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Needing to watch more

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A month after watching daughter the desire to see more is growing

So it’s been about a month since I watched my neighbor Scott force fuck my daughter Megan , It was Incredible I’ve watched the home security tapes a hundred times at least ! I watched Meg but she never said anything to me or her mother and I know her monthly friend came so she’s not pregnant at least. Every time I can im putting my hands on Megan , she bends over for something I’ll put my hand on her ass. .. outside in the pool I’ll grab her from behind and pull her tight against me. . Everytime she freezes and looks me in the eye it’s like she knows what I’m thinking what I want . About this time the wife and her sister decide there going to a concert jellybean or something their going to spend the night and come back in the morning because of the distance. My niece Amber is going to stay the night here and go home when sisin law drops off the wife , now my niece looks exactly like my daughter Megan did at her age 10 the longer blonde hair the incredible sky-blue eyes cute face I’m lucky they look like their moms side of the family. This whole thing has really turned on my perv button im trying to figure out anything I can do
. The night before the concert the sister inlaw comes over staying with us the girls leave here tomorrow for the concert and I’m starting at Amber wondering if she looks like Megan naked when wife call out to Megan and tells her she has a sitting job for a couple hours tomorrow if she wants it. Megan looks up and she looks like she just swallowed something nasty and asked who and it’s some friends of the wife so Megan smiles and say sure. . Ok so now I’m alone with Amber from 6-9 half hour each way give or take it’s safe bet 5:30-10 . . Ok. Well I’m mowing the lawn trying to restrain my imagination when Scott drives past I wave he stops to say hello and I invite him up to the garage/patio area for a beer ,we walk out and Megan and Amber are in the pool and Scott goes Talk about mini me’s !I laughing yes that’s Amber my niece they almost look like twins right. A couple beautiful girls Definitely Scott says. I’ve been wondering if she looks as much like Megan naked I said Scott looks at me his eyes wide and I say what she’s only couple years younger than Megan. . Now Scott’s really feeling uncomfortable I can tell so I say well her hips aren’t as wide and not really much titty but I’d bet it’d be doable you think? I can tell Scotts thinking it’s a trap and about ready to run so I add Megan didn’t say anything I saw you guys on the patio I wave him down and say it was the Hottest thing I’ve ever seen I have the security tape if you ever want to see. His mouth is hanging and eyes are wide for a second or two then he’s smiling almost as big as I am. so I’m alone with Amber tonight 4 1/2 hours what say you come over and help me fix my mower, Scott looks at it it’s broken? I look him in the eye smile and say nope. So wife leaves at 3 and Megan gets picked up at 5 and I’m waiting for Scott thinking how were going to work this . . Uncle can I get a drink Sure let me get it for you INSPIRATION great idea I get one of the wife’s sleeping pills and break it in pieces put about a quarter of it in Ambers sweet tea and watch her drink it down just as I see Scott walking around the back patio towards the door, let’s go in the garage and have a beer and I ask if he’s up for something maybe he shrugs his shoulders with a shit eating grin maybe. I say I’m working on something as we finish our beers let’s go see if it’s working as we go in the house. Ambers relaxed but not asleep when we walk in the living room she looks at us, how you feeling Amber? I’m ok uncle she says in her little voice. Hey stand up mr Scott wants to look at you I want to show him how much you look like Meg, she stands up looking and acting almost like she’s drunk . I sit on the ottoman behind her and say let let Mr Scott see you better as I lift her shirt up amber doesn’t say anything but puts her arm up to cover her boobies as I toss her shirt aside I take her wrist and pull it down as she’s looking at me saying we can’t see all of you like that babydoll. Very nice says Scott she does kinda look like Megan what about the rest? So I start pulling her shorts down and Amber looks at me like I’m crazy but still doesn’t say anything. Yes I can definitely see a connection says Scott and this makes Amber smile as I’m slowly rubbing my hands up Amber’s legs . You should feel her skin I say to Scott it’s so soft he walks over as Amber just watches him as he starts drawing circles around her nipples but not touching them. I start to take down her panties but now Amber is objecting. no don’t Uncle. By now I’m so hard I could pound nails so I take her hand and say let’s go in here as I lead