My Pen Pal

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I thought I was doing the right thing. When I was married, there was a young boy named Christian in our development. He would come around to talk to my ex and I. He was always very respectful. I think he came around because he needed a father figure in his life. Christian’s father left him and his mom and he seemed very hurt by this.

Well one night Christian decided to take his mother’s car out for a joyride. It was the worst thing he could’ve ever done. He hit a woman crossing the street and left her there. My ex and I were shocked by what happened.

Christian who was thirteen at the time received four years in a juvenile facility. I really felt bad for him, so I started to write him letters. I never told my ex because it was an innocent gesture on my part.

I enjoyed writing to him. Things changed as he got older. He would write and tell me he loved to come over our house when I was in our pool. He would then say he loved seeing me in my thong and how my big tits made him hard. Then he wrote how he would love to fuck me.

I thought to myself this is crazy. I’m trying to be nice and this young man wants to fuck me. Now he has me good and horny and when I masturbated I would think about Christian fucking me. OMG the thought of his young cock inside me drove me crazy.

The letters got more sexually explicit as time went on. He would tell me how and where he wanted to fuck me. Then me telling him what I wanted to do to him.

This is four years later now and he tells me he’s coming home. Oh boyI hope I don’t see him. Maybe I should’ve thought twice about writing to him. It’s too late now to second guess what I did. I can only hope he’s well and his mom forgives him.

Well that didn’t take long. I walked out of my townhouse and who’s sitting on the steps, Christian. I have on my white thong and wrap around because I’m going to the pool. I look at Christian and he says to me hi Carol it’s so nice to see you again. I answer same here Christian. I ask him how’d you find me. Christian answers the return address on the letters.

I started writing to him when I was married. When I got divorced I still wrote to him at my new address. Christian asks me so what happened with Rocky. I tell Christian we grew apart. I didn’t want to tell him I left Rocky because I became pregnant by a black man.

We’re sitting on the steps and he asks so are you going by the pool today. I said yes and Christian says how about showing me your townhouse. I didn’t t think anything of it, so I say ok.

I open the door and we go inside. He says Carol this place is the shit. He then asks can we go upstairs. I say for what. Christian says I just want to see the whole place. I go upstairs and Christian is behind me. I open one door and tell him this is a spare bedroom. Then we get to my bedroom. I tell Christian this is where I sleep.

Christian is now in front of me and he says yes and this is where you fuck. OMG I tell him it’s time to go. Christian says Carol remember I one of the letters you said I could fuck you when I got out. I say to him I was only kidding, I didn’t mean that.

Christian pulls down his shorts and his cock is rock hard and very big for a small man. I tell him let’s go by the pool. Christian says not today I’m going to fuck the shit out of you. Christian pulls my top off and he says Carol I always wanted to see your tits ever since I was little.

Christian starts to suck my tits and now I’m getting wet. He pushes me down and says Carol suck my cock. I grab his cock and put it in my mouth and begin to suck it. Christian grabs my head and now he’s fucking my mouth. Christian says I’m going to cum and he cums down my throat. I swallow every drop of his cum.

Christian says now lay down on your bed. I lay down and Christian tells to take my thong off. I raise my hips and pull down my thong. I’m completely naked and Christian puts his head between my legs and starts to lick and suck my pussy. Christian puts his fingers inside me.

I tell Christian make me cum. Christian says Carol I’m going to make you cum a lot today. I cum all over his mouth and his fingers. Christian says now Carol open your legs and let me fuck you. I spread my legs wide and tell Christian fuck me Christian fuck me.

Christian pushes his cock inside me. He says remember in one of the letters I told you I was going to fuck you, well I’m fucking you now. I lick his ear and tell him yes Christian fuck me fuck me good. I wrap my legs around him and grab his ass.

I can’t believe I’m letting a seventeen year old young man fuck me. I’m really enjoying Christian’s young cock inside me. I cum twice and Christian says he’s going to cum. He says where do you want me to come. I tell him to cum inside me. What a load of cum Christian gives me.

He’s still hard and he climbs back on top of me. I grab his cock and put it inside me. I tell him I masturbated about you fucking me. Christian slams his cock inside me. He says you did. I tell him yes and you made me cum so many times. I cum again and Christian gives me another load of his young cum.

Christian spent the weekend with me and all we did was fuck. I really enjoyed his young cock and I told him as he was leaving we have to do this again. Christian walks up to me, grabs my tits and says yes I would like to keep fucking you.

He leaves and I’m sitting on my bed thinking how did a pen pal become a fuck buddy. We’ll see what the future holds.


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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    I would’ve loved to see young Christian fuck you Carol !!! and even standing behind him and coaching him on how to fuck you good !!!nd How big was his cock ? was he at least romantic with you or was he just like most guys and fuck the daylights out of us then leave his deposit inside us ??? Britney

    • Carol ID:2px1ogplh4h

      He just wanted to fuck me. I’d say his cock was between seven and eight inches. I never expected to see him. I enjoyed it. I’ve been with too many young guys.

  • Reply Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

    Thank you John. The letters were innocent at first then it was all about sex. What he wanted to do to me and what I wanted to do to him. I’m sure he’ll be fucking me again. I don’t know what’s going on but it seems younger men are fucking me. Where are all the black men? I should do porn. Maybe a mom and son movie. I can’t believe all the cock thats fucking me. You know sometimes I get so horny I’ll fuck just about anything.

    • Big Bad John ID:8bvvy07zrj

      I can understand why you are popular with young cock. I lost my cherry to a good looking MILF like you and ever since I have always been attracted to mature pussy. Carol, with a body like yours, guys must be forming a line around the block. I wish I was in Tampa right now giving you a hard fucking!! John

  • Reply Big bad John ID:8bvvy07zrj

    Christian is one lucky dude to fuck a horny sexy woman like you Carol and I look forward to reading more of your stories about the two of you. I bet your letters to him had him jacking off and I’m not surprised he made straight to your place when he got out!!! Another great story Carol that got me hard and horny. You really should consider getting into porn. You are made for it!! You get 5 stars from me.

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      John I don’t pay attention to what men have to say. When I need to be fucked, that’s when I love the attention. It seems I’m being fucked on a more frequent basis and I’m enjoying it. Thank you for the compliments, but now I need some older cock.