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My Girlfriend and Her Younger Sister – Part 8

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Bobbi learns what a threesome is really like…. And an Epilon

Bobbi moves to the top of the bed and lies down between both of us. Brenda looks at me and says, “Follow my lead.” Hell, I’m game. Brenda lies down next to Bobbi and starts putting light kisses and nibbles on her neck. So I lie down on the other side and do the same. Bobbi’s breathing immediately starts to get faster. Her eyes are closed and her hands are resting on her flat stomach. After a couple of minutes and almost on cue, Brenda and I start working our way down to Bobbi’s chest and start kissing her pert tits. Her nipples went instantly hard. We both take one into our mouths and start sucking and biting them. A loud groan came from her mouth. After a couple of minutes I bit down a little harder to see what kind of response I get. She flinched and let out a little squeal. “EEEEEE!” “Too hard?” I asked. “Oh God no!” she responded. “I loved it.” Brenda, still sucking on a tit, looked at me and gave me a wink. Yup. Likes some pain just like her sister. We spend some time there nibbling on her tits when Brenda starts moving down Bobbi’s belly leaving kisses and nibbles, I followed. I know what she has in mind as I saw the look on her face the last time she went down on Bobbi. She wants to eat more pussy. Brenda gets to that cute little floofy mound, plants a few kisses on that, and sits up on her knees. She reaches down and grabs hold of Bobbi’s pubes, what little there is, and pulls fairly hard on it. Bobbi lets out a louder moan and thrusts her hips up signaling that she likes it. Brenda then slides down the bed to where Bobbi’s legs are resting and says, “Come here Brian.” I move down on the other side of Bobbi’s legs and rest on my knees. “Grab a leg and let’s spread them,” says Brenda. We both grab a leg and pull it apart from the other bending it at the knee so her knees are up in the air and her pussy is spread wide open, feet on the bed. “My god!” Brenda exclaims. “Look and that puss.” It was soaking wet and her lady juices were just pouring out of it. Her clit was huge already. I can tell this gets Brenda all excited. “I’m going in!” she exclaimed loudly. Brenda lays on her stomach between Bobbi’s thin little thighs, gets right up to Bobbi’s cute little kitty, and just lets out her trademark little squeal. “EEEEE! Brian you start rubbing her clit. I’m gonna stick my tongue into her hole. I want her pussy juice!” I reach over and start rubbing Bobbi’s massive clit lightly as Brenda puts her mouth over Bobbi’s slit and I can see she is shoving her tongue in as far as she can. Bobbi is breathing quite heavy by now and the moans are getting louder by the minute. I’m rubbing clit, Brenda is shoving tongue while licking up as much as possible of Bobbi’s nectar, and by now Bobbi’s hips are starting to buck some. “OH MY FUCKING GOD! THIS IS JUST AWESOME!” Bobbi screams. “HARDER ON MY CLIT, BRIAN! HARDER! SHOVE YOUR TONGUE IN ME AS FAR AS YOU CAN, BRENDA! OOOOOOOO! EEEEEEEEEEE! MORE!” We both pick up the pace and you can tell Bobbi is working up to a huge orgasm. All of a sudden she just lets loose. Her hips are bucking so hard I can’t keep my hand on her clit and Brenda is having a tough time keeping her mouth on Bobbi’s cunt. “OOOOOOOOOOOO! FUCK! FUCK!” she screams. Brenda backs off a bit and Bobbi starts to come off the high point of her orgasm. Brenda starts lightly tickling Bobbi’s clit with her tongue, just enough that Bobbi won’t totally come down from her orgasm and then she starts to work up to another one. Brenda’s cute firm butt is sticking up in the air and I can see an opportunity here. I slide behind Brenda and I can see the juice just pouring out between her bald pussy lips. Of course I have been rock hard for some time and I am wanting to have something wrapped around my dick. I slide my mushroom head in between Brenda’s cute little lips and just bury it all the way to the hilt in one motion. “UUUGGGGHHHH! goes Brenda. I pull almost all the way out and just slam it back in as hard as I can. This pushes Brenda’s mouth back on to Bobbi’s kitty. So here we are, I am slamming Brenda from behind, Brenda has her mouth on Bobbi’s pussy, and Bobbi is shaking hard, eyes closed, almost ready to blow, with a death grip with both hands on Brenda’s head. I am slamming Brenda as hard as I can as I know the thrusting along with the pain that I am inflicting because her pussy is so tight, will just throw her into a quick, massive orgasm. I wanted her to catch up with Bobbi as I know she is ready to explode with her second one. Suddenly Brenda’s pussy just tightens up more yet and I know now that she is close. Here we go, I thought to myself. I just gave Brenda one massive slam into butt and she is over the edge. Mean while, because of Brenda’s tongue flying over Bobbi’s clit at light speed, she also goes over the edge at almost the same time. All that just gets my nut up and I just start spraying what seemed like gallons into Brenda’s hot love hole. I don’t know who is screaming the most or the loudest including me but I was seriously worried about the cops showing up at the front door on an excessive noise complaint. Every one finally starts to come down off their orgasms. I fall back on my knees wondering if I will ever breath normal again, Brenda slides slowly up on top of Bobbi and rests her head on Bobbi’s right tit, Bobbi is huffing and puffing holding her sisters head to her chest. After a couple of minutes Bobbi says to her sister, “Kiss me. I want to taste myself.” Brenda lifts her head, slides up a little more so their faces are even and plants her full lips on Bobbi’s. They are kissing very passionately for a minute or so and then Brenda gets off Bobbi and lays on her back next to her. “Is that what pussy tastes like?” asks Bobbi. I really liked how that tasted.” “Pretty much,” replied Brenda. “But yours is something special. I have never tasted anything like yours. It’s musky but very sweet tasting. Why do you think I so badly wanted to get back in there.” Something went click in my head. That was an ‘oops’ statement from her. I am now guessing that there is a whole lot more to Brenda’s past than she has let on to me over the last couple years. We have never really talked about our pasts with each other. She knows I had been married previously and I could tell she had been with other men but women never really crossed my mind. I let it go for now as I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Always time to ask about it later.

