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My neighbours daughter

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I have been fucking my neighbours 12 year old daughter for nearly a year, this is how it started.

I am 49 years old and I have been sleeping with Kelly, my neighbours 12 year old daughter, for nearly a year now.

She’s amazing, she is about 5 foot tall, incredible long legs, thin framed, long dark blonde hair, brown eyes, tiny budding breasts, a smooth tight pussy, and she loves it when I fuck her hard.

It all started when her mom asked me to look after Kelly one night while she had to go off on some family emergency, so I gladly agreed, and while Kelly was in the shower she slipped and fell right on her bum and hurt herself, she called out for me and of course I rushed in to the bathroom and found her sat naked on the shower floor.

I helped her to her feet, her skin was so soft, soaking wet, but oh so soft, her body was perfection, I helped her in to my bedroom and sat her down on my bed, “Are you alright, darling?” I asked her.

“I think so…” she replied, then she laid herself down on the bed on her front, “…Does my bum look okay?” she asked.

I stood there, my jaw on the floor, looking at this beautiful sexy young girl sprawled out naked on my bed and asking me to look at her ass, I was more than happy to take a look for her, I sat on the edge of the bed behind her and gave her ass a good looking over, then rubbed it with my palm, fuck it was so firm yet soft and bouncy, “So, how does it look?” she asked, after about a minute of me saying nothing and just rubbing her sweet ass.

“Beautiful.” I said, which I should have said to myself but said it out loud.

“What?” she giggled.

I realised what I said out loud, “Uhm – I mean – It looks fine.” I said, taking my hand off her ass.

“It still hurts though. Could you keep rubbing it for me?” she asked.

“With fucking pleasure!” I said in my head to myself this time, “Sure.” I replied, and then placed my hand back on her beautiful ass and kept rubbing it for her, someone had to do it and I was glad it was me.

“I’m sorry, I’m getting your sheets all soaking wet.” She said, as the water from her body dripped on to the sheets.

“That’s alright, darling, don’t you worry.” I said.

After a couple of minutes of gentle but vigorous rubbing of her soft bouncy butt cheeks, I was turned on, horny and my cock rock hard inside my shorts, my tight jeans were restrictive and it was very uncomfortable, so I quietly pulled down my zipper, reached inside and pull out my cock, setting it free to expand out in the open air.

Kelly was laying down using her arms as a pillow folded under her head and she was breathing softly as I groped her ass cheeks and stroked my cock behind her, she became so relaxed that she spread her legs apart a little, just enough so I could see her smooth bald pussy, and I couldn’t resist, I slowly slid my hand down her curvy butt and rubbed the length of my index finger down her juicy slit.

“Ung…” she gasped, feeling me touch her pussy, she lifted her head and pushed herself up on her arms to look behind her at what I was doing, she did it so fast I didn’t have time to react, and she saw me with my finger against her pussy and my other hand gripped around my exposed cock, “…Argh!” she freaked for a second, rolled over and scurried away from me up the bed.

She sat up with her back against the headboard, legs spread apart and she picked up my pillow and held it upright against her front to cover her pussy and chest, “What are you doing?!” she asked and then she gasped when she looked at my cock again.

I quickly stood up and turned around, hastily pushing my cock back inside my jeans, “Nothing.” I replied.

“Were you …. Were you playing with your …..thing?” she asked.

I knew I’d been rumbled so just broke down and confessed, “Yes I was. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done it.” I replied.

“Why were you touching my privates?” she asked.

“You’re just such a beautiful girl, Kelly, I couldn’t help myself. I should have had more self-control though, it was stupid, I’m sorry.” I replied, practically on my knees begging for her forgiveness.

There was a brief awkward silence and then I heard a gentle giggle, so I slowly turned around to look at her, she was looking at me and giggling, “What? – What’s funny?” I asked her.

“I saw your thing.” She giggled.

“I know – Sorry.” I replied.

