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My Girlfriend and Her Younger Sister – Part 7

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The threesome continues and this is where the girls really discover each other.

I am starting to regain my composure and my breath and thinking about what might be next as I am still lying in the middle of the living room floor. The girls have sat back up on the couch and had relit the pipe. I finally get back up and sit down on the edge of my recliner. I am completely naked as is Bobbi. Brenda still has her shorts on. I look at her as she is just taking a hit from the pipe and say to her, “Come here, Brenda.” She goes to hand the pipe to her sister and while holding her breath says to Bobbi, “_Ere.” She gets up and comes over to me. I look at her and smile and put my hands around her tiny waist and pull her to my chest. “I love you, Brenda Scott. Other than my children I guess I never knew what that meant until I met you. You are so perfect. I can’t ever imagine anyone else in my life.” She took my face into her hands as I am looking up at her, looks me in the eyes and bends over and give me a very passionate and warm kiss. She lingered there for a few seconds and then pulls off my lips and says, “I love you with all my heart, Brian Thomas. And I will never love anyone else. I meant what I said about wanting to get married and I know that you are not a fan of the idea but I will wait until you are ready. You aren’t getting rid of me very easy.” I just pulled her into me tighter and then realized that I could feel something wet on my chest. I pushed her back a step and looked at her shorts. The crotch and front of her shorts was just soaked with her pussy juice. She looked down at herself and just started to snicker. “Holy shit!” she exclaimed. “Giving B-B-Bobbi blow job lessons was more exciting to me than I r-r-realized.” “Are you sure it was that or was it eating her pussy that excited you more?” I asked. “Both, I guess. But I c-c-can tell you that I can’t wait to get my tongue back into that sweet tasting p-p-pussy so I can lick up some more of her girlie nectar.” With that she pulled them down and kicked them away.

“How about we all go lay on the bed. It’s not huge but we can get all three of us on it. Can’t do that on the couch and the floor is too hard.” I said. “Besides, Brenda, we need to show Bobbi what a real threesome is all about don’t you think?” “I’m game.” says Brenda. I look over at Bobbi and she has the biggest shit eating grin on her face and is bouncing up and down sitting the couch. “HELL YES!” he squeals loudly. She then bolts off the couch and runs down the hallway. Brenda and I are just getting up to go and you can hear Bobbi hit the bed at full speed. We look at each other and just start laughing. “Kids.” says Brenda. “I don’t know about that.” I said. “Quit thinking of her as your baby sister and take a good look at her. She is becoming a grown woman. She may have that occasional little child tantrum but most of everything else about her is an adult. She has filled out some just since I have known her and she is almost as tall as you. That’s no kid any more. She has her 16th birthday coming up soon.” We got to the bedroom and Bobbi is on the bed lying on her side holding her head up with her arm. Brenda pauses for a moment and just stares at her. It’s like I saw a light bulb come on in her head and I am pretty sure in that moment she realized that I was right. I do know, from that moment on, Brenda saw Bobbi in completely different format.

“How should we do this?” Bobbi asks us excitedly. “Well,” I said. “How about we pick up from where we left off. I will get in the middle of you two and we can go from there. We will just do what comes to mind. Besides, my dick isn’t hard right now and he needs some enticing from both of you.” We climb into bed and I have a tiny little pixie on each side of me with my arms around their shoulders. They are leaning into my chest with their heads over my arms and each with a hand on my stomach. I can feel their firm breasts pushing into each side of my chest and they both throw a leg over mine. If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is. At the same time they both reach for my cock and it was almost an awkward collision of hands over it. “Easy, girls. Easy.” I say. “There is going to be plenty for both of you but if you damage the goods at the start, there will be nothing for either one of you.” I chuckled. Brenda just snickered and Bobbi was just a bundle of energy.

