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My Girlfriend and Her Younger Sister – Part 6

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Brenda teaches Bobbi how to give a proper blow job and Bobbi has her first threesome!

This is a long one so hang on folks!

I started to walk out of Bobbi’s room and just before I left, I turned and look at her sleeping. She is an absolute beauty and lying there she looks like that little child I had seen when we first met a year or so ago. She looks like a little princess lying there with her light brown hair surrounding her sweet face. I should be ashamed for what has been happening to her………..NOPE! Not anymore. She has been allowed to consciously make her own decisions as to how far this is to be taken. She has not been forced to do anything. She’s almost 16 now and more woman than that little girl she was just a few months ago.

Now on to Brenda. I hadn’t forgotten what I had promised to her. I walk back into our bedroom and in the light I can see her. She’s on her back, no covers on her, still butt naked, her legs slightly spread and…….SHE’S SLEEPING! One bowl too many, I think to myself. I stop for a moment and stare at her. In the moonlight coming in the south window I can see her gorgeous tiny body. Such a lovely face, with those perfectly hard nipples on her tits, perfect curves where they should be, flat tummy, tiny waist, long slim legs. Damn! How did I get so lucky? There is enough light that I can even see her sweet pubic fluff on her firm mound. It was in that moment that I realized that I never quite understood why they are so hairless. They do not have to shave their armpits nor their legs. There is just no hair there. Neither of them have pubic hair on their pussy lips. They both just have a small patch of hair on their mounds that barely covers a quarter of it in the middle and it is very soft and fluffy. Not hard and wiry like most pubic hair is. The only difference is that where Brenda has black pubes, Bobbi’s is a light brown just like the hair on her head. I had never seen anything like them before and have never seen it since.

Well now is my chance to get back at Brenda for so rudely waking me up. I sit down on the bed very quietly not wanting to wake her just yet. With her legs just slightly apart I have just enough room to get a finger onto that big clit of hers. I start rubbing on it real lightly to see what kind of response I get. Nothing. So I increase the pressure and speed a little bit. Ahh, her hips move a little and she lets out a soft moan. So now I go a little faster and harder on that nub. She is still asleep but the moans are getting louder and her hips are bucking up and down a little bit. Just the reaction I was hoping for. A little faster, a little harder. Yup. Sound asleep and she is starting to work up an orgasm. Her moans are getting more frequent when suddenly her eyes fly open and she sees me next to her and says, “Brian! What are you doing to me? Oh my God it feels wonderful! Don’t stop!” Well I have no intension of stopping. She pulls her legs up, spreads them, and plants her feet on the bed. Everything is now open to me but I just keep on rubbing just her button. Both these girls have very large and sensitive clits. You look closely at them they almost look like a little penis, they have developed that big. I just increase the speed of my rubbing and she is starting to moan loudly and her hips are bucking up and down wildly. Just then she explodes in a huge orgasm. “OMG! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” she screams. Right then, and I have never seen her do this before, she squirts a stream of pussy juice out of her pussy that shot a good foot down the bed. She not only does this once but three more times! I am staring at this with a dumfounded look on my face. She starts coming down from that orgasm but I haven’t stopped rubbing yet. I could see she was starting to build up to another one so I just kept rubbing. “FUCK, BRIAN! GO FASTER AND HARDER! I’M GONNA COME AGAIN!” She lifts her hips up off the bed as high as she can and holds them there. “UUUMMMMMMM!! She suddenly slams her legs together and traps my hand on her clit. I can feel her pussy pulsating and she has her eyes shut tight with a strained look on her face. I’ll bet she stayed there a full minute like that. She didn’t squirt that time. Finally, the pulsating stops and she falls back on the bed and releases my hand. It takes a minute for her to catch her breath and I am just staring at her. “What the fuck was that?” she asked. “I don’t think I have ever cum like that before. Holy shit!” “I don’t think I have ever seen you like that before.” I replied. “And where the hell did that squirting come from?” “I don’t know. I have never done that before, ever. I had been playing with myself listening to you and Bobbi and I was really wet. Probably the wettest I have ever been in my life. It was really turning me on listening to you two.”

