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My wife and our son’s friends

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My wife gets a taste for younger men. Teens with big cocks.

Hi, my name is Steve, and my wife is Carol we are in our mid-thirties. We have two sons Adam who is 16 and Kevin who is 14.
In our yard we have a nice pool friends and family often visit to go swimming and have barbeque on weekends.
Thursday afternoon Adan had four of his friends around and Bobby forgot his board shorts. My wife took him in the house and offered him a spare pare of Adam’s speedos. I followed them in just in case they wanted a pair of my shorts.
He turned red and said he would rather a pair of shorts.
My wife smiled and told not to worry he should try on the briefs.
He opened his pants and flopped out his cock.
Now I do not use the word flopped randomly. I mean his cock was huge and he flopped it out.
I wish mine was that big. By the way my wife dropped to her knees took hold of his cock and started to suck it. I would say she wished my cock was that big.
She stood up removed her bikini bottoms and bent over telling hm to fuck her from behind.
Bobby took hold of her hips, and she guided him into her pussy as he started to fuck her.
He pussy must have been wet by the sloppy sound they were making as he fucked her hard from behind.
I could hear him gasp and I knew he was cumming in my wife’s cunt.
I went back to the pool and waited soon they both arrived. He was wearing a pair of my shorts and Carol was back in her bikini.
I offered to put some sun block on her back to stop her from getting burned.
After doing her back I moved down to her legs I slipped my hand between her legs to her pussy and pulled it back covered in Bobby’s cum. I said to her did you put on some lotion already because you have a big patch of white stuff between your legs.
My son and his friends were in the pool splashing about. Not paying any attention to us.
Carol admitted everything I told I knew I had watched them. Then I said my god that kid has a huge cock.
I admitted I was more turned on by the sight than upset.
At that point we both went into the house up to our bedroom and had sex.
I thought she had sounded sloppy before but this time with a cunt full of cum. Carol’s cunt had been stretched so it was not as tight as usual so I was at it for a while before I could cum.
The following week Adam and his friend were going to be at their friend Cooper’s house.
But Bobby turned up at our place. My wife answered the door and came in.
My wife had been in the pool so all she had on was her bikini and a towel wrapped around her so she would not drip water on the floor when she went to answer the door.
I was outside and I saw her towel hit the inside of the glass sliding door that led to the backyard. I looked in the kitchen she was on her back on the kitchen table. Bobby was sitting in front of her with his face buried in her pussy.
Carol looked at me and gave me a thumbs up. I gave her one back.
Then Bobby stood up dropped his pants his cock was hard already, and he slid it straight into my wife’s pussy he put her legs over his shoulders and lifted her arse off the table as he fucked her hard.
I just stood there and watched them until he put his cock in deep and held it there as he cum in her. His eyes were closed, and I slipped away before he saw me.
Thinking it was over I was about to go in when I noticed Carol led Bobby into the loungeroom.
She sat him down on the couch knelt in front of him and sucked his cock getting him hard again. Then she lay him on the floor and climbed on top fucking in the cowgirl position. My wife has a nice D sized set of tits with large nipples from breast feeding our sons and Bobby started sucking on them every chance he could get. I was watching through the window.
Carol suddenly stopped Bobby hung onto he as he cum in her pussy again.
They lay on the floor for a few minutes kissing Before Bobby got up got his clothes and left. I came in as soon as the front door closed, I found my wife still naked on the floor and gave her some tissues to wipe her pussy as cum came out of it.
Carol smiled at me and asked if I enjoyed the show.
You know he will keep coming back as long as you fuck him.
Carol smiled at me and said “As you said my god that kid has a huge cock.
I pulled my own cock out and asked her to suck me off which she did without an argument which was a first.

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    Mine was like that many years ago she fucked our sons friend regularly he had a 7½ inch cock hot as hell watching them

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    Let’s face it, all women are the same – sluts for hard teenage cock!!

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    Best wife!

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