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My Sister and Her Daughters Part 6

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At the breakfast table mischief begins and Tyler is at the center of it all.

I sit down at the table as Lexi brings me some eggs and toast. Mia is resting off her sex high while me and the other girls start eating breakfast. Amber sits at the side of the table already eating her eggs. Lexi sits down soon after. I start scrolling on facebook for a few minutes as I eat trying to recharge. I look up to see Mia walking out of the bedroom with her hair completely disheveled. Her legs look wobbly as she traverses the dinning room and then plops down into the chair smiling and sinking back into a slouch position.

Are you hungry? Lexi says to Mia who nods in return. She sits in silence as she begins to eat. I start to think to myself maybe I over did it for her first time. She takes a few bites of eggs and then a big bite of toast then looks at me and looks to Lexi and then back to me.

How long before I can do it again???

Lexi looks at me and then makes a surprised face. At this rate I wont get you for a while. The girls are going to hog you. I shrugged and then just said…

I suppose your going to have to interupt.

She askes if I am done with breakfast. I take the last bite from my plate and nod. Good! She says. I wanted to give you some dessert.

Okay I give her a confused look as she gets up from the table walks around Amber, whispers something in her ear and then continues toward me. Standing next to me she looks amazing in her black satin robe. I take in her sight as she touches my cheek and leans in for a sweet kiss. Then she places her foot between my legs on the chair, pushes my plate aside and sits up on the table. As she opens her legs I get a gaping view of her freshly shaved bare pussy. Her mound is dripping as she spreads her legs in front of my face. On the table she is just inches in front of me, wide open and she gives me an eye brown raise seductively smiles and holds her finger up and gives it a come and get it motion. I look back between her legs and open my lips around her clit. My tongue immediately goes to work flicking and sucking her dripping cunt. This is a great follow up to breakfast I quietly think to my self. Then I feel it. A warm feeling going around my shaft. I briefly pull away from my sexy meal to look down and I see Amber. Her lips smile around my cock as she bobs up and down sucking my soft but quickly hardening cock into her mouth. I feel it grow quickly with her attention until it fills her mouth completely. I dive back down into Lexi’s warm snatch and lick from bottom to top and top to bottom. Sucking her clit every time I return to her little hood. I then feel a second pair of lips on the shaft of my cock. I feel my hand beneith the table and grab a head in each hand.

They start taking turns swallowing as much of my cock as they can before gagging and sucking the dripping drool back into their mouths. I try to distract myself from my quickly approaching orgasm by focusing my efforts on Lexi. I break away from her cunt for a moment to look up at her. Her head is leaning back and she is in bliss. I peek under the table and my girls are working hard on my cock as Amber begins to lick and suck my sack onto her tongue. Little Mia’s mouth is working its way over my head. She has already gotten so much better at sucking my dick.

I grab my little girls heads and ease them off of my hot genitals and stand up in front of the table. I grab ahold of my cock and plunge it into the waiting cunt of Lexi. I fuck her feverishly for about ten strokes and then I pull my cock back out and push it into Ambers waiting sexy mouth. Taste your mommys cunt. After she gives it a slurp I take it back in my hand and plunge it back into Lexi’s horney wet cunt again.

OhhhhYES…take me!!!

I pull my cock back from her pussy. It is dripping wet with Lexi’s nectar and Mia doesn’t hesitate she jumps up to recieve my cock into her throat before her sister gets a chance.

Slurp slurp glurp glurp pop

I put it back into My Lexi and fuck her for several minutes. The sounds of slapping echo in the dinning room. I am about to cum! As soon as I feel it bubble up I yank my dick out of Lexi and grab ahold of my base and spray Amber and Mia in the face under the table. With the next spurt I put it back into Lexi’s cunt and make it sloppy with a blast of cum. Taking it out again Mia puts it back in her mouth and gives it a big slurpy suck and pop and then right into Amber’s waiting mouth. I throb and suddenly another small spurt makes it onto Amber’s tongue. She swallows and with her fingers takes some of the cum from her face and licks it clean. Mia tries the taste of cum again. She makes the same sour face as the last time but still swallows just the same. I can feel my dick getting soft now so I place it back onto Lexi’s pussy and give it a couple of slaps with my shaft.

Mia and Amber climb out from under the table. They look proud and content. Lexi props up onto her elbows and looks at me from between her legs.

That was incredibly satisfying!

I help her up and as she sits to the edge of the table I give her a passionate kiss. Our tongue entwine. My hand grips her hair as I press her mouth to mine. Breaking loose from the kiss. I help her clean up the mess that our breakfast has made.

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