All of a sudden from the other bedroom comes, “WILL YOU TWO SHUT THE FUCK UP SO I CAN GETS SOME SLEEP!” We both instantly start cracking up. I lay down next to Brenda and roll onto my side so I am facing her. She rolls to her side facing away from me and scoots into me so now I am spooning her. That firm little ass slides up to my cock which is hard again by now and she wiggles her butt into it a bit. “Damn!” she says. “How do you do that so soon?” “I don’t have a clue but have never had a problem doing it.” I replied. I reach across her and place my hand on her left breast and just give it a light little squeeze. She snuggles into me more yet. We are lying there for a few minutes and I decide to make a move on her. After all I did promise. Next thing I hear is a quiet little snore come from her. She fell asleep! I just chuckled. That’s ok, hun, I thought to myself. At least I don’t have to worry about having a big enough load for her. I was exhausted after the day at work and then having to please both of these fine women. I was out almost instantly.

I woke up and it was bright out. Sun was up and shining. Fuck! I am usually an early riser. I am up weekdays by 5:00 AM because of my job and am up early usually on the weekends also. Habit. I lay there for a bit and I’m stretching out giving out a loud yawn. I suddenly hear footsteps running down the hallway and all of a sudden Bobbi bursts into the room and slams herself on top of me. Here’s that little 15 year old girl showing herself again. She must have heard me yawning. OOOFFFF! I went. “What the hell, Bobbi!” I grunted. “What time is it?” “It’s almost 10:00 sleepyhead! Get your ass out of bed. Brenda and I want to go the beach today. We have already packed a basket with food and necessities. Come on, let’s go!” Well, there go my plans for the day. I guess mowing can wait till tomorrow. Not that I’m a big lawn guru or anything. “I need to shower first.” I said. “Great! Brenda and I can change into our new suits so we will be ready to go when you are done. We were up early and went and bought new bikinis. I can’t wait for you to see me in mine.” I shove her off me and got out of bed and then realize that I am still naked from the night before. Bobbi sees this and reaches over and grabs my soft cock and yanks on it a couple of time. She mumbles something about never seeing it that way before and turns and runs out of the bedroom giggling. Cute little shit.

I get out of the shower and change into my bathing trunks and put on a colorful button down shirt and walk into the kitchen. Didn’t even bother to shave. Fuck it, it’s Saturday. Standing in the kitchen was two of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. They have on their new bikinis but are also wearing cute little, somewhat see through, cover-ups. I can see outlines and I could tell that those new suits were awfully small. But what really catch’s my eye is the long legs on both of these beauties. It looked like Bobbi might have grown an inch or so over the summer as she was now almost as tall as her sister. I know her hips had filled out a little bit more but her butt was still smaller than Brenda’s. I must have been standing there with my mouth open as Brenda looks at me, snickers, and growls at me, “Close your mouth and stop drooling.” I slammed my mouth shut. After I came back to my senses I shouted, “Ready?” “Yup!” they both said. They ran out the door in front of me and jumped into my Mustang. I get in and I can see Bobbi in the mirror in the back seat pouting. “What’s wrong, hun?” I asked. “She’s pissed because I beat her to the front seat.” says Brenda. I just shook my head and chuckled. Still 15 years old in a lot of ways. “Well I get front on the way home.” I hear from the back seat.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day for the beach. We only live about 30 minutes from one of the Great Lakes so the drive is not long and there are miles and miles of sandy beaches. We got to the state park we were going to, parked the car, and walked down to the beach. Not too many people here for such a perfect day. Maybe it’s still a little early. Low 80’s, low humidity, nice onshore breeze. Just wonderful. Sure am glad they thought this one up. And to think I could be at home having fun mowing the lawn. NOT! The girls throw down a big blanket and I set the basket and the cooler down on it on each end for some weight. Wind was not strong but you never know. I’m down on my knees digging through the cooler to find something to drink and the girls are behind me. I can hear them snickering. What are they up to now, I said to myself. “Brian! Turn around!” I hear Brenda say. It’s a damn good thing I was sitting down when I turned around otherwise I probably would have fallen down after I fainted. They had their cover-ups off and were standing next to each other with their arms around each other waists. OH.MY.GOD! They are wearing the exact same bikinis. They look like they are about a half size too small for them and there is hardly any fabric there as it is. There tits were busting out of their tops and the bottom fabric just barely covered maybe half of their mounds. No pubic hair gonna show there anyway. Their hair was blowing in the wind which just made the look wilder yet. “Ah, ah,……..ah.” was all that came out of my mouth. I couldn’t speak. They are standing there giggling at me. I finally regained some type of function and said, “Ok, now turn around so I can see the back side.” Holy Fuck! Those tight little asses were barely covered. It wasn’t a true thong but there was almost nothing there. Now I am here to tell you, with both of them wearing the exact same bathing suit, you would swear they were twins, not 4 years in age difference. I am probably the only one that tell could them apart. The only give away as to who was whom was that from the front, Brenda’s tits were a little bigger, (although now Bobbi looks like she is a small c-cup), and from the rear, Bobbi’s firm little ass was a touch smaller. Brenda has darker brown hair but not by much. You don’t know how much it pumped up my ego to being seen on that beach with these two absolutely gorgeous women. I couldn’t believe the stares they were getting already. Take that all you jealous mother fuckers! These two are mine!