I look at Brenda and she smiles at me. “You are going to be first as I still owe you.” I said. She looks me in the eye and says, “Damn right you do.” I pull her in a little closer and start making out with her. Bobbi has her hand on my dick and is stroking it up and down in a slow but steady rhythm and Brenda cupping my nuts in her hand and rubbing them. “Anything in particular you want to do? This is our first threesome with Bobbi so I think that it needs to be something special for her and you.” “We can make it up as we go along but I do know that I am going back down on that sweet tasting pussy of hers again. Damn that was just awesome and she tastes wonderful.” replies Brenda. “Works for me.” I said. I steal a glance at Bobbi and she has her head still on my chest and is just staring at my cock while slowly stroking it. Brenda and I go back to making out and I can feel her breathing starting to get a little harder. I put my right hand into her crotch and she is already getting wet. DAMN! I have never been with such sexual beings as these two. They are simply gorgeous and just love sex in any way shape or form and it doesn’t take much of anything to get them started. Brenda is starting to moan lightly and I can tell Bobbi is starting to get a little excited as her stroking on me is getting a little faster and harder. I am liking that. We go on like that for a few minutes when Brenda pulls off my lips and whispers into my ear, “I want to get on top and ride you for a while like that.” I nod my head and say, “It’s all yours. You control how you want it to happen. Brenda gets up on her knees and looks at Bobbi, “I’m first Bobbi. You owe me that. I’m gonna get on top and ride Brian for a bit. How about you get his dick wet for me first.” Bobbi doesn’t say anything and just jumps up onto her knees and as she already has her hand on my prick, she leans over it and slides her lips over the head and just starts going up and down on it. I can feel her tongue swirling around the head when she is all the way up and the sensation is just fucking great! All of a sudden she just slams her head down in a hard down stroke and she goes all the way down until her lips hit my groin. I let out a loud gasp and Brenda eyes are huge looking at her sister. Bobbi comes off my dick almost right away and she is coughing and gagging just a little but she manages to give a huge grin. “I did it all by myself!” she squeals. I can tell that it just turned Brenda on more yet watching that. I was pretty happy about it!

Brenda is ready to mount me and she says to Bobbi, “I’m going to get on top now. Would you like to line Brian’s cock up for me?” Bobbi grabs my cock again and says, “DO IT!” Brenda swings a leg over me and starts to go down on my dick as Bobbi lines it up with Brenda’s honey hole. Her pussy is just dripping wet and her juices are dropping onto Bobbi’s hand and my dick. She slides all the way down as Bobbi pulls her hand away and when shit hits bottom just lets out and big grunt and a sigh. “UUUUGGGGHHHH! OOOOOOO!” She just sits there for a minute taking in the sensation of my buried prick all the way to her cervix. She has told me that this is her favorite position as it makes her feel full and it hits all the right spots. I look at Bobbi, who is on my left, and I was pleasantly surprised. She is licking Brenda’s pussy juice that had fallen onto her hand and I could tell she was enjoying it. “Taste good?” “Yeah!” she says. “I was wondering what it was like and I’m glad I tried it.” Brenda just smiles at that comment.

