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My wife’s old Nemesis

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My wife’s college nemesis gets her drunk and gets her fucked my her friends.

My wife, Prachi (33) and I, (35) have been married for last 5 years. We do not have any kids yet.
We both work for the same software company and make a good living. We travel and live a fairly comfortable life.

We received a call from my wife’s old college friend, who was getting married. So we decided to visit her. Everything was going well. We planned to stay their for two days. And booked a hotel and it was fun.
In the same hotel a lot of my wife’s friends had also booked rooms. So they all were having a kind of a reunion.

It was there that my wife met her college nemesis, Sristhi. But when the to be bride found out she asked them to becomes friends and leave the past behind. To which my wife agreed. Srishti also nodded and as a good gesture she invited Prachi to her room when she was throwing a after party kind of thing.

So after the days invents at the brides place we were at Srishti’s place. It was already 10 pm and most people were drunk. So were we. We played for like 30 mins and insisted on leaving. To Srishti said. “Leave her here I will send her in few mins”

I thought the girls have met after so long so they want to have some conversation so I left to my room. Which on the same floor. And I crashed.

I woke at 6 am all hungover wanting to pee. I went to the bathroom and came back and noticed, Prachi was not in the room. So I checked my phone. There were several whatsApp msgs from Prachi. Sone pics and some Videos. I was still trying to rub my eyes and open them properly.

I played the videos.

After I left, Srishti was being very comfortable with Prachi. A little too comfortable. She made Prachi drink more alcohol and pushed her on the bed. Then she started to undress her infront of everyone. All wre cheering and laughing as Srishti was seductively and playfully undressing her. Then she started to kiss and lick my wife naked clean shaved pussy. My wife is 5’6″, 36D breast and very fair skin. And little belly but a cute round face.

She was licking and kissing my wife’s naked body. By this time the men in the room had pulled their dicks out and jerking off.

In the next video, my wife was lying on the bed chest up and was getting fucked by a man and two men had their dick getting jerked by her and one man was fucking her mouth. She seemed to be rubbing the dicks by her self. It seemed like Srishti was making the video as I could here her given the men instruction.

“Yes, fuck her, fuck this whore” (Haan, aur chooda, thek se choodo is randi ko)

The men took turns fucking my wife in different positions. They lifted her up and turned her around and make her go doggy position. The older man spread her knees apart and started fucking her.
Srishti went closeup to the pussy. She they told the man
“Aree, why are you guys still fucking her pussy? You should be fucking this bitches ass” (“Aree, chut kya maar rahe hai iski, kuttiya it gaand maaro tum log”)

From one end my wife was sucking another man’s dick and from behind this man was trying to shove his thick dick in her virgin asshole.

“Aaaaaggghhhh” Even though my wife was drunk and her eyes were still close, she moaned in pain. The old man didn’t care. He just laughed and looked at Srishti and kept fucking my wife asshole.

There were 12 videos in total of my wife getting fucked all night by total of 8 men. Again and again



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