We are having just the perfect day. The weather couldn’t be better, the crowd never really got much bigger, and I have the best eye candy on the beach. Now mind you, there were plenty of other beautiful 10’s on the beach to look at but nobody except me had the 15’s. We were in and out of the water most of the day. Water was fairly warm already. The Great Lakes can sometimes be pretty cool even in mid-summer. It was just warm enough to swim in but cool enough to make the girls nipples hard. And they knew it! They would get out of the water and just stick them out for all the world to see. The best part was they would both come and hang on me and rub up against me at the same time when the other guys were staring at them. I got some pretty nasty looks. I would just look back and smile. Bobbi did have one oops, though. We were swimming in the waves and ducking under them as there was just a very slight undertow. Nothing dangerous but it was there. Bobbi came shooting out from under a wave and when she popped out, her top was missing! There for all the world to see was her perky titties with hard nipples showing. She didn’t even realize what had happened. I was close by and saw what had happened and just said, “Ummm Bobbi.” and I pointed to her chest. Her face went instantly went red as she covered them up with her hands. Luck was on her side as her top was close by. She ducked under the water just enough to cover her boobs and put it back on. I don’t know how many guys saw her but I did see a couple with their eyes ready to pop out of their skulls. Poor bastards. Didn’t have the heart to tell them that most likely later I would see them in all their glory without the bathing suit. That was the plan anyway. Oh yeah, Bobbi managed to get the front seat on the way home.

We got home from the beach about 5:00 and after the perfect day we just had, I wanted to grill again. “I want to throw something on the grill again tonight. What would you like for dinner,” I asked the girls. They both shouted “Burgers!”. I make some kick ass burgers with all the stuff I add to them. I can even make them hot and spicy if you like. “Ok, Burgers it is.” I get the charcoal going and have a couple of beers while cooking. The girls are setting on the deck passing a bowl around. We have some really cool neighbors and they don’t care that the girls are smoking dope on the deck. Heck occasionally Bill from the other side of the duplex will come by with something different for Brenda to try. He is a really neat dude. As you can tell I don’t smoke. Does something weird to me. I get sick. Besides, I love my Budwieser. We get done with dinner and Bobbi says, “What do you guys want to do now?” “How about we watch a movie on HBO.” replies Brenda. They had finally run cable TV down our street and we had it installed as soon as we could. “Sounds good to me.” I said. “You two find something. I’m gonna make some popcorn for us.”

I don’t remember what the movie was but with the advent of cable TV you could get movies that were much more risqué for your viewing pleasure. They picked something out that right from the start I could tell what going to have nudity and sex in it. Fine with me. We are into the movie a ways and of course there has been a couple of sex scenes already. The girls are smoking and I am drinking beer and by now we are all getting a little horny. I know I am and I can see the girls were too. They are sitting on the couch together dressed in just tight little shorts and t-shirts. I can tell there are no bras as both of them have their nipples sticking out under the shirts. Brenda set her hand on Bobbi’s left thigh and just starts rubbing lightly up and down and you can see her slowly making her way up to Bobbi’s covered pussy. Hmmmm, I thought to myself. A new side of Brenda I have never seen. I always suspected that she had a bi streak to her and I think I am about to find out. Bobbi is certainly not stopping Brenda’s rubbing and she has a blissful look on her face. She spreads her legs apart a little more to make it easier for Brenda to get her hand down into her crotch. Brenda catches the hint and works her hand over top of Bobbi’s pussy and starts rubbing it up and down getting all the way down to her slit. They both are starting to breathe a little heavier and I am starting to also watching them from the other end of the couch. Bobbi lets out a couple of soft moans and that just makes Brenda more randy and she turns more to face Bobbi. She plants her lips on Bobbi’s and they start making out. She then switches hands on Bobbi’s crotch and takes the free hand and start playing with Bobbi’s tits. Bobbi reaches for Brenda’s boobs and starts squeezing them and pinching her nipples somewhat roughly which just gets Brenda going more. She loves her nipples pinched hard and loves it when you get rough with her boobs. By this time I am hard as a rock watching what is going on so I get out my boner and start stroking it slowly. I know this type of thing is every man’s dream but here I am about to live it for real. By this time they have their hands up each other’s shirt and Brenda has her hand under Bobbi’s shorts rubbing her pussy and I am sure neither of them has panties on. Bobbi is starting to get a big wet spot in her crotch so I know she is really getting into this. Brenda suddenly pulls off and yanks Bobbi’s shirt up and off over her head. Bobbi gets the idea and does the same thing to Brenda. They go right back to making out and playing with each other. I can tell there is tongue involved with the kissing. I am not in any hurry to get involved as I am satisfied just watching what is going on. This is way better than that stupid movie. Besides I don’t want to dump my load too soon and have it end for me. I am watching two half nude little pixies making out and playing with each other. What more could I ask for. Little do I know that I am going to find out before too long.

