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My sexy aunt

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This story is about my aunt she is my mother’s younger sister, she was so beautiful and hot most striking feature of her is her ass they are huge and perfectly round also so much bouncy when ever she walks by I can’t ignore her huge bouncing ass she also have perfect boobs and she has very beautiful long hair they are shiny thick and she has big curtain fringe’s infront of her face.

It all started when I was in my aunt house she lives in a small town my mom and dad was going for a trip they ask me also to go with them but I refused that’s why I am at my aunt house I was 15 that time and I haven’t seen my aunt in a very long time when she opened the door I got shocked by her sexy body and hairs she was looking like a sex goddess she welcomed me inside the house then we talk to each other for a bit and then she said she had to bath and showed me my room after that I arranged my stuff there and after an hour she came out of the bath.

She was looking absolutely gorgeous her hair are dripping and her ass was bummed behind her that was a amazing view then she went to her room and changed her clothes and she came outside after sometime she was looking so sexy she was wearing se short tank top and a very tight leggings and they are doing there job perfectly to show off her ass her hair were a little bit wet and after a bit she invited me for lunch during the lunch I was looking at her constantly then she asked what are you looking at then after a pause i said your hairs they are very nice specially the Bangs in front of your face she said thank you after lunch she went to her room and
fell asleep fortunately she forgot to lock her room so I sneak in and she was in very deep sleep then I saw her bra was on the floor I got turn on by just that so I layed beside her and first started to smell her hair from behind her hair were still wet and smell of her hair was awesome then I removed my pants and adjusted my pennies between her huge thighs and slowly and gradually started stroking it between her legs then from one hand I hold her shoulder and from second started slowly to squeeze her boobs that was feeling so good like it was my best feeling so far I had in my life after 15 minutes I started to stroke harder suddenly she gives a little bit moment then instantly I take a step back and went upstairs and masterbate thinking of her in bathroom when I came down I saw that she was sleeping in perfect pose that her ass was looking so sexy I took some pictures of her ass and went to my room.

I was then thinking to do some more fun at night to and at night during dinner I was looking at her she then said do you really like my hairs that much because I was eating less and seeing her more I hesitated and said yes
And she invited me to her room after dinner so I used that opportunity and said it’s a new place for me so I am scared can I sleep with you she said ok then she told me what for she invited me and said here( giving me a comb) take this and brush my hair you said na that you like my hairs too much I said ok and she sat on the table in front of the mirror and fortunately I had my hand there so my hand was below her ass I try to squeeze it and she felt it and said sorry I didn’t see your hand there and I said it’s ok because you’re ass is too soft to hurt something and actually it felt better than normal then I casually laughed and started brushing her it’s seems like she didn’t mind and after that we went to the bed and at midnight I was awake and check whether she fell asleep or not she was in deep sleep then I removed my pants and put my cock between her thighs and started squeezing her boobs gradually and slowly after half hour I cum and clean it up but still I was craving for more so I put my hand inside her top and squeezed it after sometime she moved a bit I instantly take my hand back and she was now up side down.

After seeing her like that I shifted my place between her ass now my face was exactly between her ass my nose was digging her hole and by the feeling of that ass it’s clear that she was not wearing any panty so I slowly removed her pants completely and now she was completely naked from below after that I said fuck it what happens next I slept whole night between her legs.

Next morning when I woke up I didn’t see her around I was trembling with fear that she what will happen next when I came outside I was shocked she was not wearing anything below her she was naked from her lower body and she then asked me to come closer to her and said now you have to do it she take me to her room and said to lay straight and then she crawl upside to me and sat on my face by her ass I don’t know what was happening why she was behaving like that but I was enjoying her ass and she then asked enjoying huh.

And after she said if you like me like that you should have told me now come on start to eat me then I started eating her pussy after an some time she was satisfied and said to me we can do more fun together also I not like other’s we can be friends and I would also allow you to modify my look for you just you have to satisfy me time to time I said absolutely okay I was so happy that what is happening with me is unreal so then I said her to don’t were anything below her she said ok she has shaved her pussy properly so her legs were looking so sexy she said want to modify more and said I have a devil tailed butt plug wana insert it inside me I said absolutely please and then she inserted It she was looking like a fucking masterpiece piece of sex.

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