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My true Life Story.

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This story starts at the age of 12 years old.

My true life story….

My Bio….


Emily Sofia.




Colombian, Portuguese-American.

Part One….

It was summer 2014, I was out with a group of friends and my older sister on North Miami Beach where we had been all day, my older brother and his friends turned up late in the afternoon. A couple of my friends had a crush on my brother and some of his friends, my brother and his friends were in the school football team and both myself and my sister and friends were cheerleaders.

It was starting to get real late so I asked my friends if were going home as I decided to head home, my friends said there staying for a little longer, my older sister and brother said they will make sure they get home safe. So I left and started to walk home, on the way home I noticed a couple of guys near the playground but I didn’t think anything of that as I recognized one of them.

The one I recognized was in the school football team, I think he didn’t think I recognized him so I cut through the playground, one of the guys started to whistle at me. One of them run to his car and the other two started to follow me, like I said it was getting late and dark, as I got to the gate of the playground the other two pushed me into the car and one of them put his hand over my mouth.

They drove off at high speed, we ended up at a place called Oleta River State Recreation Park where all three of them raped me and left me there beat-up, with hardly anything on. By this time it was real late I think it was about 10:45pm, mom and dad called the police, the police came out and asked my mom, dad, my sister, and my brother a series of questions like they do it’s there job to ask.

It’s about 11:30 now, this man and his wife were walking there two dogs the two dogs found me and started barking the man and woman came running over and found me almost naked, the woman took her jacket off and coved me up while her husband phoned the police, it took the police about 20 minutes to turn up where I was along with the paramedics, the police phoned my mom and dad.

My mom and dad were told by the police to go to Jackson North Medical Center that’s where I was being taken to, we finally we arrived at the medical center where my mom and dad were waiting for me. Before the police took my statement of what happened to me the police let my mom and dad see me, dad asked me if I recognized anyone of them I told my dad yes.

I told my dad one of them was a boy who plays for the school football team so I gave my dad his name, the other too I didn’t know them. My dad phoned my brother, and told him who one of them was he made a big mistake raping me. The doctors came into my room and started to examined and found two of the three boys semen inside of me.

The doctors asked if the could give me the EC aka the morning after pill, mom wanted with all her wishes to let them give me the EC Pill but being a Catholic its against our religion. I told mom its ok I won’t take it with that my mom started crying I give my mom a big cuddle and said don’t cry mom, mom turned round and said to my dad make him pay for what he has done.

Mom said to the doctors give Emily the EC pill mom said I don’t care what the church will say, so I took the pill then the police knocked on the door, they asked if they could come in as its been over an hour and they needed to take a statement. First they needed to talk to the doctors, 20 minutes later they knocked on the door again and asked me if its ok to give them my statement, I said yes.

I told them that I knew one of them and give them his name I told them I didn’t know the other two boys, that was all I could really tell them. With that the police left and I cuddled up to mom and started crying and asked mom if I had been naughty and it was GODS punishment for me being naughty, mom started crying again and told me that I haven’t been naughty that I was a good girl.

So I asked mom why did GOD allow this to happen if I hadn’t done anything wrong, mom said the boys who done was were cowards and pure evil. Dad came back in and asked if they ??? mom said yes they found two different semen inside Emily and mom said to dad that it was ok for me to take the EC pill dad said it was right too take the EC pill, mom said so what’s going to happen.

Dad said he’s going to be taken care off don’t worry about the details, the doctors knocked on my door and mom said come in, mom asked the doctors what happening next they said they think it be better for Emily to stay in for a couple of days as Emily took a beating so mom asked the doctors if she could stay here with me the doctors said ok for tonight and will see how Emily is tomorrow.

The next morning came and I woke up and then mom woke up, the first thing mom done was give me a big cuddle mom wanted to give me a kiss but my face was badly swollen. An hour later the doctor knocked on my door I said come in, doctor asked if she could examine me again. I said sure so the doctor examined me and said ok you can go home but take a few weeks of school and take it easy.

