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My sister and I were each other’s first time

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This is a fake story! This did not happen, this is to feed other’s fantasies

Me and my sister, Evelyn, grew up together. Our mom left us and my dad was never home, always at work, slaving away to keep us fed. Evelyn was only 1 year older than me, but she picked up on a lot of household roles so my dad had less work to worry about. We had to share a room together, and we always took baths together, so being naked wasn’t a forbidden rule. When I was 13 and she was 14, we found out what porn was. We learned how to pleasure ourselves, and one day, Evelyn wanted to go further.

Evelyn: Hey Jack

Me: Yeah, What’s up

Evelyn: Can I try sucking your cock? Like how she’s doing (points at screen)

Me: Go ahead

She pulled off my underwear and gasped.

Evelyn: How are you so big?

Me: I don’t know! Is it really? it’s about 6.5 in

Evelyn: Yeah, you’re 13, it’s supposed to grow more

She stopped talking and started to suck my dick. She was a natural, and I was cumming in no time. I took off her shirt and unclipped her bra. Her 36c’s were bouncing. She put my still hard dick in between them and gave a titfuck. After I came, she took off her shorts and grabbed some rope.

Evelyn: Tie me up, and fuck me like the whore I am.

I tied her hands and feet together and started licking her pussy. After it was nice and wet, I stuck it in and popped her cherry. She muffled in pain, but soon started moaning.

Jack: Sis, I’m about to cum!

Evelyn: Do it, Jack! Cum in your older sister!

After I came in her, we realized that what we did was wrong. We talked about what we did, but decided never to do/speak about it again. Afterwards, our relationship went back to normal. I still thought my sister was attractive, but in a more brotherly way, like I should have. While I got over it, I don’t think Evelyn did, and sometimes, I could hear her masturbate while saying my name, and and I heard her doing it until she got married.

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