”.

One day I was in the mall and saw this Hank young black guy sitting on a bench near the theater. I sat down and greeted him and ask him where his friends were. He replied that he did not have any friends. “Well do you have a girlfriend”?, I asked. He said he did not; the girls did not dig him. Now my mind was gearing up. I wondered if he would want to become friends with me and my wife,,,ha ha, bet she could make him a good friend.

I said to him (Hank was his name), Hank, Me and my wife will be your friend. My wife makes great fried chicken. Come with me and we will go to my house and get some good food. We will find something to do together and we will be your friend.

“Really”?, Hank replied. I told him that we had a lot of movies and things to do at our house. We drove to our house and on the way I called my wife and informed her that I was bringing a young kid to intertain, like I promised. She knew what I meant, and asked if she should dress for the occasion. Of course I said.

We arrived at our house and as we entered I noticed my wife (Sue) was dressed in a sheer low cut dress revealing her nice breast. I noticed that Hank was all eyes as Sue gave him a good hug and kiss on the cheek. Sue had lunch ready and I think Hank never took his eyes off Sue. After dinner I suggested they go into the living room and I would clean up the kitchen. I could watch them and hear then from the kitchen. Sue started wo work on him. She sat next to him and placed her hand on his thigh as she was saying things like, “Would you kike for us to play like we are girlfriend and boyfriend? I really think you are a nice good looking dude and would like to be friends”.

Hank, said, “Can we be like that? I would like that”.

Sue started kissing Hank and I could hear his breathing becoming louder as Sue was kissing him and rubbing his crotch. I knew he was hard and horny now. There was not turning back for this young black cock, he was going to lose his virginity. I had not doubts. I also knew that Sue was eager to drain his young balls.

Sue soon got up and lead Hank to the bedroom. Sue did not lose the door good so I had a good look into the bed as she undressed Hank and revealed his long hard black skinny cock. She kissed it gently then she hurriedly undressed revealing her wet hairy pusssy. She lay back on the bed and said, “Come to your new girlfriend and see what She has for that hard cock”

Hank moved to the bed and placed his hard black pole into Sue’s hot wet hole. They lay there kissing and hugging for a moment then Hank started pumping Sue fast and furious. Sue screamed out, “Breed me, make me your baby’s Momma, empty those black balls in me, you are all mine now”. Hank shot his cum and then they lay exhausted. Hank, whispered to Sue, “thanks for being my girlfriend, you make me feel like I am wanted. I was a lonely boy, now I am a man with a hot girlfriend to make me happy”.

Sue, kissed him passionately and replied, “You are my black boyfriend now and my black stud. You can come see me any time you need to breed your girlfriend.”

I took Hank back to the mall and told him I would be back next Saturday. He thanked me and walked into the mall.

When I got home my wife was waiting for me in the bed with black cum leaking out of her fresh bred woman hood. I was so hard and horny from the events; I put my hard cock in where Hank had emptied his balls. Now my wife was happy and knew she was going to have a young black stud to please and get pleasure in return.

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    Very hot would love sloppy seconds

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      Sloppy slushy seconds are so sensual & enjoyable..
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  • Reply Brenda ID:2t454fw8l

    I would like to make two young black studs happy with my hot white pussy. My husband would probable watch and jack off.

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      I would too Brenda but my Johnny would join us !!!!

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      Omg you are so nasty I wish I had a wife like you

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      I wish I was your husband Brenda , I would be down there licking you clean after each black cock had filled you with cum

  • Reply Prissy ID:2t454fw8l

    Pure bliss, oh I wish for this.

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    A lovely big pair of black sweaty balls – bliss!

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      Oh yes sweaty and full of cum