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My wife and our son’s friends. 2

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Now that my wife had a taste for teenaged cock our sex life will not be the same.

I came home a few days later both of my sons had gone to the movies. I heard some noise coming from my bedroom. When I looked Bobby was on my bed fucking my wife.
She saw me and called me in the room. She had told Bobby I knew about him and was okay about it.
Carol got on top of Bobby handed me some lube and told me to stick my cock in her arse.
I once had a threesome with two women I had hired. But I never been in a threesome with two guys and a woman before.
But my wife was letting me fuck her arse which I had wanted to do since we got married. I felt strange hotter and kind of stickier than her pussy. If you ever fucked an anus, you would know what I mean. I could feel Bobby’s cock against mine even though we were both in different holes.
He had been fucking her longer than me and Bobby released his load in Carol’s cunt moments later I shot in her arse.
Carol smiled at me and said would you believe that was his third load today.
Carol got up and she kissed Bobby he then got dressed and left.
I lay on the bed naked and started to drop off. I woke when my wife sat on my face. Start licking.
I opened my mouth to ask what she was doing and got a flood of Bobby’s cum in my mouth.
Carol smiled down at me and said keep going there is plenty more for you.
Carol would not move until I had spent some time licking cum out of her cunt. Then she let me fuck her arse again.
My wife was then trying to find ways to get our son out of the house so Bobby could visit.
I was now getting to fuck her up the arse. Bobby’s big cock was all she wanted in her pussy.
The next time it happened I knew what was happening Carol got the boys out of the house and I knew would not be home before I even arrived home.
Bobby and Carol Lay on the bed Bobby was sucking on Carol’s breasts. I could see cum leaking from her cunt they had started without me again.
This time Carol wanted to try a spit roast. Bobby was to fucking Carol from behind while I stood at the end of the bed, and she sucked my cock.
After Bobby had left, I told Carol I didn’t get to see any of the action. She suggested we set up some cameras in our bedroom and private bathroom.
I bought nine cameras set up two in the bathroom and seven in our bedroom each from a different angle covering the whole room. Motion sensors linked to my home computer.
The following weekend Carol suggested I take the boys away for the weekend fishing. We left Friday afternoon. Got up early Saturday and spent the day fishing. We came home Suday. We got back about noon. We had lunch and Carol hinted there was something interesting recorded for me. I got up and went to my computer closing my Study door so the boys would not see anything. Saturday just after lunch Carol entered our bedroom followed by Bobby, then Chriss, then Toby and Allen. All four of Adam’s friends were in my bedroom. Carol and Bobby quickly got naked and started fucking on the bed she then got the others to undress Chriss lubed up his cock and got on behind Carol and fucked her arse. He did not last long then Toby and Allen took turns fucking Carol in the arse. They went in the shower where Carol washed their cocks before sucking them off one at a time.
They dressed and left the room for a few hours before returning and repeating where they had started Bobby fucking Carol’s cunt the rest in her arse again. They then got in our king-sized bed and went to sleep. In the morning Bobby fucked Carol again while the others watched. Carol came in and sank to knees in front of me took my cock out of my pants and sucked me off.
I soon found myself taking the boys away for weekends not every weekend but a few two or three weeks apart.
Then Carol woke up feeling sick a few mornings in row and we quickly realized she was pregnant, and the father was Bobby.

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