Amber into the downstairs extra bedroom. I have no idea how long that little bit of pill is going to affect her so I ask Amber to climb on the bed and she does I pull her sideways and take both her hands and pull them over her head and hold them as I look at Scott and say go ahead. Scott leans down on the bed and started to pull Ambers panties off and now she’s starting to figure out what were doing and she kicks and struggling to either stop Scott or get away. with her panties off Scott gets down and starts kissing and sucking on Ambers little button and she keeps trying to kick but that’s just pumping her mound in Scott’s mouth so he gets at her slit better. Ambers still thrusting up to throw Scott off but not really trying to kick or even get away now all these feelings rushing through her, you ok Amber I ask? What are you doing Uncle you shouldn’t be touching me uncle as she keeps trying to pull her arms free from me. I hold both her arms down with one hand as I’m rubbing and twisting and pulling her sweet nipples so between Scott’s oral attack and me kissing her neck and playing with her nipples Ambers really fighting sensory over load as she starts breathing really heavy and her eyes are huge as she slowly has a small orgasm roll through her body I’m still switching nipples as I’m sucking them and flicking them with my tongue as Scott looks at me she’s ready you want her Scott asks? You do it Scooter I say , I want to watch. Scott stands up and drops his pants and I was definitely right Scott had a big cock , Amber still catching her breath sees Scott and his cock and is freaking to get away so I give her a little slap and say settle down, I take both her hands in mine and pull just enough to straighten her out and I hold her tight. . This is what I want I’m holding my niece and watching as Scott is going to force that big cock in Ambers little pussy. Scott climbs on the bed between Ambers legs kissing her neck and whispering how beautiful she is as he’s rubbing his cock head up against her clit getting himself nice and slippery, I’m so hard I want to jack off but im holding Ambers hands because she is really trying to wiggle loose, Scotts cock head is in lace as his hips are pushing but he’s not going in Amber is screaming no it’s hurting stop ,I tell Scott there’s some lube in that nightstand use it he puts a good amount on Amber’s beautiful tiny little pussy I can see her lips are open where Scotts big cock has been pushing, it’s so Hot watching him sliding that big head over little Ambers pussy then lt almost looks like his cock is going to bend as he’s pushing in, Ambers whining and saying please Uncle ill be good don’t it hurts just as Scotts cock head pops inside Amber just takes a huge breath and holds it she doesn’t say a word but Scott looks at me with a smile yeah were close. I’m watching his cock push in and out just an inch at a time then he pushes in Amber grunts as she continues to whimper but she’s not a virgin anymore. So Scott just goes deep he’s got all but maybe an inch in her little pussy and stroking long strokes in and out Amber stops whispering and I can see her hips following Scotts cock and it’s pumping her hard Amber is holding my hands now and straining but not to get away she’s all oh oh what going on oh Uncle Mr Scott do that again oh , she has little orgasms rolling over her one after another . I’m going to cum Scott says as he is straight out fucking little 10 yr old Amber, he pushes as deep as he can getting his balls tight against Ambers ass as she tries to wrap her little legs around his waist as Scott fills her his cum I can see flowing out around his cock as he pulls out and stands up. I let go of Ambers hands and she’s lying there breathing heavy looking so beautiful shining with sweat and cum from her little hairless pussy , her pussy still looks small but wide open after Scott opened her up . I shuffle around and take my place in-between Ambers legs I’m not going to last long I can feel it but I’m going to put my cum in Ambers tiny 10 yr old pussy and look at my niece who looks so much like my daughter. I lean down and kiss Amber and she hugs me as I’m kissing her telling her how much I love her, are you going to do that to me now Uncle. Yes baby I am as I push my cock in Amber she’s so wet and Scotts cum so thick I slide in the tightest pussy ever but there’s no resistance she’s so smooth. Amber is moaning now please push it more please Uncle im not even starting slow im already to close I get about 30 deep thrusts and I’m cumming in Amber as she’s starting me in the eyes at least now she’s not crying and she’s wrapped around my neck and waist I kiss her and say that’s the best pussy I’ve ever had , I clean up Amber and roll her into bed then look at the alarm clock and see it’s almost 9:30 I look at Scott you want a beer? Megan will be home soon?

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