Brenda starts to glide up and down on my dick rocking back and forth on me and I can tell by the look on her face that she is loving it. Every so often she stops when she hits bottom and will just sit there for a bit. She is very tight but because she is so wet she just slides up and down easily. Because Brenda has the prime spot and because she has never been involved in a threesome, Bobbi looks a little confused. She has that ‘What do I do now’ look on her face. She is facing Brenda so I just take her right hand and set it on Brenda’s left tit. Bobbi quickly gets the idea and grabs both of Brenda’s tits and starts squeezing and rubbing them. Of course Brenda’s nipples are hard as rocks. Bobbi starts to pinch them and this just gets Brenda going more yet. She has always loved a little pain. Nothing violent but it just gets her off harder when it hurts some. She starts to get that randy look on her face after a bit and says to Bobbi, “Pinch harder.” Bobbi seemed happy to oblige. Brenda sits straight up and with my cock buried to the hilt, she starts to grind on my groin. Bobbi is pinching nipples somewhat hard and suddenly she leans into Brenda and plants her lips onto Brenda’s lips. Brenda wraps her arms around Bobbi’s neck and pulls her face tight to her own. They are making out quite heavily and I can see there is tongue involved. After a bit Brenda pulls back and says to Bobbi, “Slap my boobs, Bobbi!” Bobbi is somewhat surprised at this request and wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. By this time she has let go of Brenda’s titties. Ok, my turn to teach. “Like this, Bobbi.” I say. I take a swipe at the left tit and give it a good smack. Not violently but a pretty good slap. Brenda lets out a wild squeal and says, “EEEEEE! Again!” So this time I did the other one. Just exactly what she loves. “Don’t worry Bobbi. She will let you know if it’s too hard and when she has had enough.” Bobbi reaches out and slaps the left one, almost like a little love tap. “Come on, Bobbi! Harder than that.” I said. She takes another swipe and this time you can hear a good slapping sound. Brenda lets out a loud moan and shouts, “AGAIN!” Bobbi hits her again. I can tell Brenda is getting ready to explode and I can feel her pussy muscles starting to tighten on my dick. “Bobbi. Get behind your sister and help her cum. Grab her boobs and pinch her nipples hard. She is getting close,” I tell her. Bobbi quickly gets behind her sister straddling my legs, reaches around and grabs both tits and starts pinching Brenda’s nipples quite hard between her fingers and thumbs. Brenda’s grinding just starts to get crazy. In the mean time this is all getting me turned on and between watching what is going on and Brenda’s tight pussy grinding, I am starting to feel my nut starting to build. By now Brenda has her head tilted back on Bobbi’s shoulder slightly but I can still see her face clearly. Her moans are getting louder and louder so I know she is getting close. I am close to cumming myself and I shout to Brenda, “Are you ready? Here’s what I promised you!” She tilts her head forward and her eyes are half open. All of a sudden my cock just explodes deeply into Brenda’s pussy and it is just spraying all over inside her cunt. She can feel this and between that and Bobbi’s pinching, it just sends her over the edge. I can see her eyes roll back into her head and I can feel her pussy muscles start to pulsate on my cock. “UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! OH FUCK! FUCK…FUCK…FUCK! She screams. I am trying to thrust in deeper but there is nowhere to go. Brenda is thrashing around so much that Bobbi can’t hang on any more and just let’s go of Brenda’s tits and slides back and gets off my legs. Finally Brenda is starting to come down from her orgasm but I am not done yet. I sit up and grab her by her tiny waist while I am still inside her, flip her under me onto her back, and just start slamming her pussy. This just sends her into her second cum and she starts screaming as it hits her. AHHHHHHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHHH! “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” she screams. I’m done cumming but still hard as a stone so I just keep pounding her. We go at it like that for a couple more minutes and finally she is coming down from that one. I just collapse onto her with my head on her chest thinking that I will never be able to catch my breath. She is holding my head to her and is slowly starting to recover herself. After a bit I suddenly remember that we are not alone and wonder what happened to Bobbi. I roll off of Brenda and see her sitting at the end of the bed on her knees. Her mouth is wide open and her beautiful brown eyes look like saucers. I just smile at her and that brought her back to reality. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT! What the fuck was that?” she asks. “Promise you will do me like that yet tonight, Brian. “Don’t go anywhere,” I wink at her. I am lying next to Brenda leaning up on my elbow and look at her. She has a slight smile on her face with her eyes closed and I can tell she is still floating from her orgasm. “Debt paid?” “Oh god yes, hunny, in full!.” I reach down and give her a peck on the cheek and tell her I love her. She opens her eyes and turns her head to look into mine. “Forever?” “Forever.”

“Brenda, any ideas for Bobbi?” I ask. “Oh yeah.” she replies. I have a whole shit load of things I want to do to her. Get your ass back up to the top of this bed, woman, and lay on your back. Brian and I are going to double up on you.” The look on Bobbi’s face was one of astonishment, excitement, and even a little apprehension. “Oh goody.” was all she could muster. I could see a little of the apprehension and just told her, “Just remember, Bobbi, no means no. If there is something that you don’t like or don’t want to do, just say so. Your sister and I have always had that understanding between us, and it applies to you too. I looked at Brenda. “Although we have yet to find anything,” Brenda giggled. I did notice that Brenda called Bobbi ‘woman” not little or baby sis. Yup. She knows now.

Up next, Bobbi’s turn………….

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