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Neighbors Dog With Beautiful Swinging Balls

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Neighbors dog wanders by and breeds a hot divorced woman.

Neighbors Dog:
Some background: When I was growing up I had a male dog and an older girl friend of mine showed me how to enjoy sex with him. I dropped it when I graduated from high school and off to college, then marriage for 11 years then a divorce.

Here I am, living in a small house with a nice garden. I was divorced for a couple of years at the time. I was in the front yard weeding my flower beds when I realized a dong had come by and was sniffing my rear end. I turned and saw this magnificent large dog sort of run around as if he wanted to play. I immediately was drawn to his large swinging balls. Oh my, it made my memories return of me and my dog during my high school days. He came over and licked me in the face and I petted him and play wrestled with him for a moment. The memories overpowered me and I was thinking of how I would like to have him making doggy love to me. I looked around and saw no one nearby so I opened the backyard gate and he followed me in wagging his tail and jumping around gleefully.

Oh my, I could feel my juices flowing as I thought of what I was planning with this beautiful stud dog. The back yard was fenced and shrubs all around providing privacy from prying eyes. I found a place between the garden shed and the scrubbed fence, and started play wrestling with the Dog, I let my hand wander to his balls and felt them as he seemed to stand still letting me massage them. I then slowly let my hand wander to his sheath and gently stroked it a few times as he started humping. WOW, I wanted that dogs bone in my wet dripping hairy wet pussy.

I removed my shorts (no panties) and waited on my hands and knees for the dog to make a move. He started licking my juices and hit my clit causing a earthshaking orgasm like I had not had from a lover in a couple of years. He stopped licking and placed his head on my rear for a moment I suppose to check and see if I would stand for breeding. I froze in position as he was on my back and started searching for my honey pot, which he found quickly and was into me humping away.

Oh yes, I thought he knows what he wants and is going to breed me and make me his bitch. I felt his cock growing and soon I knew the knot had swollen and we were locked together as one. Another orgasm. I knew he would take a few minutes to empty those beautiful balls into my waiting love canal. Too bad he thinks he is making puppies with me, his hot receptive bitch. He slows to a stop and he stays mounted. I now feel his love rod throbbing as he pumps his seed in me. His head is near my ear and panting as he finished breeding me.

He slowly dismounts, starts cleaning my womanhood, licking me to another orgasm. He then lays down and licks his cock back into the sheath. I feel please and I laid down beside him and he started licking my face then looked at me long and hard as it to say, “You are a good bitch and made me feel so good”. His eyes were soft and intense as he looked at me and licked my face. We lay there side by side for a long time as I rubbed his stomach and he looked into my eyes as he licked my face.

I finally decided I needed to get him out of the yard and hopefully he would go home and no one would notice he was with me. He left and as he trotted away he looked back as if to say, “My sweet bitch, I will be back for more.”

Yes, he did come back every Saturday. I believe the neighbor was home every Saturday and let him roam on Saturdays. I knew what he wanted he knew what I wanted. I finally discovered he belonged to a widow lady about a block away. I wonder if she was also his bitch also.

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  • Reply Socks8888 kik ID:1czkht0us3os

    I love the feeling of being knotted. Find me on kik socks8888

  • Reply Mark ID:2wdpw6ruk0d

    I think she was he’s bitch too

  • Reply Virgin Girl ID:1edz0jsd27hb

    I would love to do that with a dog 🫣

    • Mark ID:2wdpw6ruk0d

      I would love to see u do it

  • Reply Eric ID:7z8guyj6ii

    Very hot would love to hear more and would love to have sloppy seconds

  • Reply BigDaddy7232 ID:1dkzi7t9s3y6

    Anyway I can contact u?

  • Reply SB ID:3oy015qk

    You have to do a pt2 with the widow. Please.

    • trudy ID:2t454fw8l

      Maybe if I ever ask her if she is into doggie sex, I will post it here.

  • Reply Helen ID:2t454fw8l

    Hummm nice hot story. I too get excited when I see a nice dog with swinging balls. I can just imagine them being emptied in me.

    • Mark ID:2wdpw6ruk0d

      Lovecto see it emptied in ur hot pussy