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My Uncle Ray Fucked Me Against My Will

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When I was 10, I had to spend a week with my Uncle Ray. Mom and dad were going on a cruise for their anniversary. Ray was my favorite uncle and had always been good to me so, I didn’t have a problem staying with him.

We were gonna do some fun things like the zoo, the amusement part and so on. Ray usually works from home. He hardly ever goes into the office anymore. He picked me up and mom and dad left for their flight. He was complementing me on how cute and how grown up I had become. I’m 4’10”, 95 lbs., and I’ve got long blonde curly hair with green eyes. My body is okay. I wear an A cup bra.

That’s what he noticed about me first, he said. I said, “What?” He said, “You didn’t have any titties the last time I saw you.” “Now I can see your nipples, don’t you have a bra on?” I said, “Well, I had one on while I was at school but, I took it off when I got home.” He said, “Don’t you like wearing a bra?” I said, “No, I’m
not used to wearing it yet.” “An if it wasn’t for my nipples sticking out like now, I wouldn’t wear one.”

He said, “Well, they’re sticking out there and your nipple is hard.” I said, “Ray,” as I crossed me arms. He laughed. Ray said, “You’re very beautiful, I bet the boys are sniffing around you all the time.” “I know I would be if, I went to school with you.” He said, “I bet their little dicks get hard when you’re around.” I said, “Ray, you’re embarrassing me.” He said, “Don’t tell me you’re shy?” I said, “A little.”

We got to his house and he fixed himself a drink. We sat an talked an he drank a couple more drinks.
I went to take a shower and get into my nightgown. I figured we’d watch a movie or something. I came out and sat on the couch. Ray came from the kitchen with another drink in his hand.

“How was it,” he said. I said, “It’s always feels good to get fresh and clean.” He said, “You’re right, I’m gonna take one too.” He wasn’t gone long. When he came back, I could smell his cologne soap I saw and smelled, when I was in the shower. It smelled so manly.
Ray said, “Whatcha wanna watch?” I said, “Anything, I don’t care.”

He put in movie that had a lot of people having sex. He said, “Do you ever watch porn movies?” I said, “No, but I’ve seen a couple at my girlfriends house.” “Did you get horny when you watched it?” I said, “I don’t know.” I was blushing. He grinned and said, “Don’t be shy, talk about sex, that’s the only way you learn.” Then he said, “Have you ever been touched or played with?” I said, “No, not really, a boy from the 7th grad grabbed my pussy under my skirt once.”

“Did you like it, did it make you tingle?” “I said, “It did make me tingle an excited.” He scooted next to me and said, “Let me try something.” He slid his hand up to my pussy. I tried to stop him but he said, “No, let me try this.” He slid his finger inside the elastic of my panties and touched me inside my push lips. I said, “Don’t Ray.” I was pushing his hand away from my pussy.

He said, “Is this exciting to you, do you like me touching your pussy?” I said, “Yes, it’s exciting and feels good but, I don’t want you to do this.” “I’m a virgin an I wanna stay a virgin.” He said, “You won’t wanna stay a virgin after I fuck you.” I said, “No Ray.”

He said, “Follow me.” He took my arm and pulled me into his bedroom. He laid me on the bed. I said, “What are you doing?” He only had on a pair of shorts and he pushed them down to the floor and reached for my panties. I said, “No Ray.” He pulled them off anyway. Now I’m trying to scoot away from him to get off the bed.

He got on top of me and was laying between my legs. I could feel his hard dick touching my naked pussy. He held my hands down with his hands and I could feel him poking his sick at my pussy. He used his knees to spread my legs farther apart. I felt the head if his dick inside my pussy lips. I’m thinking, “Oh my gosh, he’s gonna fuck me”

I said, “Don’t do this Ray, please.” He said, “I’m gonna teach you to love sex” He pushed hard and it hurt me so bad. I started crying, saying don’t fuck me, please don’t fuck me.” He said, “You’re gonna love my dick in a minute.” He pushed hard ramming it through my hymen, I screamed. He covered my mouth with his hand and said, “Ooh, Ruby you have one tight little pussy.” I’m gonna fuck you all week.” I’m still sobbing, as he pushed his dick in as far as it would go. He’s still holding my arms down.

He said, “Don’t cry Ruby, it’ll start feeling good in a little bit.” I stopped crying. It did stop hurting like it had been. Ray kept fucking me in an out. He let go of my hands and pushed my nightgown up so he could suck on my titties. That got my attention. It felt good. I liked it. He said, “Oh Ruby, this feels so good.”

He pulled out of me, stood up, flipped me over on my stomach and pulled me down to the edge of the bed. I tried to get away. I was kicking my legs out to get traction on the bed. Ray slapped my butt real hard and said, “Stop it Ruby, I’m not done, lay still.” He pulled me back down real hard and stuck his dick back in me then, held my legs closed. I felt everything his dick did to my pussy with my legs together. When he rammed it into me it gave me a rush.

He started fucking me fast and hard. He reached around and played with my clit. That felt good. I just laid there. I was starting to like his dick going in an out of my pussy. He was squeezing my butt with his other hand. He slid a finger in my butt. That was exciting after the shock of him doing that.

Ray was speeding up and said, “I’m gonna cum, Ruby.” He rammed it in me and squirted his cum in my pussy. After he cum he kept fucking me. It was so slick after he cum in me. His dick was still very firm. He pulled my hips up and pulled me into his dick while he pounded my pussy.

Then, he pulled out an laid down on the bed beside me. He lifted me up and pulled me on top of him. Ray’s a big man, about 6’3″ , and around 200 lbs. He spread my legs on either side of him then, put his dick back in me. He said, “Ruby, do you like my dick in your pussy, does it feel better now?” I said, “I don’t know, Ray, you forced me to have sex. ” “I didn’t want you to.” “So, I raped you, you’re gonna learn to love it, because, I’m gonna fuck you until you do.”

He fucked me a long time in that position before he cum again. I rolled off of him and laid there thinking, I wasn’t a virgin anymore. As I thought about it, I had to admit he started making me feel good when I was on top. My clit was being rubbed and I liked it.

Later, in the middle of the night I woke up with Ray sticking his dick in me again. He was fucking me from behind as he played with my cljt. He got me so excited, I actually cum. That was a great feeling. I had never cum before.

Ray was right, I wanted him to fuck me more and make me cum. The rest of the time I was with him he fucked me a lot. An I liked it. He did make me love fucking. I didn’t care I wasn’t a virgin anymore. After mom and dad got back I said, “I had a great time with Uncle Ray.” I would go visit him ever once in awhile just so, he could fuck me.

As I got older, I always remembered my uncle was the one who turned me on to sex. I loved fucking him.
He loved hearing how I loved sex now.

Ah, sweet memories…

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  • Reply HP ID:8ds9qz5zr9

    That’s absolutely right, little girls need to be taught well and often. Did you get a lot of use, Lacy?


    • Lacy ID:1a912bhj

      Oh yes, I was used a lot. Several relatives and many men. I was around a bar and a pool room when I was young. There was a lot of men in those places.

  • Reply Lacy ID:1a912bhj

    I agree. I got so excited when older men wanted to touch me and when they made me do things to them. And, when they fucked me with their big man dicks, I was never interested in boys again. The exciting feelings were never better than, when I was a little girl being used for my little pussy, by a man.

    • Master ID:9p66erjq8we

      I can do this with you lacy

  • Reply A. ID:1evd94426oxa

    Too bad he didn’t leave with something better than memories, his baby

    • Imawolfman64 ID:1ck6th1iel1i

      All young girls want dick, some may not realize it til you show them

    • N ID:1dgwcbx7xpup