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My Sister and Her Daughters Part 3

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Amber is growing into a young woman and Lexi is more than willing to help.

Lexi looked into my eyes and seductively said.

You know the girls are virgins like I was.

I was still in a bit of shock since Lexi had basically made Amber (12/f) give me a blowjob. And now she was implying that I should take her daughters virgjnity. I’m not complaining but I had not even considered thus type of thing would happen to me.

Nothing else happened for a few days. Lexi and I spent some time together but nothing out of the ordinary. Lexi and I have besically become a couple, which we are extremely happy with considering we wished it would have happened when we were kids.

I didn’t want to push my luck with the girls so it wasnt until the next weekend that things changed. I was saturday morning and I woke to Lexi running her fingers through my hair. She was looking at me with lust in her eyes.

Good morning sleepy head she said softly to me. Morning daddy Amber then said from behind me.

I turned to look at her and her hair was done up. She had make up on. She looked several years older then 12. Then I noticed she was wearing a matching pair of bra and pink lacy panties. It looked like a push up bra because her forming breasts looked significantly bigger. She looked soooo sexy. My mind started spinning. I looked back to Lexi and she was smiling. Does Amber look beautiful?

I nodded not knowing the words to say. Lexi kissed me passionately and then broke away from my lips and turned my head toward Amber. Amber then also gave me a passionate kiss. She then started tonguing my mouth. I was surprised because she seemed way more experience then her age would imply.

Like we practiced Lexi then said to Amber.

I then melted into Ambers mouth giving in to all desires. This was so hot. My cock sprang up in my shorts and tented them throbbing. Lexi reached into my shorts and fished my cock out gripping it in her palm.

I was now grabbing Amber by her neck and kissing her with abandon. Then i felt the warm caress of Lexi’s lips around my cock. Her tongue began swirling around my head and then she started bobbing up and down my shaft. Amber broke away from the kiss and looked down at Lexi. Lexi held up my cock by the base and pointed it in Amber’s direction. She leaned down and began devouring it. Her mouth was much smaller than Lexi’s which meant less fit in her mouth, but it was much tighter. Her lips gripping my head as she sucked the soul out of my body.

Amber then swung her leg over my chest to get a better angle for the cock swallowing she was trying to do. She might not have known it but this put her pussy right in my face. Her head was down bobbing up and down now with an amazing blowjob that she was performing well above her experince level. I smiled at Lexi and then moved Ambers panties tobthe side and started tonguing her pussy. She squirmed in surprise and then moaned in pleasure. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter and I am smearing it all over my face as I suck her little tiny clit into my mouth. I flick my tongue over it rappidly while I suck it hard and Amber’s whole body begins to shudder. She pops her mouth off my cock and yells out Daaaadddddddyyyy and her whole body seizes. I hear her take a deep breath and then she swings her leg off of me. Lexi is watching as she rubs her own pussy sitting at the edge of the bed.

That is the second time she called me daddy. I think I like that a lot I thought to myself. Lexi then pulled me down flat on the bed and straddled over my face. I was more then happy to oblige and started eat her pussy like it was my last meal. A few seconds later I felt two knees on each side of my hips. I heard Lexi say go slow.

Then warm, wet, slippery, extremely tight pussy lips started to part around the head of my dick. Slowly descending on my shaft. I heard her make a shffff noice as she let my entire length penetrate her. I then knew that Amber was no longer a virgin. She had my whole cock buried into her mound. I was blissfully happy and continued my efforts on Lexi’s sopping pussy. Then I felt Amber lift up slowly and start going back down. She started fucking me. Her hips dropped on my pelvis each time she moaned out loud. As she started to enjoy it more and her pussy adjusted to my girth she started bouncing with rhythm. Lexi was now moaning and encouraging her at the same time.

Thats it Amber. Make Tyler feel sooo good. Make daddy cum. Give daddy Tyler the best fuck ever. Mke him cum in your pussy. He loves it when you let him cum inside.

Her words excited me. My cock was throbbing in her pussy. I wanted it to last longer but her pussy was so tight and Lexi’s words so exciting and errotic that I was reaching climax fast. I pulled my mouth from Lexi’s pussy and yelled out im going to cum!!!

Amber sunk down hard on my hips and wiggled her pussy in a circle and I felt her cervix as I let loose a flood of cum. It wasn’t a spirt, it was a flood. I had never cum this hard ever. Her pussy was sqeezing and milking me. I felt the blood drain from my face as I held my breath. She was still bouncing slowly on my cock and I could feel the sperm seeping out around my shaft. I knew I was spent and I was the happiest I have ever been. Lexi turned around and kissed me again.

Amber lifted off of me and cum pooled out of her onto my legs and groin. Both girls then cuddled up with me one in each arm. We all contently napped for another hour or so.

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    you a3re a fabulous writer or a very very lucky brother and uncle, i hope for its the latter

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    I agree breed all three of them and any granddaughters too

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