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My Mom’s Boss Raped Me In The Balcony (Part 2)

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I’m 12 and I was raped by Max, my mom’s boss, when I was 11. He would fuck me, usually in the balcony, when I went with mom to the movie theater, where she would do his book keeping for him every Saturday. I think mom started suspecting something so, she told me I was old enough to stay home by myself now. So, I stayed home.

Anyway, I had gotten used to being fucked by Max, an I liked it. So, when I didn’t go with mom anymore, I wasn’t getting any sex. I was missing it. P!us, my hormones were flying all through my body, landing in my pussy. I wanted to have sex with somebody.

We lived in an apartment. We had a next door neighbor who was about 50 or so. Mark was a tall good looking man with salt and pepper hair, nice lean body and lived alone. He always talked to me when he saw me. I’ve seen him at our apartment pool and his dick stuck out of his swim trunks. He looked big.

It didn’t look hard, it was just big. I’m only 12 and I don’t have big titties yet. I hope they get real big, like my mom’s. I only wear a B cup. Mom is a D cup. I want boobs like hers. Even tho I don’t have big ones yet but, I’ve caught Mark looking at them, when were talking.

It makes my pussy wet when he looks at them. I wear my tiniest bikini when I go down there. Then, when were sitting and talking, I lean over so, he might be able to see my nipple. Mark looks at them.
I was going to our apartment when I saw Mark coming from the pool area.

He said, “Well, hello Candy.” “Hi Mark, how’s the pool?” “It was a little cool today I was just out for my daily swim.” “You going in?” “No, I’m hungry I gotta eat something.” Mark said, “Hey, I’m gonna eat to, wanna have lunch with me?” I said, “Sure, I’ll be over in a minute.” Mark went into his apartment an I went into ours. Our apartments are right next to one another.

Mom was working her regular job as a house maid for this hotel in the city. She still took care of Max’s books on Saturday. I went in to change. I wanted to wear something that was a little revealing. I put on a sleeveless summer dress that had a low v-neck and buttoned all the way up the front. And, I took off my bra.

Hopefully, Mark would like it. I thought about not wearing any panties. Then, I changed my mind. But, as I was getting ready to walk out the door, I changed it back. I took off my panties and that made me feel ever more sexy and horny. I was really wanting to get fucked.

I knocked on his door and he answered. “Come in Candy.” He said, “I just made some cheese steak subs, hope you like ’em.” I said, “They look great.” I noticed he looked me up and down. He just had thin pair of
summer pull on shorts. They may have even been jockey shorts.

We ate and were talking about everything. He’s so easy to talk to. He finally got around to complementing me on my dress. He said, “That looks so good on you.” I said, “Thank you Mark.”
We went to the couch and he sat down beside me. I was leaning over to rub my leg. He could see right down my top.

He ask, “Is something was wrong with your leg?” I said, “I think I strained it I keep getting a charlie horse in my calf.” He said, “Let me see, I used to work in physical therapy you know.” I said, “Oh yeah, I remember you telling me that.” He pulled my leg up on the couch to massage my calf. My legs are spread eagle because, I’ve still got one leg on the ground.

My dress was above my knees an I saw him looking at my pussy. I felt my pussy lips open, that’s how far apart my legs are spread. Marks massaging my calf and he said “How’s this feel?” I said, “It feels good.”
He starts massaging up farther. He was talking about how the muscle have pressure points that need to be released.

He was up to the inside of my thigh. Then, he starts rubbing up closer to my pussy. He touched my pussy and said, “Candy, you don’t have any panties on, you wanna tell me why?” I said, “I hate wearing panties and bras.” He said, “I’ve noticed.” He slides his finger in my pussy. I can see his dick is hard.

Mark said, “Your a promiscuous little thing aren’t you darlin’?” I said, “Well, maybe.” I smiled. He scooted closer and put his finger all the way in then added another one. Mark said, “Somebody’s been in here.”
I said, “Yeah, a man named Max fucked me when I was 11.”

“Oh I see, did you like it?” “Well, yes I did.” “Does he still fuck you?” I said, “No, I never see him anymore.” He’s fingering me and it feel so good. He takes my hand and puts it on his dick. I start stroking it. Then he pulls it out if his shorts and it’s huge. I stroke it up and down, excited I might get to have it in my pussy.

Mark said, “Why don’t you unbutton your dress for me?” I did that and I opened it so, he could see and then, suck my titties. He did, too. He said, “I’ve been looking at these titties several months.” He said, “You’ve been teasing me with them.” I said, “I wanted you to see them.” He said, “You know I’ve jacked of thinking about you?”

He pulled me down on the couch by my leg and slid his dick into my pussy. It felt so good. He was very thick. Thicker than Max. He said, “Oh my gosh, you’re so fucking tight.” He started fucking me pushing it in an out. He’s sucking on my titties. He said, “I’ve wanted to fuck another little girl for years.” I ask him, “Have you ever fucked one younger than me?” He said, “I fucked my niece when she was 10, as soon as she turned 10.”

