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My Sister and Her Daughters Part 2

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My relationship is growing and will never be the same.

My sister Lexi and I have just rekindled our relationship after nearly 15 years. It was already going well and for several weeks we have been living like we are married. She has moved into my room now and no longer sleeps on the couch. Her daughters Mia and Amber are sharing my spare bed room and they have settled in quite nicely.

I awaken to the feeling of Lexi cuddled up to me. She is still naked from last night my hand drapped over her and clutching her boob. She also awakens and rolls over to face me. We share a passionate kiss. In the distance out in the living room we can hear the girls pitter pattering around and heading our way. The burst into the room and run up onto the bed shouting GOOD MOORNING!!! They jump in between us over the blankets and Amber falls next to me which i grab her up and start tickling her. Lexi follows suit and starts tickling Mia. After a few moments of thrashing about we give the girls a moment to breath. Amber looks up at me and gives me puppydog eyes.

Can you make us pancakes Tyler? Amber asks like a child several years younger then she actually is.

Sure! I will be out in a few minutes. Let me get dressed.

The girls run out of the room gleefully cheering. Lexi looks at me and realizes we are both still naked under the sheets and the girls didn’t notice. I climb out of bed and grab my robe. I do a quick tie around my waist and head out to cook pancakes. I look back to see Lexi staring at me lustfully.

After cooking pancakes and feeding the girls I decided now would be a good time to take a shower. I warmed up the water and got in and started washing. I heard the door squeek open while my eyes were closed rinsing soap from my hair hair and face. When I opened them I saw Amber frozen standing at the door. She was holding her hands over her mouth like she was trying to hold back a scream. I quickly covered up in embarassment. AMBER! Did you need something? She shook her head side to side. Why are you still in here? I inquired. She looked up at me and then said I just wanted to see. See what I said. Your cock she giggle nervously. Mom always sounds so pleased at night and she hasn’t been happier in years since we got here. So i wanted to see it. I looked at her in silence for a moment. Well…can I see it?

I thought for a moment and thought to myself what could be the harm if she just looks. Ok I said. But then you have to leave. I don’t want anything that can mess up my relationship with your mom. She nodded.

I removed my hands and slid open the glass door so she can get a better view. She stood there staring at it for a minute or so and then she looked up at me and said can I touch it? My eyes were locked on hers for a moment. Then some words cut the silence. Well can she touch it? Lexi’s voice peirced the room.

Lexi!? I shouted. I can explain!

Explain what? Her words confused me greatly. She smiled at me and walked into the bathroom pushing Amber toward me. She stood directly in front of the shower and her eyes were glued to my cock. I couldn’t help it but I suddenly started getting hard. I was looking at Lexi trying to search her intensions in her face. I then felt Amber’s small hand wrap around my cock. She gripped it firmly and started to stroke it up and down. Lexi walked seductively toward me and leaned forward giving me a passionate kiss. As we broke away from each other she reached down and grabbed the base of my cock. Her other hand gently reached behind Amber’s head and pushed forward. Amber looked confused for a moment and then the tip of my head touched her lips. With a nudge Lexi pushed forward and then i felt the warm sensation of her tongue and then her mouth and then she closed her lipa around my girth. She only had a few inches inches in her mouth but my knees were already going weak. Lexi then began moving Ambers head forward and backward holding her hair in her fist. Not to hurt her but ti guide her with the amazing blowjob that I was now receiving. Amber began to drool onto my cock and her sucking began to become more intense. Lexi looked into my eyes as I looked down at my cock disappearing into her daughters face and then back to her in lust and confusion. Why was she doing this? My mind was whriling.

It wasn’t going to take long at this rate. I was going to cum. Lexi saw it on my face. She leaned down and whispered something into Amber’s ear and then she started pushing harder and harder onto my cock. Amber managed to fit an extra inch into her mouth but she started gagging. I was about to explode and I told Amber I was going to cum but she didn’t move. Her tongue swirled around my shaft and then I began to spurt. The first stream hit the back of her throat and she pulled away in a gag and then another rope of cum sprayed her in the face. She put her mouth back on the head and the next squirt went onto her tongue. When my orgasm subsided she release my cock from her mouth and stood up. Lexi took her thumb and wiped some cum from her face and lips and then sucked it clean. She smiled at me and then looked at Amber. Good girl she said. Now run along and find your sister.

As the door closed begind Amber I looked back to Lexi. What was that exactly?

Well you need to be taken care of. We all live here by your good graces and if you need something it is our job to provide it. I hope we get to stay here for a long time and make you happy. She leaned in and gave me another passionate kiss. As I reached over and turned off the water to the shower that was now getting cold. Lexi smiled at me and said some words that make me get goose bumps.

You know the girls are virgins…like I was.

I looked at her with lust in my e

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      mmm hot as fuck

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    Been a long time since I posted here, just wanted to put another of my comments on this site, have not long to live anyway, and will not allow myself to grow old

    Live young, Die young.
    May this generation live well and die well
    May we find peace, if not in our world at least in our hearts
    May the world stay wild and free, without human as predators, killers of this planet.
    May our heart burn with the fire of passion and ambition
    May we continue, for the future generations
    May there be science, and development around the world
    May someone find peace in this small text left by me
    May you stay safe, live the life that you want, however you want, wherever you want
    May you folk follow your dreams
    May you be happy
    May I be , finally free

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    I am an exponent of incest stories, and this reads like it could be a great one. More please.

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    Oh yes please make a part 3!!!

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    Fantastic story. I can only see getting better with two little girls living with you.

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    Can’t wait for pt3.

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    Part 3 please

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    Perfect mommy. Sounds like my daughter

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      Would love to get to know your family Janna