Everyone is getting back to normal heart rates and proper blood oxygen levels. The girls are laying side by side just talking small talk. Then Bobbi asks, “Are all threesomes this exciting?” Brenda and I both at the same time, “NOPE!” We looked at each other and laughed. “Bobbi,” I said. “I haven’t had many but this one is leaps and bounds beyond anything I have ever experienced. I still find it amazing as to how lucky I am to be able to enjoy it with two of the most beautiful little minxes I have ever known. You in particular have come a long way in just the last several months. And I hope you realize that this is still not over.” They both look at me with huge grins on their faces.

“You’re up now, Bobbi.” I say. “Anything in particular you would like to try?” “Can I try riding on top? Brenda looked like she really enjoyed it.” “That’s because it goes as far into you as it possibly can because you are right over top of it.” said Brenda. “It makes you feel like you are full all the way up to your chest.” “Oh goody!” Squeals Bobbi. “First you have to get me hard though. I think he’s had enough of a rest but he could use a little oral help. Besides your sister’s juice is still all over it.” I don’t think I ever have seen a person move that fast. She jumps up and over to me and puts her lips around my dick in a split second. She takes it down and pumps it a few times and then pulls off smacks her lips and tells me to lie down on my back. I happily obliged. “Yummy! You taste good sis.” Brenda snickers. She already knows she does as she has tasted herself before this. Bobbi is on her knees and grabs my dick again. She puts it between her lips and starts to swirl her tongue around the head a few time. She then starts going up and down on it. Her mouth is like silk on my cock and it doesn’t take long and I am hard again. “Can I help sis?” asks Brenda. “Jump right in here.” replied Bobbi. Brenda slides up to my side and grabs my cock from Bobbi and proceeds to slide it all the way down her throat. “Thanks for lubing it up for me, Bobbi. She goes back down to my dick and pumps up and down a few times and then all the way down to my groin. She stay there a few seconds and up she comes again. Bobbi jumps over and grabs is away from Brenda, puts her mouth over it and just goes all the way down into her throat. She stays there a few seconds and comes back up with a big smile on her face. “I did it without gagging!” She is just happy as can be. This goes on for a bit with the girls taking turns deep throating me. Of course I’m hard by then. Suddenly, Bobbi stops, “It’s time!” she announces. “My pussy is throbbing with anticipation and it is sloppy wet. I’m climbing aboard, Brian.” “Get on!” I told her. I can see Brenda has devilish, lusty look on her face so she already has something in mind.

