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Growing up was fun , especially moving into the city
. Dad and mum both worked and myself and the time was 15 , my little sister talyssa was 10, school was great , met heaps of new friends. Our neighbours were quieter folk but had a daughter 12 and son 16 so about our ages , they went to a private school , but we still made friends with them , most afternoons kicked ball with them , both like soccer. it was winter when we moved there but as spring turned to summer the blinds and shades went up ,, my bedroom opposite cody the 12yo and talyssas opposite james the 16 year old , and wow for a quiet family they never wore much clothing lol. Talyssa ran in the first night james had his shades up and said come look,, i went in with her to her room and here was james next door in his room in full view naked and erect , walking about and having a tug every now and then .. talyssa giggled and ask why is his wee standing up .she wasnt familiar with erections in our house as mum and dad were pretty strict about closing doors when showering and dressing, so i had to quickly explain to talyssa the ins and outs of the male anatomy. talyssa giggled lots as i explained , and james was doing what most of us guys do at times. talyssa asked is my wee as big as that so it was time to think should i or shouldnt i drop my shorts .. james wasnt slowing up , wanking away nicely. i told talyssa mum and dad mightnt like that we show each other our personal bits , but talyssa being her cheeky self said its ok if we do , mum and dad wont know cause they are at work until late. She had a point , so we decided there and then to show each other ,both slipping our boxer shorts off. Talyssa giggled as my 6inch flopped out , see said yours is like james but i showed her that mine had foreskin , his didnt , so she learned something lol. And pulled back my foreskin letting my thick knob pop out . Talyssa looked in amazment at my tip and how the skin moved back over it. She said we are sure different , i said we sure are as she looked down at her puffy thick lipped pussy , how come yous have hair on yours and at that moment we looked over and cody was in james’s room , naked as well. I told Talyssa see she has hair like james and i , and you will soon get some growing on yours .she laughed and said ,, hey that will be cool. Talyssa had the odd blondie pube on her pussy so i explained , see you have a few abnd the will eventually go darker , she smiled at me as my thick cock started rising from seeing james and cody and seeing Talyssas first time in a long time.. to be continued

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    Nice story

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    Part 2 please

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    Part two please