Brenda pulls off Bobbi’s lips and leans down to her left boob and start to suck on the nipple which just makes Bobbi moan louder and pushes her crotch harder into Brenda’s hand that is rubbing her pussy. While Brenda is doing that Bobbi manages to unbutton her shorts, lift her hips and pull down her shorts. She gets them down to her knees and the somehow manages to pull her legs out and kicks them across the floor. She opens her legs and puts her feet up on the edge of the couch and this just give Brenda complete access to Bobbi’s cunt. This is getting really good I say to myself. Brenda slides her middle finger into Bobbi’s sweet very wet pussy and slowly starts to stroke in and out of it all the while never missing a beat sucking her tits. Both of them are starting to get worked up when Brenda suddenly sits up and whispers to Bobbi, “Slide down some so I can eat your pussy.” Bobbi gets a huge grin on her face and slides down to where her tight little ass is on the edge of the couch. Brenda gets between those skinny thighs of Bobbi’s and plants her mouth on that cute little cunt and starts to go to town on it. She’s licking it up and down and wiggles her tongue on Bobbi’s clit. This just makes Bobbi go nuts especially knowing that it’s her sister going down on her. Both girls are moaning and it is starting to drive me nuts. Slow down Brian, I say to myself. Don’t let it end yet. I can tell Bobbi is starting to build up and to an orgasm. “Oooooo. OOOOOOO. OOOOOOOOOO!!!. FUCKKKK!!!!” Then BOOM! I can tell that it is huge! She just explodes in her sister’s mouth. I can see Bobbi’s stomach muscles contracting with every pulse of her orgasm and Brenda is just licking up Bobbi’s juices as fast as she can. She finally comes down off the high point and just collapses on her back with her legs straight out in front of her. Brenda had already leaned back and was wiping Bobbi’s lady juice off her mouth with the back of her hand. I have to stop stroking myself or I am gonna dump my load and I do not want to do that yet. Bobbi is just laying there not moving so I ask her, “Are you OK?” She just smiles with her eyes still closed getting her breath back. She’s alright so I look at Brenda who still has a devilish look on her face and say, “What the fuck was that Brenda? I never guessed that you would even try anything like that” “Bobbi and I have been playing with each other sexually on and off since I was 12 and she was 8. Mom made us take baths together ever since we were little as with 8 kids she had to get evening baths done. We started playing with each other at those ages but it never went much farther than just touching each other. I just knew that this was the time to go all the way with my baby sister and I have always known since I was little that I had a bi side to me. And after all she is not a virgin anymore.” My suspicions were spot on but I was still surprised.