She moved the pillow out of the way and then she leaned herself forward placing her hands on the bed, she was on her hands and knees, “Can I see it again?” she asked.

I was stunned, she didn’t seem as angry or disgusted with my behaviour as much as I thought she was, “Uhm – You – You want to see it again?” I asked, just to clarify that I heard her correctly the first time, and she nodded.

So I unzipped my jeans, reached inside, and pulled it out, it had shrunk a little but was still big.

She quickly crawled across the bed towards me then spun her feet around and sat herself down on the end of the bed with her feet hanging over the side, about a foot away from me, and her head was at the same height as my cock and she stared right at it, “It’s so big.” She stated.

She stared at it for a while and then asked me the strangest question I’ve ever heard form a girl, “Is it heavy?” she asked.

I chuckled, “Heavy? – Uhm, no not really…” I replied, then figured it was a good opportunity to maybe have some fun, I held my cock in my hand and stepped closer to her, “…Here, why don’t you hold it and tell me.” I said.

She glanced between my face and my cock a few times and then lightly giggled before finally reached out and letting my cock rest on the palm of her soft little hand, she smiled and her eyes appeared to glisten as my cock became fully erect again while she was touching it, “What is it doing?” she asked.

“Getting harder.” I replied.

“Why is it doing that?” she asked.

“Because you’re touching it. It likes you…” I replied, then I reached down and I closed her fingers around my girth and motioned her hand back and forth, “…Here, it’s like a pet, stroke it.” I instructed.

She looked so interested, curious and fascinated by my cock as she stroked it wonderfully repeatedly for a few minutes.

I decided to push her a bit more, I took her hand off my cock and I held it, then I stepped closer with my tip almost touching her lips, she leaned back away a little and looked up at me with a “What the hell is he doing – Is he trying to put it in my mouth?” look on her face, I smiled and nodded to say, “Yes, in your mouth.”

She looked at my cock and then back up at me and then she opened her mouth and I moved it inside, the underside of my cock sliding over the her bottom lip and wet warm tongue, she closed her lips around it and without any instruction from me, she just started to very slowly move her head back and forth to suck it.

Her eyes rolled side to side like she was thinking, tasting and analysing my cock in her mouth, then a minute later her eyelids slowly closed and she slowly sucked my cock, it was fucking amazing, I put my hand on her head and stroked her damp hair, “Good girl.” I whispered.

After a few minutes she was making a very sloppy sucking sound, she opened her eyes, reached up and gripped the base of my cock, she jerked it while continuing to suck my tip, she was a fast learner, “Are you enjoying this?” I asked her, her eyes rolled up to look at me and she giggled and blushed, then she just continued to suck me off.

I finally ejaculated about 5 minutes later, I gave her no warning and just exploded in her mouth, “Ooah – Oooah.” I groaned with released, she gagged and coughed as my sperm filled her mouth and shot down her throat.

When she pulled her mouth off my cock a lot of semen poured out of her mouth and down her chin, she quickly caught it on to the palms of her hands and shovelled it back in to her mouth and swallowed, to my absolutely amazement and shock.

“Why did you do that?” I asked, with a smile.

She looked confused like she’d done something wrong, “I’m sorry, was I not meant to?” she asked.

“Oh darling – Yes! – It’s perfectly fine. I just wasn’t expecting you to do that so soon. Have you done this before?” I asked.

She sat shaking her head, “No.” she replied.

“Well – Damn – That was incredible for a first time. You’re really-really good at this.” I said, “How did it taste?” I asked.

“Good.” She replied, without hesitation and a quick lick of her lips.

“Would you let me play with your pussy now?” I asked.

“My what?” she asked so innocently.

“Your private place. That’s what we call it, a pussy.” I replied.

She closed her legs and then went a bit shy on me, “Uhm…” she mumbled, then I waited to not put any pressure on her, gave her time to think, “…Oooookay – Yeah.” She finally agreed to let me.

