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My real experience as a paperboy

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The second ,much rougher encounter i had as a 14 y.o. paperboy with a 45 y.o. man

Hi everyone. In my previous story, “educated on my firs job” I shared my real first experience with an Older man. This will be my second experience I had with the same Man.
He had mentioned that he was married(to a woman), and was around 45 years old.
2 days after my first encounter, we rode back from the depot as we always did. He hadn’t said anything about what had happened , until then. He simply told me follow him, I was 14 years old, and a bit shy. I didn’t ask him why, I knew what he wanted, I got nervous, felt a knot in my stomach , but followed him. We had been talking normally until the moment he told me to follow him, but we didn’t speak a word untill we got at our destination, which was behind a pretty well hidden clearing behind a (electricity building?) surrounded by junipers on the edge of a park. It was around 5 in the morning when we got there. (We left the depot earlier then we did before since we had been reprimanded for delivering the papers after 7 in the morning).
My youth wasn’t the most stable period in my live, my parents divorced and after 2 to 3 years later my mum met this other man that moved in with us, even though he was good for my mum, we couldn’t stand each other and clashed constantly.
We hid our bicycles in the brush and got at a small clearing, the wall of the building on one side and brush and junipers on the other sides. He walked over to me, and looked at me, he immediately started to grope me, his hairy big hands all over me. I loved his lust, but was well aware that what we had done wasn’t “right”, and that he would get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out. I never told anyone about it untill now. He stood behind me again and his right hand went down my pants and grabbed my dick and balls, he was rougher this time, he squeezed them hard , as his left hand was under my shirt groping my still hairless body, and pinching my nipples. I winced ,stood on my toes, while at the same time, my knees where shaking as i felt his breath in my neck, I heard him undoing his belt with his left hand while his right hand was still firmly holding on to my 14 year old semi erected dick and balls. He grabbed my hand and place it on his hard hairy cock. I grapped and squeezed it, and he started to move his hips back and forth fucking my hand. After what only felt like a minute, he stepped back got his hand out of my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. He looked around(it was 5.30 late February, still dark) making sure it was safe to continue. And took off my shirt , I was kinda reluctant and nervous about this, I felt really exposed, as he pulled his pants down to his knees , and told me to suck it. I did what I was told, I went in a crouched position , and looked right at his big cockhead. I opened my mouth , and as he was complimenting me for my obedience, he thrusted his hips forward , jamming his 45 year old cock in my teenage mouth. After a little while he grabbed the back of my head pulled me back a bit , and fed me his big hairy balls, and told me to lick and suck them while I looked up at him…it turned me on so much to see his reaction, to see the lust in his eyes as he was using me for his perverse desires. He then picked me up , and turned me around against the wall of (electricity building?). I knew what was about to happen. I was a bit scared , really horny , but scared. I never really had anything in my butthole up to that point, other then a thermometer as a young kid.
He had this bottle with him , popped the cap, and squirted some of it on my tight hole, and his fingers. With a trembling voice I asked him to please be gentle, he only said told me not to worry. He bended me over a little bit so my bubble butt would stick out ,and I felt his big finger running over my tight butthole, I could hear by the sounds he made, that he was enjoying himself. then it happened. He kinda roughly jammed his finger all he way in my hole , i let out a scream, that was muffled quickly by him placing his hand on my mouth. It clearly turned him on a lot to see me struggle in pain. As he then started to move his finger rapidly in and out my virgin butthole. He was whispering stuff, like yea, take it boy. pulling my head back while his hand was on my mouth still. My moans and groans being muffled by it. My knees almost collapsed when he suddenly pulled it out completely, only to jam 2 fingers in there, stretching my boyhole , I mean I could feel it getting wider, and yes it did hurt , but I really enjoyed that I could help him satisfying his forbidden desires. Without him having to worry about getting caught(Because of me). He then placed his hard cock against my hole and started to push against it, he went back and forth trying to push it in further. Then I heard him grunt and he pushed his cock head in…it hurt , I wont lie…and I stood om my toes to escape his cock, however he still had his hand on my mouth and pushed me down , as his hands muffled my scream. I started to pant heavily, some tears were running down from my eyes. He waited till I regained control of my breathing and started to rock back and forth, he didn’t go all the way in, he didn’t need to..i was basically stuck between his big cock and the wall of the building. only after a few thrusts he started to pant, his breathing becoming heavier,it still was feeling uncomfortable but the initial pain subsided. I felt his cock expanding in my butthole as he was telling me he was going to cum…he groaned and suddenly pushed deeper as he started to empty his balls in my 14 year old asshole. I could feel it in me. His orgasm lasted like 30 seconds before he pulled out. He let go of me and I collapsed , sitting on my knees as his cum was dripping from my sore butthole. He told me that he really liked it and that I was a good boy, After 15 minutes I was ready.. to deliver my newspapers (still needed to do that) it was 6.15 in the morning by then and still needed to attend school at 8.10). It usually took me a hour to deliver them. After 2 hours at school , I said I was “sick” and went home. My young asshole was hurting a bit and felt sore.
This is my real experience, I may left out some details but so much happened in such a short amount of time, that I don’t remember everything. I do know that I jerked off many times since then, thinking about it. I didn’t had an orgasm during these encounters. But I was satisfied knowing this old hairy pervert enjoyed my young body.
The strangest thing , after that morning he quit that job and I honestly say him never again. Maybe he got scared it could come out somehow. But the following morning he wasn’t at the depot. I quit that job 1 month later.
Hope you liked this experience as much as I did

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  • Reply johntheplumber1 ID:1enyld4tpteo

    so horny my cock is rock hard

  • Reply Ricky ID:1egzi95iptyi

    You lucky little faggot. I have always wish someone got me when I was 13 or 14. I didn’t start until I was 19. I would go to a porn theater every Friday night. I knew there was stuff going on up in the balcony. I was up in the balcony watching a guy stroke his beautiful cock. Another guy came over to him and went down on him sucked his cock good. I was turned on just watching the guy stroke But when that guy sucked his cock I thought I wanted to suck a cock. My cock was rock hard.
    The next night I went night a guy sat next to me and started rubbing my leg. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to suck cock bad. I was having dreams of it all the time We were behind the wall to the stairway so I reached over and rubbed his cock. I got his zipper down. He pulled his cock out. It was a good size I leaned over and took it in my mouth. I sucked hard for a while when he said I’m gonna cum. I thought quick and said Yea I’m going to take it. He pumped his load into my faggot mouth> I swallowed every drop and loved it. He got up thanked me and left. I had to pee so I went down to the mens room. There was a guy at one urinal but he wasn’t peeing. I said mmmm and he asked if I wanted it. I said I’d love it. He was a little bigger than the guy I just sucked off. I grabbed his dick and stroked it a little then took it deep. All the way. He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth. He was getting a bit rough and I liked it. After he fucked me in the mouth for a good while he held my head and shoved his cock down my throat. I had no choice he held me while he came making me take it all. Which I was planning on doing anyway. The way he did it was a turn on. After that I left. But I was back the next weekend and every weekend after that. I even started going during the week looking for more cock. I usually got two Many times three and four. I had become a cock whore cum slut. Then I found highway rest areas. I used them most of the time. I was sucking 6 to 10 cocks a week. Loved it

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Yes, really enjoyed it and you clearly thought it was worth the pain. Are you still offering your ass up?!

    • Guilty ID:2vndvg2zj

      I had my first time with an old guy when i was 15 it was in the change rooms after swimming lessons. Still enjoy a tongue and cock in my hole

  • Reply Cute Lucas 11 ID:d9rdy146t4v

    That so naughty old man but it sound so hot too