The girls managed to get it back together and catch their breath but I could tell that this was nowhere near finished. They are both sitting up on the edge of the couch passing a bowl, Bobbi is fully naked and Brenda still has her shorts on with a big wet spot in the middle. I am sitting up in my recliner sucking on my beer just watching. It was hard for me to see the vision of two beautiful young innocent looking women that could get so randy and do the things that they do. I did not have any complaints though. Brenda sets the pipe down in an ashtray and looks at Bobbi and says, “Well baby sis. Are you ready to go to the next step and learn how to give a blowjob?” “HELL YES!’ Bobby squeals. “Brian! Get over here!” Brenda orders me. “Yes ma’am.” Who am I to argue? I jump up and walk over and I am getting hard just thinking about what is coming next. Brenda pulls me by the waist in front of her and looks at Bobbi. “Now Bobbi a deep throat blowjob is not a complicated as you would think. You just have to open your throat as much as possible and just let it slide all the way in. You might gag the first few times but if you continue to practice you can eventually override the gag reflex.” I’m hard as telephone pole by now with my dick pointing almost straight up. Bobbi is listening to her sister with an intense look on her face. She is taking this talk very seriously. “First you need to get it wet so it can slide in easier. Like this.” Brenda takes my cock into her hand, puts her mouth over the head and proceeds to slide my cock in about half way. She slides back a forth a few times and I can tell she is getting her saliva all over it. Again I’m not huge but I have had plenty of size compliments over the years. Even from my ex. She pulls off my dick and there is a string of spit running from the end to Brenda’s mouth. She looks at Bobbi. “See how wet it is now? That will make it slide right in. Watch” Brenda looks up at me and just give me a wink and with a huge grin she take my dick into her mouth, twirls her tongue around the mushroom a couple of times and then in one fairly quick movement goes all the way down on my 7 inches until her lips are full planted on my groin. “Of Fuck!” came out of my mouth. Set sits there for a bit then pulls back almost all the way out and goes right back down all the way. She does this a few more times and I am starting to build up my nut. I put my hands on the back of her head and hold her at bottom when she is all the way down. Brenda knows I’m getting ready to blow my load down her throat and suddenly she pulls all the way off my dick. I think I remember letting out a little bit of a whimper. She knew. She looks up at me gives me a dirty smirk and says, “Nope. Not yet mister. If Bobbi can manage to take it all the way down and she wants to swallow, I’ll let her have the first one and you can get off in her mouth.” I look over at that angelic little face sitting next to Brenda and she is practically jumping up and down on the couch. “Yes! Yes! I want to try!” “Ok. Just remember to get it good and wet first before you try. Run your tongue around that big mushroom head a few times first and get that especially lubed up. Remember, that is the biggest part that is going into your throat.” Damn! At only 19 the girl is one hell of an expert! Bobbi looks up at me with those beautiful big brown eyes and in an almost laughable deep voice says, “Ok mister! You come and stand in front of me right now!” I looked at Brenda and it was all we could do to not bust out laughing.

I move over in front of Bobbi and stand there with my hands behind my back just waiting for her to make her move. She hesitated for a moment once I got in front of her as my dick was just staring her in the face. I think she realized then just how thick it really was. “Just get it wet first, Bobbi. Just like I showed you.” said Brenda. Bobbi places her hand around my shaft and very slowly puts her lips around the mushroom. I can feel her tongue circling the head and it sent a chill up my spine it felt so good. She slides her mouth up and down my shaft getting it wet when Brenda says, “Let me see.” Bobbi pulls off. “Ahhh. Looks perfect. Just remember to open your throat as much as you can. Now go for it. One big push.” Bobbi hesitates again and then takes my cock in her mouth, runs her tongue around the head a couple of times to get it wetter and then just pushes her head down onto my shaft. She gets it three quarters of the way down and I can feel it bumping the back of her mouth. She tries to get it into her throat but right away her gag reflex says Nope! She quickly pull back off and is choking and gagging. I can see Brenda chuckling. “You ok hunny?” she asks. In a hoarse voice Bobbi replies, “ Ya. Guess I wasn’t as ready as I thought.” Try again and remember to open your throat.” Bobbi goes down on me again and it has the same effect on her. She comes back off gagging again acting like she is ready to puke. “Gag reflex is the hardest thing to get past, baby.” says Brenda. “Don’t stop trying. You will get it. Done?” Bobbi hoarsely again, “One more try.” She sticks me in her mouth again, twirls her tongue around the head and starts to go down. My dick is almost to the back of her mouth when suddenly Brenda grabs the back of her head and just shoves hard. I knew Bobbi hit bottom when I felt her full lips on my pelvic bone. Brenda lets go right away and Bobbi come all the way off choking and gagging. I am thinking that her throat was tighter that her virgin pussy was the first time. “Sorry baby but that’s what someone did to me the first time. That’s how I learned.” Brenda says. ”You ok?” “Yeah but I think this is going to take some practice.” And with that Bobbi looks up at me and smiles. Holy shit! I know what’s in my future. By this time Bobbi has recovered. Brenda looks at me and says, “Well what do think Brian? She did go all the way down. Think she deserves a reward?” “I don’t know. That wasn’t the best blow job I have ever had.” I snickered. Brenda giggles too. Bobbi looks at Brenda and the me. “Fuck you both.” with a disgusted look on her face. We just start cracking up. I look at that lovely little face and sigh loudly, “Ok, Brenda. I will give her an “A” for the effort. I think she deserves the reward we promised her. What do you think?” “But only if she lets me help. You have never tasted cum before have you, sweetie?” “No,” replies Bobbi. “But I am ready too. What’s it taste like, sis?” “It has the most amazing aroma and flavor to it. It tastes just awesome. I know you are going to love it.” “EEEEEEEE!” Bobbi squealed. “I can’t wait! How we gonna both do this at the same time, Brenda?” “You can start and I will join in and show you the way. Brian, in the middle of the floor on your back!” No problem. I have been following a lot of orders today.