Bobbi climbs over me and lines her pussy up with my cock. She starts to go down and my head misses, slides towards her little tush and almost goes up her butt hole. She giggles, “Wow! That was close.” “Who knows, you may have enjoyed that.” snickered Bobbi. “Let me help.” Brenda grabs my prick, holds it straight up and nudges Bobbi. “Down now.” Bobbi lowers herself again and my dick slides right in. “Ugggghhhh!” She goes, but she isn’t all the way down yet. As she slowly lowers herself I can feel her pussy getting tighter and tighter. OMG her pussy feels good on my cock. So tight. She starts pumping up and down and is starting to get excited as her breathing is getting faster. Brenda slides behind her and while Bobbi is all the way up on an upstroke reaches around her, grabs a handful of tit in each hand, and pulls Bobbi back to her tits. Now Bobbi is sitting straight up. Brenda whispers in her ear, “Now go all the way down until you can’t go any farther.” Bobbi slides down all the way on my dick and as she does her eyes get huge and she takes a big gasp of air. “OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” she shouts. Brenda is squeezing Bobbi’s tits and pinching her nipples and then says, “Now don’t pull off but start grinding your butt with Brian’s cock all the way in you.” She starts moving her hips is a circular motion over top of my dick and the look on her face is one of sheer delight and happiness. “Damn! It feels like it’s all the way up between my boobs. Holy shit!” “I told you.” says Brenda. Brenda suddenly stops playing with Bobbi and moves around her. As she does, she goes down to Bobbi’s right tit and sucks as much as she can into her mouth and then pulls back a lets is out with a big popping noise. She turns and looks at me, “You ready for this?” she asks me. She has that randy look on her face. Oh boy I don’t know what it is but this will be good, I can feel it. She’s on her knees and swings a leg over my chest, puts a knee on each side of my face facing away from Bobbi and proceeds to lower her cute little cunt onto my face. So here I am now with Brenda grinding her pussy on my mouth and Bobbi doing the same to my cock and the both are getting excited to the point they are grinding hard. “Bobbi! Grab my boobs and squeeze them hard!” she yells at her sister. Bobbi didn’t hesitate for a second. She reaches around and squeezes them roughly and then proceeds to pinch Brenda’s nipples hard. This is just turning Brenda into a crazy woman. Her pussy is spilling her lady juice all over my face as Bobbi stops grinding and is now sliding up and down as hard as she can.

I want to say something to Brenda but her pussy has my mouth completely covered as she is grinding it. “Mmmrrrrphffff.” is all that can be heard. She heard me say something but she is starting to climb that ladder to her orgasm and she is not thinking clearly. “What, Brian?” “MMMTTTTPHFFF!” I tried again. Suddenly it clicked in her head. She slides back a little on my chest and this takes her cunt off my mouth. “Turn around and face the other way.” I said. “So you both can play with each other.” “Hey!” she giggled. She whips around and places her knees at the sides of my head again but facing the other way. Now I cannot see anything but a beautiful pussy with bald lips but I can tell that they had started to make out. Brenda lowers herself just enough so that I can lick her but she is not all the way down on my face. I know they are playing with each other boobs and with Bobbi grinding and me licking Brenda’s slit back and forth, everyone is getting ready again. They break from their kissing and put their arms around each other in a big hug. They are both moaning like crazy and I can feel my nut building again. “I’m gonna flood you with my cum, Bobbi! Are you ready?!” All I get in reply is a loud squeal. I switched from licking Brenda’s slit to flicking her large clit with my tongue and I can tell she is almost ready as her knees locked tighter on my head. “Fuck me Brian! Fuck me!” Bobbi shouts and she is slamming up and down on my dick. I am thrusting up to meet her so it is quite the sound. Brenda suddenly shouts, “OH FUCK! I’M CUUUUMMMMING! That was enough for me. While I am going crazy on Brenda’s clit, I start shooting rope after rope into Bobbi’s cunt. “OOOOOOOOO, I CAN FEEL IT SHOOTING!” she screams. Everybody is cumming at the same time. Brenda’s pussy juice is all over my face and now between my cum and Bobbi’s lady juice leaking out of her pussy, my groin and stomach is a sloppy pond. Finally we all just collapse into a pile trying to catch our breath. It takes a couple of minutes before anyone moves. We all end up lying next to each other properly on the bed, even in the right direction. I have my arms around both girls as they are cuddled next to me. After what seem like forever with no conversation, I softly said, “I love you two. This could not have been more perfect and it will be a lifetime memory for me. What did you think of your first threesome, Bobbi?” Nothing. No answer. “Bobbi?” My question was answered by the cutest little snore. Brenda is still awake and giggles. I look at her, “How about you?” She snuggles in tighter and made a little purring sound, “I so love you” “Forever? I asked. “Forever” And we both drifted off to sleep.

