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My Sister and Her Daughters Part 5

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Mia is officially part of the sex club, but something else happens.

I am standing in the doorway to the girls room. Its early morning so they are still alseep. They look like little innocent angels with the light from the early sun peeking in through the blinds. I sigh with love and contentment toward my girls. Lexi wraps her arms around my waist and kisses my neck gently.

They look sexy don’t they? She whispers in my ear as she sucks my ear lobe with a seductive kiss. She reaches around my waist and slides her hand into the waistband of my shorts and grabs ahold of my cock with a gentle squeeze. Maybe daddy should give them a little wake up treat. Her words and attentions start making my cock grow. It begins to rise in my shorts and bulge against the fabric.

I lick my lips as I walk toward the room. Mia (10/f) has her blanket only covering half of her body. Her foot is drapped over the edge of the bed and her hand is resting on her sister’s thigh. Amber (12/f) is sleeping face down with her arms under her pillow and her juicy ass is the first thing I notice, only covered by a pair of blue panties. Approaching the bedside I place my hand on Mia’s leg and slowly feel my way up her thigh. My hand disappears into her pantie line and I feel her pussy mound. I slide my middle finger down it and gently caress her opening with my fingertip. It immediately moistens. Mia starts to move slightly, her legs instinctively widen in her sleep. She opens and blinks her eyes taking a breath and beginning to stretch then realizing the attentions of her privates. She smiles wickedly and then opens her legs for my access.

I’ll go make some breakfast Lexi says from the door way. You’ll need your strength. She walks toward the kitchen leaving her daughters in my capable hands. I curl my fingers into Mia’s cute little cotton white panties and pull them free from her legs. She lifts her hips to make it easier. Her movement on the bed wakes Amber. Amber sits up and realizes what is going on.

Hello daddy! I was dreaming about you…and ohhhh myyy. She gets excited as I dive in between Mia’s thighs and take her entire mound into my mouth. My tongue snakes out and infiltrates her pussy lips. Opening her labia and diving deep into her little wet hole. Mia moans with pleasure and runs her fingers into my hair and grabs my head while I work her. Amber begins to rub Mia’s tiny little nipples through her nightie shirt. Mia doesn’t know how to handle this attention and the stimulation is too much to handle. She shudders and yells out.

Already!!?? Amber says with surprise. Mia grips my head and then the blankets beside her and then my head again and then her toes curle and her hips arch off the bed as she screams in ecstacy and release. She holds her breath to the point of passing out. As her body goes limp I pull my mouth away from her soaking pussy. This is a good time while she wont notice the pain. I fish my cock out of my boxer shorts and place the head to her sweet opening. Pressing steady and slowly I push in right past her hymen and deep into her recesses. I let out a breath and a gutteral low growl as I feel my cock touch her cervix. I begin pumping in and out letting her slick nectar coat my shaft with each thrusting fuck. She suddenly wakes up with a startled motion looking at me. Ohhh DAAADDDDYYYY!!!! She yells as she goes right back into orgasm. Her pussy starts sqeezing me. I thought it was tight before but now….now it was a vice grip. Mia grips the blankets and I hold her up by her hips. I fuck her in and out deep each time. My excitement is at its peek. Mia?

Yesssss…..yesssss…..yeesssss daadd…dddaadddyyyy?

Daddy is going to cum in your pussy. I don’t want to pull out. I want to fill you up.

Yesss…..yessss…..yessss daddy Ive been waiting for this day!!!. Please don’t stop!!!

I then release my orgasm…I feel a wash of cum push into her deepest recesses. Her pussy starts to slosh with our mixed juices. I give her 5 or 6 more hard deep thrusts and empty my balls completely. As I release her hips and let my cock slip out of her wet hole. Amber springs into action and scurries across the bed engulfing my cock into her hot little mouth. She sucks all the juices right off my shaft and with a loud pop squeezes out the last few drips of my sperm. With a smile she hugs me by the waist. Heaving and huffing Mia lays on the bed in a puddle of sweat and cum. She looks sleepily at me.

Daddy…I love you. She closes her eyes and lays silently for several minutes.
I love you too daddy, Amber affirms and hugs me again.

Do I get a turn after breakfast?

We will see….

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    I love this story

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      wanna make it real?