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My Sister and Her Daughters Part 9

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Some times its planned and sometimes its not but eirther way its a blessing.

Amber is four months pregant. We have gone to the doctor and just found out she is having a little girl! She is very healthy, and the baby is very healthy. As far as the doctor knows my daughter got pregnant losing her virginity at a concert with an unidentifiable sperm donor for obvious reasons.

I have maintained a very physical relationship with Amber. We are a bit more careful because she is small and we don’t want anything to happened to little baby. The surprise however is that Lexi has become a sex demon. I thought she was horney before but now she is practically begging for it. I haven’t woken up before she has my cock in her mouth on my morning wood. And I havent gone to bed a single time with out drainning my balls at least once every day. Most days two or three times.

Yesterday morning I woke up to both Mia’s and Lexi’s soft lips opposite each other gliding up and down my shaft. When I woke and realized what was happening I held onto both of their heads while they worked my loins harmoniously. Lexi noticed me awake when I grabbed their hair and a few moments later moved to ride me. Her pussy is so soft and feels amazing as she glides up and down. It feels like a suction on my cock it feels so tight. Mia, not wanting to be left out, straddles my face and brings her hit sexy pussy right on my mouth. I go to work tonguing and lapping at her folds while her hips grind on my face. It is not long before I feel the heat in my balls rising. I don’t get the chance to warn Lexi because Mia is grinding so hard that I just release a jet of sperm into her vagina. She doesn’t stop. She just rides harder. My cock is throbbing with the attentions. Lexi grinds herself to her own orgasm moaning and gripping my chest as her pussy quivers on my shaft. My cum seeps out of her while she still keeps a slow up and down pace. Mia also not relenting until she feels her hot sex getting close. I wrap my lips around her little clit and go to rapid pace flicking my tongue over the little bean. She is wriggling and screaming as she finishes on my face.

Almost there daddy…al…most….th….ahhhhhh dadddyyyyyy!!!!!

Her thighs clamp down on my head and she grabs my hair with both hands.

For a moment I can’t breath. I suppose if she suffocates me this is a great way to die. When she releases my face I take a deep breath.

Sorry daddy….she giggles. If you kill him we don’t get his amazing cock anymore silly!!! Lexi jokingly exclaims.

Finally they both release me and I feel like I could take a nap even though the day just started.

About a week later Lexi and I were making breakfast and she suddenly looked at me awkwardly and then rushed over to the trash can and vomited. Afterward she said she felt ok and that was weird. The smell of the eggs made her nautious. This happened again that night before dinner. She smiled at me and then walked away. I thought it was strange but about 5 minutes later she walks out to me and wraps her arms around my shoulders and gives my neck a kiss. Then she holds out her hand in front of me and it has a pregnancy test in it. I look at it for a moment.

Why did you need to show me this? Did you save Amber’s test?

No silly…its mine! I just took it. I’m pregnant! I spin around in my chair happily and kiss her lips firmly. That wasn’t the plan!

I know she says. Im sorry but when Amber got pregnant…I got…jealous and I stopped taking my birth control. I was hopping it would happen sooner…but it took us four months.

I laughed. So this while time you have been insatiable you were trying to get pregnant!!!??? Why didn’t you tell me!!??

Are you mad???

Hell no!!! I would have tried harder if I had known! She leaps at me and wraps her arms around my neck. I fall back onto the chair and she sits over my lap kissing me passionately.

Mia walks in asking about the commotion. We tell her the news and she looks disappointed.

Whats wrong!?

She puffs out her bottom lip pouting. I haven’t got my periods yet. I cant get pregnant…

Lexi reaches out and brings her into a little group hug. Its ok. Soon enough you will. And then…

Daddy can put a baby in me too?

Of course he can! Right Tyler!?

Ill keep trying…who knows maybe you’ll just get pregnant and we wont even know.

Do you think so!?

I can’t wait to find out!!!

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  • Reply Bucklikes2fuck69 ID:4mxdsmkqk

    Please keep this one going I am so invested in reading this

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    Such love in a beautiful family ❤️ 😍

  • Reply Dennis ID:1euafugzk8bk

    WoW the more you write the better the story gets keep it going

  • Reply Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

    I want a family like that

    • kroga ID:6dn5hosehm

      would be an absolute dream to have a family like this