I lay down and my cock is just throbbing in anticipation. This is not my first threesome but this is going to be the most exciting one I have ever experienced. “Bobbi, just lay next to him and put his dick in your mouth and just start going up and down on it while putting a little tongue action into it. Be careful with your teeth and try not to scrape it. Just start kinda slow at first.” Bobbi wraps her lips around my prick and just starts sliding slowly up and down while twirling her tongue around the head. Damn she has a soft mouth. I’m not going to last long at this rate. Bobbi picks up the pace a little and I can tell she is getting the hang of this. Brenda, getting horny and wanting to get involved reaches down and cups my balls in her hand and starts rubbing them. “Way to go Bobbi.” she says. “You are a natural at this.” Yup! Runs in the family just like everything else, I’m thinking to myself. I can see Brenda playing with her pussy while she is playing with my balls and I can tell she is getting hornier by the second. “Bobbi stop!” I can tell she doesn’t want to but Bobbi pulls off my dick. “Watch me and then you join in.” Brenda slides up to my dick and places her lips on the side of it and just starts slide up and down my shaft. After a couple of seconds Bobbi catches on and puts her lips on the other side and starts doing the same thing. After a little bit of this Brenda stops and says to Bobbi, “Keep going up and down on the side and watch me.” Brenda puts her lips back to her side of my cock, slides up and down a few times and then when Bobbi is at the bottom of my cock, Brenda takes her mouth off and takes the head into her mouth, slides it up and down a couple of strokes and then puts her lips back to her side and start moving up and down again. “Ok, now your turn.” Bobbi catches on to this right away. A few strokes up and down on the side and when Brenda is at the bottom, Bobbi take the head into her mouth, takes a couple of strokes and then goes back to the side and sliding up at down there. They start getting into a pretty good rhythm with this and it is starting to drive me wild. I can feel my nut starting to build. I have never felt anything this good in the form of a blowjob before. I look down at Brenda and she is looking at my face for any tell tale sign that I am getting ready to blow my wad. She stops, looks at me and winks. She knows. “Bobbi he’s getting ready. When I say so, stop and put your mouth tightly over his cock and start sucking and going up and down quickly. You will know just before he lets loose. Swallow everything he sends your way.” Bobbi is still going up and down the side of my shaft and my load is almost ready to blow from my balls. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” I yell. “NOW BOBBI!” Brenda shouts. Bobbi quickly puts her mouth over my cock and starts sucking and going up and down just as fast as she can. That’s it. I am going over the edge and start blowing my cum into Bobbi’s mouth. I am throwing rope after rope into the poor girls mouth and I can tell she is trying to swallow it all but there is just to much for her to keep up and some start spilling out of her mouth onto my groin. After what seems like an eternity my cock stops throbbing and my ball are empty. Bobbi pulls off, licks her lips and has a grin from ear to ear. “Yummmm! I can’t believe how good that tastes! And I can smell it too! I can’t wait for more of that!” Brenda pipes up and says, “You missed some.” and then proceed to lick what had spilled out of Bobbi’s mouth. “It does taste good, doesn’t it.” They look at each other and just start giggling. “What now?, says Bobbi. “I wanna do more.” I looked at her with a stunned look on my face and said, “I need little break first.” “Awwwww. Really?” says Bobbi. Brenda growls at me, “I know you do, but this is nowhere near done yet, mister. You still owe me that load you promised me from last night.” Of fuck. That’s right, I do. I do so love it when the tiny little waif orders me around.

As the lady says, this is nowhere near done………….

Up next, the threesome continues and get hotter by the minute……

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