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My Sister and Her Daughters Part 8

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Lexi asks me to do something that I didn’t expect.

I wake on the morning of fathers day and the bed is empty. This makes me a bit disapointed as I look around for my girls. I lay in the covers wondering what I should do for today. Lexi taps the door open and says good morning love and the girls are in tow behind her as they run in and jump onto the bed and immediately cuddle up under my arms. Lexi brings a tray with breakfast in bed. The girls give me a hug and hand me a card that says daddy on it. Mia says to me with a brief kiss open the card!

Okay…okay, lets open the card. Lexi sits on the edge of the bed and waits patiently. I open the card and it is a folded piece of paper. I open the paper and a small plastic round thing falls out. I pick it up and it looks like an empty pill delivery schedule. Reading the small words on the prescription it reads birth control on it. I look at the girls confused. Amber giggles at me. Lexi smiles and says…

That…is the birth control that Amber used to take.

Used to I say as I raise and eyebrow. Yes used too. For father’s day. Amber would like to make you a real father. If you would be willing.

Well!!!??? Amber looks up at me inquisitively.

So you want…?

To put a baby in my tummy!!! Amber screams out in excitement and then covers her mouth like she blurtted something wrong. She looks at me fearfully as I gather my thoughts. I think she thought I was going to say no. I looked to Lexi and she nods. Well my love. Woukd you put a baby in your little girl?

I grin from ear to ear as the thought of that makes my cock immediately tent in my pants. Mia notices my errection and says…it looks like he likes the idea.

Of course I’ll put a baby in you! Yaaayy she says in a giddy happy tone. Can we do it right now?

I can certainly try can’t I…

I pull the sheeta back and reveal my tented pants. I dont suppose you want to help me with this painful hard on would you Amber? Where ever can I think to pull such a hard cock? I know a place Amber says aloud and then stands up on the bed. She reaches her thumbs into the sides of her panties and slide them down her legs. Kicking them at me they land right on my face and cover my eyes. I reach up to grab them and as I do I feel feet jump astraddle my legs and then she reaches into my boxer shorts and fishes out my rock hard cock. I look up at her and watch her sqaut over my member and then slide it into her waiting pussy. She does not waste any time and starts bouncing on it rapidly. Mia cuddles up next to me and watches her sister fucking my cock with the full intention and knowledge that she wants a baby to grow inside her. I don’t hold back anything. I let her inner muscles squeeze me a d milk me. When I am about to cum I tell her…


A rush of sweat beads on my forhead as I feel the orgasm release. I shoot a squirt of cum into her and she starts lifting up in her bounces. I grab her and flip her down onto the bed and lift her hips while I bury my cock as deep as it will go and flood her with the remaining jolts of sperm that I drain from my balls. I don’t stop. I immediately pound her some more. I can feel my cock getting harder and harder instead of softer. The idea of fucking MY baby into her is so errotic and sexy that I am going to fuck her and cum again. It takes about 5 more minutes of deep pounding and Amber is moaning and sweating from her own release that I can feel her body shaking. I ignore her plea that she is going to explode. She suddenly screams out and squirts all over my cock and stomach. I keep pounding her. My pelvis is slapping against her hard with each heavy thrust and then finally I feel the tingle and the release of a massive orgasm. My whole body tenses up as my vision blurs and my sperm explosion blasts into her cunt. I lay over her gripping her shoulders and my chest is heavy on her chest. I can feel her breathing heavily and barely able to speak. I can feel my lips tingling from holding my breath durring my orgasm. I finally pull out of her pussy but I hold her legs in the air. She looks up at me brushing the now loose hair out of her face. Dont let the cum fall out…maybe they will take hold.

She lifts her butt and I put a pillow under her hips to keep it elevated for a little while. Lexi pets the sweat off of Ambers face and head and leans down and gives her a passionate kiss. Not a mother daughter kiss. But more of a lovers kiss. Breaking away from it she gets up smiles. Well my work here is done!

I continue to fuck Amber at least once a day for weeks…until finally, I come home from work one day and sitting on the counter is a card that says daddy. It looks like the card from fathers day but there is something in it. I open it and plop a pregnancy test into my palm. It says positive!!!! Lexi comes up and hugs me from behind and whispers in my ear…

congratulations daddy!!!

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    Knock them all up!!!

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    Was amber still 12 at this point