He said, “I fucked her for about 6 months then they moved.” I said, “So, how’s mine?” He said, “Great, tight but great” “Are you on any birth control?” I said, “No.” He said, “I guess I’ll pull out or cum in your mouth.”
He reached down and started stroking his dick. He was gonna cum on my titties. He was looking at my titties and said, “You’re gonna let me fuck you everyday aren’t you?” I said, “Yes.” Then, he shot cum all over my titties. He sat down and flipped his shorts back up to cover his dick.

He was breathing hard and said, “Let’s make you cum now” He took three fingers and slid them in my pussy. His other hand was rubbing my clit. He said, “I think Candy likes big dicks in her little pussy, doesn’t she?” I’m loving what he’s doing to me and my clit is responding to his words. He said, “I’m gonna expect you to bring your pussy over here to me everyday so, I can use it to fuck, understand?”

I nodded yes and he said, “I think tomorrow I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” When he said that I cum all over his hand. He slid his fingers in an out of the slick juices. He said, “Now, that’s better ain’t it Candy?”
I nodded and said “Yes.” I was still tingling.

He pulled his fingers out and kissed my pussy. While he was down there he gave it a lick an a suck. I’d never had that done to me. It shot electric bolts through me. Mark said, “Ah, do you like that?” I said, “I did but, I’ve never had anything like that done to me before.” Mark pulled my legs and pussy closer to him
and buried his face between my legs. He started sucking and licking all around my clit. I cum immediately. It felt wonderful.

He kept running his tongue over my clit an I started shaking. I grabbed his head for him to stop, it was too much. He said, “You liked it?” I was breathless and said, “Yes.”
I got up and wiped the cum off of my titties and buttoned my dress. Mark said, “Don’t forget about coming over tomorrow.” I said, “I won’t.”

I went home and thought about Mark’s dick and how he made me feel when he licked my pussy. The best part is he’s right next door. I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

I laid down on the couch and fell asleep thinking about everything that happened today.
What was I gonna wear tomorrow? Maybe I’ll just wear my bikini.

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Years ago, I was raped by a priest in my catholic high school’s library at the end of the school day Unaware Little Girl !!! I suffered in silence for a long time !!! but my body wanted cock in the worst way and now with one failed marriage and my current boyfriend that I have is to satisfied me a nympho !! Your story is so hot sweetie !! Britney

  • Reply Daddybigcock ID:6hge6rtk0i

    That is so fucking hot. I wish I had a hot young neighbor like you to fuck every day.

  • Reply watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

    That was totally hot. Neighbors make wonderful lovers. They are easily available 24/7.
    I HAVE KNOWN SO MANY PEOPLE, INCLUDING ME, WHO KNEW NEIGHBORS WHO LOVED TO FUCK THEM.. Sadly, they eventually move, or we do. But neighbors are the perfect opportunity, especially in large apartment complexes.

  • Reply sluttywhore ID:2kyls54xik

    i want someone to fuck my teen pussy . i love the idea of old mature men raping girls

    • BaddJack ID:3729thhr9

      Oh, Sweetie, how I wish we were close. I would love to show the ways of old men. I am one, you know.
      [email protected]

  • Reply Michael ID:5az13ew42

    Getting better, I hope there’s more to cum.

  • Reply PublicNudityEnjoyer ID:8egu84ilc9l

    Why wear a bikini when you can cross the corridor naked! Or even better, have sex in the pool!

    • Unaware Little Girl ID:1a912bhj

      I have to wear something, in case momma might get home early and see me. Sometimes she pops home early if the hotel isn’t that busy.

    • PublicNudityEnjoyer ID:8egu84ilc9l

      Aww. That’s too bad 🙁 maybe you can try to get mom in the on the action too! Then she won’t mind!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0k

    Making love to a young girl is simply amazing on so many levels. I never had the heart to rape taking my time and making it as enjoyable as possible. Some had had such fond memories that they continued fucking me even when married and having girls of their own. Now some of them have daughters that were their age and somehow in their mind want their daughter to enjoy the same love and affection as I showed them. Sharing your body and mind at a young age is very, very healthy not to mention the exposure to male hormones seems to make certain areas of their brain to advance faster. If you take a girl of say 12 that has been fucking for years and a virgin girl the same age of 12 they are completely on different levels of maturity. Not only that but the sexually active girl has far more intense orgasms then the virgin.
    Unaware Little Girl I simply loved your story so far and look forward to more if possible. I hope your sex life is fantastic.

    • sluttywhore ID:2kyls54xik

      this is exactly what i want

    • watcher ID:n2ahpc2d9j

      Gonzo, I agree with every word that you just wrote. And I also have noticed an amazing difference in these girls. Intellectually, sexual awareness, how outgoing and confident they are, how emotionally mature that they are, and how aware they are of men sexually. A sexually active girl can spot a horny man before he even notices her. And in my experience, moms are usually aware of just how horny their little girls are. When the right man comes along, he just might be able to fuck both mom and daughter, as you have so eloquently stated on several occasions. Long live sexual freedom for everybody.