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My husband and I writing how we met

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This is a true story how me and my husband met and how sometimes you have to be used. While working as a cashier over night one day I saw this handsome customer I haven’t had sex in a while. I immediately got horny. I smile and giggled looked him up and down so he can notice I wanted his number.

I got his number and right away he ask me what Time am I free the next day I told him I’m off. He said send me your address I pick you up umm excuse me sir I don’t even know your name. Send me the address and I give you mine name. So sent him the address but he didn’t respond. The next day at 8pm he text me I’m outside.
I got in his car and said now can I get your name. He stood quiet. I sat back wondered what the hell is going on. He brings me to this nice house. He said this is my house and I like to be called daddy now come on. I can’t call you that. You can and you will. I smiled okay daddy and giggled but he was so serious. Soon as he open the door he grabbed my hand rushing me up stairs.

I looked at him long and hard. He pulled out his big dick. Get on your knees bitch. I screamed no!! As I try to run to the door he grabbed me by the hair BITCH STOP UOU WANTED TO GET FUCK THE WAY YOU LOOKED AT ME COMING OUT HALF NAKED WEARING. NO BRA. I scream stop No!!

Then he pulled up my skirt took his big dick and stuffed my tight pussy with hard thrust. I screamed stop! He ripped my thin see through shirt off. Squeezed my nipples and started fucking with hard slow strokes.

My screams turned into moans. It became the best feeling. Yes bitch I knew this what you wanted I moaned mmmmm yes faster. He went faster and scream call me daddy! I screamed daddy fuck me fuck me. You my toy I use you when I want and you do whatever I want. He continue to fuck me playing with my pussy I never felt that type of pleasure I know it’s rape but is it I loved it after I asked for it I wanted it.

After he came all over my back he grabbed me by my hair and told me to swallow the rest like a good whore that I am and I did.

I sat there in disbelief but body still hot and burning with desire want and need. He looked at me place his hands around my neck and said tell me how you like this dick inside you. Gasping for air I told him I loved it and he can do it anytime.

SMACK!! Right across the face but I wasn’t mad I was turned on. You don’t give me permission slut I give you permission. I got on my knees opened my mouth wide. He stare at me and said I knew you was the one he place his dick in my mouth grabbing my hair fucking my face. I’m going to fuck you your going to love it and my friends is going to fuck you and your going to love it.
I’m about to cum whore swallow it all. I did

It’s now our 5th year anniversary I’m happy as ever and yes his friends come to the house and fuck me and none of their wives know. I enjoy each of them

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0b

    Love it and exactly how I like it. The last time Kylie was at the house before I moved I had two friends over. We were talking and they didn’t know she was there so I surprised them both. I called for Kylie and she came out in just panties and say on my lap kissing me. I asked if she would do me a favor and she said OFC daddy. I said suck all our cocks and she let out a high pitch squeal and said absolutely. After she swallowed us all they left. She crawled up in my lap wet and dripping thanking me. She worked my cock hard again and sat down on me balls deep. She was so horny I felt her orgasm immediately spraying my cock. We fucked for a few hours before passing out on the couch. Damn Kylie is one horny 10 almost 11 year old and knows how to treat daddy well. Her mom and sister and just as wet n horny.

  • Reply Lacy ID:1a912bhj

    I love to be taken and forced. It’s so exciting to me especially, when they talk trash to me.

  • Reply Perv Mechanic ID:1eh5jxh3vg4w

    Love to hear more about how you became a free use 3 hole whore? You gonna raise daughters like that too?

    • the cuckold son ID:ndpww3hd9b

      i sure hope so
      a slut like her is rare, we need to breed them amd teach their daughters how to suck cock properly