Time marches on as it always does. Bobbi turned 16 shortly after that and for her birthday her dad bought her a car. It was one of those small Mustangs they had back in the 70’s. Was in great shape and seemed reliable. Over the next year or so we started to see Bobbi less and less. We still had a few fun romps, but they became less frequent. She was slowly spreading her wings and it was really a pleasure to watch her grow into womanhood. Not long after she turned 17 she took off with a guy that was a few years older than her and they moved out of state as he had a job there. Bert didn’t care as that relieved her of all parental duties. The day before she left she came over to see us and thanked us for everything we had done for her. She jumped into her car as she was leaving and yelled, “I love you guys!” She backed out of the drive and we watched her pulled away.

Brenda and I did get married shortly after. She was 20 and I was 29. It was great for the first couple of years but there was one stumbling block that we could not get past and that was children. She wanted me to have my vasectomy reversed so she could get pregnant and I was dead set against it. In hindsight I feel that was a selfish thing on my part. We divorced after being married about 3 years and we both moved on. It is still some of the best memories of my life.


There has been a couple of comments on the stories as to the possibility that this in no way can be real. “Brenda” and “Bobbi” really do exist. I am friends with them on Facebook to this day. Every single person in these stories really does exist. None of the names or locations are real, but if I gave a copy of each of the chapters to Brenda and Bobbi, they would know instantly, because of how the stories read, that it is them! Even the beach and bikini story is real.

All of the sexual encounters of the story REALLY HAPPENED. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. Did I embellish? Sure I did. Some of the in between stuff was made up but that was to keep the continuity of the story from not sounding stupid. But even some of that stuff is real. I’ve seen some pretty stupid writing on this website. Most of the conversations may not be accurate but they are how I remember them. I have pretty much a photographic memory. Hell, I even can remember my own baptism and I was just months old.

To those of you that cannot believe that any of this is true, well, too fucking bad for you. You obviously never had any types of these encounters in real life and you apparently have nothing to compare it to. I consider myself as one of the lucky ones that did. “Well, women like that don’t really exist in real life. Especially at those ages.” Bullshit they don’t! I am here to tell you otherwise. I even had one guy comment that I blew the encounter as I had my girlfriend’s permission and I didn’t go for it with her sister. They ended that encounter, I didn’t, and I knew at that point Bobbi wasn’t ready to go any farther. That’s one thing I have always done in my life, sexual or otherwise. No means no. I have never pushed any woman into something that she does not want to do. Brenda and Bobbi did everything in these stories, and in real life, of their own free will. I showed them RESPECT. Something that guy apparently doesn’t know anything about. I will never force a woman. I always make sure their needs are met first before mine. My women always climax before I do. And in almost all cases, multiple times before mine is finished.

I am approaching 70 years old and I wanted to get this down before I forgot it. I decided to make it into a story form so it could possibly entertain someone else. It wasn’t the “I fucked my sister in the pussy and pulled out and came on her tits. The end,” kind of story. This was way better than that. I did search high and low to find a picture of two sisters that is comparable as to how the girls looked in real life at that time and the pic below is very close. Remember this was the early 80’s and this all happened 40 to 45 years ago over a roughly 3 year time frame. Looking at the pic, on the left is Brenda. Her tits were a little bigger than in the pic and her pubic hair patch was smaller and narrower. NO HAIR ON HER PUSSY LIPS! That still amazes me to this day, both girls. On the right is Bobbi. Her hair was several shades lighter and longer than her sisters and her mound fluff was the same color as her head. Tits are about right. Now look at the hips in the pic. Notice Bobbi’s hips are a little smaller than Brenda’s? That is exactly how they both looked. I couldn’t come up with a better picture to show that. Even the faces. You can tell who the older sister is. Also the faces are similar to what the girls really looked like back then. It almost scared me the first time I saw this picture. I thought it was really them. Two tiny heavenly angels that I was lucky enough to be able to spend part of my life with.

I do have more stories of Brenda and I. They are during the same time frame and after Bobbi got herself a real boyfriend. I never expected the relationship I had with Bobbi to last. Our age difference was too prohibitive. Maybe if we were all in our 30’s and 40’s, but not at that young age. She grew up, became a beautiful woman, and went off with her man and I was very happy for her. To this day I am thrilled that she allowed me to be her very first lover.

If you would like me to start a series about just Brenda and me, please leave me a comment. There are tons of interesting memories there. Also I would appreciate any comments as to what you thought of this entire series of the three of us if you have read all of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this and it has brought some memories to the front that I had buried a long time ago.

Thank you all for taking the time to read!
Johnny55 or A.K.A. “Brian”


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    Beautiful hot story kept my dick hard. It was just too bad that at the end it did not work out.

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    Great Pic of them 2, enjoyed them alot