I got her to lay back down on the bed, I wrapped her legs around my head and buried my face in to her pussy, and it didn’t take long for her to start enjoying it and she was gasping and moaning with pure pleasure with my tongue swirling around in her slit and sucking on her clitoris “Uh – Mm – Ooh.”

I penetrated her with my finger and she flinched, “Ouch!” she yelped, and her whole body bounced on the bed as she reacted to her hymen splitting, but almost immediately she enjoyed the feeling of my finger sliding in and out of her tight hole and stimulating her pleasure spots, “Ooh – Ungh – Uuuuh.”

I brought her to her first orgasm and she got teary eyes, not from sadness, but from feeling the intense pleasure, and then I was ready and her pussy was soaking wet.

With Kelly sprawled out on the bed, her arms and legs spread out like a starfish, I crawled over her body, licking my tongue up her pussy, across her belly, inside her bellybutton, up to her chest and swirled it around her soft young nipples, then up her neck, around her chin, and when our lips met she opened her mouth and we kissed with our tongues pushed in to each other’s mouths.

As I wiggled my body on top of hers, getting my cock in position, she lifted her arms and legs and wrapped around my body tightly, clamping down and holding on to me, ready for the ride of her life.

My tip was in her slit getting lubricated with her orgasm fluids, there was an intense heat from her pussy that was warming my balls, then I pushed it inside, “Ooooah.” I gasped, feeling how wonderfully tight she was inside, “Uh – Uuh – Uuuh.” She moaned in response to my cock entering her body, she arched her back and moaned loudly in one long breath when I continued and slid my cock all the way inside, “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh.”

Our lips met again and we resumed kissing, licking each other’s tongues, and I began to thrust in and out of her, her inner walls surrounding and massaging my cock tightly, I didn’t hold back, she was a beautiful girl that needed fucking, it was her first time and I was going to do this right, so I went balls deep and her fluids were still flowing and I could feel it dripping out of her and drenching my balls as they slapped against her beautiful perfect ass.

I had to hunch up my back in to a curve at one stage as I pounded her pussy hard and fast, driving my cock as deep in to her I could go and she loved it, “Uh – Uh – Mm – Ooh god – Mm.”

After 20 minutes our combined sexual body heat had turned the room in to a furnace, the sheets were wet, condensation was on the windows and she was getting red friction rashes on her thighs from my relentless thrusting with our skin rubbing so vigorously together and we were both dripping with sweat.

I thrust in to her at a high rate of speed for a further 10 minutes and then the magic happened, she had another orgasm moments before me, her pussy clenched tightly around my cock, my balls tightened and the tip of my cock went numb and swelled, “Ooooaah – Oooah – Og – Oooah!” I groaned with intense release as I finally ejaculated what felt like litres of sperm inside her pussy.

As my cock swelled and twitched inside her, she felt my warm seed shooting out of me, “Uh – Uuh – Mmmmm.” And she loved it, she opened her eyes and mouth wide, stared directly in to my eyes and I inhaled her warm breath as she gasped out pleasurable moans in to my mouth, she looked at me with so much contentment and joy she had never looked so beautiful.

I rolled off of her and I felt so drained, in every way imaginable, that I almost passed out from exhaustion and dehydration.

Kelly on the other hand was still full of that young sexual energy that young girls have, and she was ready for another round, she rolled on top of me and sat up on my legs and she bounced on her butt, “Don’t stop, keep going.” She said, not understanding that once I’d ejaculated it was over and I had to take some time to recover.

“Give me a few minutes, darling, I need to rest.” I replied.

She started fondling my limp cock and soaking wet balls, “Noo – make it big again, I want to do it again.” She begged.

After just a few minutes of her constant pleads I gave in, even though I wasn’t fully recovered, I grabbed her and rolled us both over, getting on top of her once more, I distracted her with kissed for a few minutes until my cock was able to get erect again, and I fucked her for a second time even though I was completely knackered and my cock was kind of numb.

That first night was incredible, we had sex 4 times in total before I just couldn’t do it anymore, I wanted to keep going but it was just physically impossible.

