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My Sister and Her Daughter Part 7

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Time for a family vacation to get out of the house. We are going on a road trip!

Lexi is finishing loading the car. I have a little Honda Civic, so its not a big car but we are going to make it work. Lexi gets into the front seat and the girls get into the back. We are heading to Washinton DC for a day trip which is about a 3 hour drive for us. So we get everyone situated into there seats and comfortable as they can be in a Civic and off we go.

We are about an hour into the trip and the girls have fallen asleep in the back seat. I notice that Lexi is also beginning to drift off as her head nods slightly each time she tries to wake her self up. I also notice that her legs have relaxed and started to part slighly as she falls asleep. I place my hand on her thigh and rub gently. She smiles at me and before long she is drifting again. I decide that maybe she needs a little stimulation so I drift my hand between her thighs and feel her little pussy mound over her shorts. She moans lighly and her eyes flutter open. MMMMmmmm. Feeling a little frisky?

She unbuttons her shorts and opens the front zipper. Spreading the cloth open to the side I slid my hand into her panties. She is perfectly shaved as I feel smooth skin and then her vulva. I open her lips with my middle finger and slide it down her wetness. I keep my eyes forward on the road and go completely by feel. She breaths a little heavier when my finger tip finds its way into her tight canal. She places one foot up on the dash to angle her hips. This gives me better access and I tuck my finger into her opening and start curling upward. Feeling her get sloshy wet turns me on. She presses her hands into the seat while she tries not to make load noises so she doesn’t wake the girls. Small sqeeks exit her mouth as she reaches climax. Arching her back her butt lifts off the seat and she lets out a quiet moan and a deep breath. When her butt comes back down and her orgasm subsides she catches her breath.

Well I suppose I’m awake now. And so are you by the looks of it. She reaches across the seat and grabs my tented cock holding my bulge in her hand momentarily to let me know she can see that I am hard as a rock. What ever shall we do with that? It looks uncomfortable. She unzips my pants and reaches in to fish out my dick. Her hand finds the base of my shaft and springs it from its confines. I feel a little relief with out the pressure of the pants.

Lexi unbuckles and shifts in her seat. Getting up on her knees in the seat she dives her head into my lap. I nearly forget about the road for a second as her mourh surounds my head with her tight lips. My hand grabs the back of her head and she eagerly devours the enraged member. Her drool begins to pool into my shorts as she bobs up and down rapidly. It doesn’t take long and I explode in her mouth. She grips and jerks my cock milking all of my load into her mouth. Like a good girl she swallows it.

Ahhh…refreshing she says and wipes her lips with her fingers. And then lips her lips seductively. Yummy!

Suddenly we here Mia in the back.

Whats yummy?

Daddy’s cock.

Oh yes…I agree! Mia nods from the back seat. Just not the spermy stuff. Amber pipes up. No thats the best part…right mom!?

Hey no fair mom. Amber crosses her arms. You got to suck his dick and what do we get? Maybe something can be arranged Lexi says as she looks at me with a raised eye brow. What do you think. Can I drive for a bit?

So a few minutes later we stop at a rest stop. We still have a good hour or so of our trip left. Lexi switches to the front seat to drive and I get in the back between the two girls. As we start driving again each is hanging from one arm on either side. I lead over and start kissing Mia first. Amber tried to wait patiently but didn’t really because when I turned to kiss her next she was agressive. Her tongue was wild and it felt amazing. I broke from the kiss and told the girls they need to remove their shorts and panties. They listened quickly and obediently. As they situated back into the seats bottomless and opens their legs speading them so one of each of their legs was accross my lap and the other leg was pussed as wide as it can go to the door.

I licked my left two middle fingers and placed them at the opening of Amber and the. Did the same for my right and placed it onto little Mia’s mound. Mia seemed to already be wetter in anticipation. I started making small circles. Slowly at first and then faster. I found each of their clits between my two middle fingers and pinched lightly as my finger tips continued their rapid circles. Both girls were breathing heavy. I could see Lexi in the reae view mirror trying to peek at her daughters getting pleasured. She smiled wide as we made eye contact in the mirror. Mia was the first to come. She shuddered and bucked her hips up against my fingers. Ambers orgams started to build but I decided to have a little fun and I edged her. I brought her right to the brink of cumming and then I halted. She complained. Daaaady. Why? As I started making circles again she moans. Oh thank you! Then I edged her again. NOOOO! Please daddy! I made circles again and this time made them faster and faster and when she got close and I saw the fear in her eyes that I would stop again I gripped her cunt with my fingers and pumped them hard and fast into her pussy. Suddenly she sprayed all over my hand the seat it dripped into the floor board. She screamed. Oooohhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!!!!

Geezus!!! Lexi exclaimed from the driver seat. I guess grown up activities, grown up language she giggled.

Amber then let go of the seat she was gripping and looked surprised and horrified. Did I pee myself? No cutie, you squirted! And a lot of squirting you did.

I was swollen with my errection at this point and I wasn’t done with either of my girls. I grabbed my shorts and yanked them off tossing them to the front seat. Then I reached over and grabbed little Mia by her waist and ass. I picked her up and spread her over my lap. Her leg crosses over Ambers legs too as I line up my cock into her waiting cunt and drop her down onto it. She lights up with excitement and starts riding me furiously. Her pussy feels so good wrapped around my dick. The harder she rides me the more thick my shaft becomes. Or maybe she just kept getting tighter. Before too long she was building her orgasm again. Having already cum in Lexi’s mouth a bit ago I am lasting longer than usual. She grips my neck with both hands and bounces on my lap like a pony ride and then she leans in and kisses me deeply as I feel her pussy convulse. Quivering and tingling her limbs go wobbly. She climbs off of me and and sits back on her side.

I waste no time and grab Amber up from her seat and jam my dick into her soaking dripping pussy. Her squirt from earlier is like extra lube. She bounces on me just a enthusiastically. My hands are palming her ass cheeks and ramming downward everytime she bounces up. The slapping and squishing sounds are so errotic. I reach around and place a finger at her butt hole. I circle her little brown eye with my finger and she goes wild. Her perky little breasts are bouncing up and down jiggling with every hammering thrust. I push the tip of my fonger into her little brown hole and fuck upward off the seat using my legs to bounce her almost to the celing of the car. On of her hands lifts up and grips the celing while she tries to steady herself.

A rush of liquid down my cock and onto the seat.

OH SHIT! She is squirting again!!!!

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK she yells over and over every time my dick head hits her cervix. Then I finally release. I open the flood gates myself and a flood of cum errupts from my balls. Our mixing liquids become sticky. She drops her head onto my shoulder breathing heavy.

Okay…she says. I think its fair now.

Lexi giggles from the front seat. I suppose you girls are ready for a nap now. I look over and Mia is already asleep. Amber soon after falls asleep on my lap with my cock still soaking in her pussy. Some how I remain just barely chubbed and I just sit and enjoy the car ride while my shaft gets a gentle pussy hug. About 10 minutes later my cock pops free from her vagina and I take the oportunity to climb back into the front seat. The girls snore from the back leaned up against the doors proping their heads on opposite windows.

This is turning out to be a great adventure I profoundly say to Lexi. We haven’t even arrived at the adventure she responds.

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    Next Chapter Please. This is so Fucking Hot..

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    God. Prefect story so far. Is there more?