This is a true story of what happened to me…..

Question would you like a second part of the story….

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  • Reply durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

    i don’t know why you’re posting this on a site that’s only for people to jack off to and then getting mad when they tell you it’s hot. like what do you think we’re reading this for?

    • RawAnalonly ID:gnrr5kb0k


  • Reply ID:1e7sdc2ej2ls

    Meny years ago ,,,, Mom and I were down at the swimming hole one day and when we decided to walk back home , we took the old gravel bike path , when we approached the resting benches , there was 2 men . They both attacked us , I’m not going into detail about me but mom was bent over the beach and was screaming and crying out .

  • Reply Emily. ID:1elms374els0

    Master I would never touch you in a thousand years, Master go and do one asshole.

  • Reply Tammy ID:1arcu2ae43

    Sorry to hear Emily…be strong a strong lady.

    • Emily. ID:1elms374els0

      oh those days I am am 22 now and I do kickboxing and MMA so know man will ever hurt me again.

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    I’m so sorry for you Emily !! I know how it feels !! I was raped myself by a catholic priest and I never told anyone because at that time no one including my mom and dad wouldn’t believe me. so I suffered in silence for years !! but my own body turned against me and wanted to be fucked !! now years later here I am !! A nympho and I can’t get enough sex to satisfy my urges ! I don’t know if you feel like that but be on the look-out of your body wanting sex !! Again honey !! I’m so sorry and I hope I helped you out ! even just a little because you’re not alone being a victim of this evil act on us girls !! I wrote what happened to me and if you want to read it just punch in at the search bar (MY ACCOUNT OF MY FIRST RAPE AT MY CATHOLIC HIGHSCHOOLS LIBRARY ROOM BY A PRIEST) Britney

    • Master ID:9psbr51q8wb

      Hi can I could be fuck you with my bbc

    • Emily. ID:1elms374els0

      Am a catholic myself and the priest’s are the worst. Am of Colombian, and Portuguese-American but born in North Miami Beach. so I know all about catholic priest’s Britney. Am so sorry that he done that to you he’s an asshole as you can imagine I have lost my faith and I don’t go to church.

  • Reply Yahoo ID:1eet02sla46w

    That’s hot!

    • Emily Sofia. ID:16mfw0kok714

      Yahoo your an asshole, no being raped is not fuck hot its sick that what it is just like your sick in the head for thinking rape is hot asshole.

    • Emily Sofia ID:7gfrp49d

      I am smelly and unintelligent. sorry for other bad reply.

  • Reply ID:1e7sdc2ej2ls

    Sorry this happened to you … Were u a virgin at the time and did they sodomize u as well ?

    • Emily Sofia. ID:16mfw0kok714

      YES I was a virgin I was 12, and no they never went near my ass

  • Reply AlabamaSlamma ID:1dldx4zlgtds

    So sorry that you had to go through that.

  • Reply 69themyoung11 ID:1dfhojkk145e

    2nd part is for sure needed I want your Dad and brothers part where they torched the rapist and let you get your revenge on them.

    • Emily. ID:1elms374els0

      Part Two has just been finished it should be ready for reading sometime tomorrow.

  • Reply Emily ID:1eclfzwf7u3t

    Good for you Emily Sofia, I hope those assholes paid for what they done to you.

    • Emily Sofia. ID:1elms374els0

      Thanks, and yes they paid for it, They have done ten years in prison and had to pay a lot of money for what they done. They are due to be released sometime in September but they better not come any where near me, now I can handle myself I am a MMA fighter and after that happened my dad took me to kickboxing which I still do.

  • Reply Old guy ID:1coxx67kfia

    Yes please. Sorry for your ordeal. Nobody has the right to hurt you for there pleasure.

    • Emily Sofia. ID:1elms374els0

      Thanks Old guy, nobody ever will again after that day my dad took me to kickboxing lessons so now I do MMA fighting so men better watch out lol