Since then we have had a wonderful secret sexual relationship, we started having sex every single day, every afternoon when she got home from school on week days and multiple times on a weekend, eventually we slowed it down and now we have sex just 3-4 times a week.

I love the girl and I wouldn’t trade her for anything, and I will continue to have amazing sex with her for as long as she wants me too.

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  • Reply surprised neighbor ID:3ywnlf2hl

    great story, many years ago i had a neighbor girl come over to swim at my house and when her mom didn’t come with her i would swim and play with her. she was very forward when she was alone and she wanted to swim naked i told her what if her mom comes over she said lock the gate simple right. well we did just that next she was on me like glue rubbing my cock against her pussy and telling me to fuck her. i said were did you learn this stuff her reply was when i go to my dads house he and i fuck a lot but no one is suppose to know this so don’t tell any one. now the shock is this kid is nine years old and she says dad was been fucking her since she was six.

  • Reply Golden ID:1d2xzu7828ar

    Goldenbiguy on telegram, proton.me or discord. Daddy wants baby girls like this

    • Tazzee ID:1cnh0i5fdgb0

      What’s your telegram?

  • Reply A. ID:1evd94426oxa

    Teach what it is like to be bred and carrying your baby in her belly. Then watch her sex drive skyrocket

  • Reply Bob ID:1comn0nruc7a

    Great story!! I love that you got to fuck her regularly. I’d enjoy chatting with you. You can contact me by email or on Session.
    Love, sucks, and fucks,

    [email protected]






  • Reply Robert2779 ID:2wcg8yx49i

    I caught my cousin fucking his 12-year-old neighbor one time, no shit. His grandfather had a large wood shop and when I asked for my cousin I was told he was headed toward the woodshop, last he saw him. I didn’t see him inside. I started to walk around the building and what I saw, I wasn’t sure what was happening for a minute. She was bent over and he was behind her. I thought, ridiculous as it sounds, that he was giving her the heimlich maneuver for some reason. He wasn’t. She had her hands on her knees, panties down and he was fucking the shit out of her. She was moaning. Sounded like she was into it. She saw me before he did and pulled her panties up and ran off. He just stood there with his pants down, still-hard dick poking out, smiling. Like a dummy, I said “What were y’all doing?” as if it wasn’t obvious. He said “Fucking.” Then he pulled his pants up and asked me if we were still going fishing or what. He was cool under pressure, got to give that fucker that much.

  • Reply Trouble ID:1ea0ub4nk74k

    More more

  • Reply Steven75 ID:2wcg8yx49i

    You guys have some pervy ideas, that’s a fact. Some crazy stories here. The closest I ever came to anything like some of these stories, nowhere like all this though, my daughter was 15 and her tablet crashed. Asked me if I could fix it. Board was fried, but I could save all the data she had to an external drive. I noticed some of them were large files, like videos. I wondered what she could have been taking videos of. Turns out, she was pretty nasty. Had all kinds of nude pics, masturbation, you name it. I just put the drive away and pretended I hadn’t seen it. Thought I’d ignore it but I kept thinking about it. Long story short, that was my go-to jerking-off material for quite a while, those pics and videos. I’d be disgusted with myself every time afterward but then I’d turn around and do it again. Yeah sick, I know, but I did it. Anyway, pretty harmless overall, I guess.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7mkmumjj40

    Well written and very good story line and hope for a lil more.
    Reminds me of Becky in Ohio many years ago. She was 12 and I was 23 and we were madly in love. OMG sex was unreal with her for almost a year before it ended with her death. We were even gonna get married when she turned 16. I was with 10 yo Tracy for two years when her and her mother got killed by a drunk driver. 10 yo Simon I was with for a year when she lost her baby from being raped by three bikers. Lets just hope in the story it last quite a long while. As for now I am in love with a 15 yo and I plan on getting a little farm so we can have animals. Hope life lets me keep this one cuz she is amazing.