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My gf and I

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The sex my girlfriend and I had throughout our relationship

My girlfriend and I she 14 me 13 recently broke up so I’ve been on this app a lot. I thought I’d tell the story. It started out as a very normal relationship and we loved each other a lot. We would kiss as much as we could and try to get time together as much as possible. Then I got her to consent to sending pictures and that changed the whole relationship. We started to sneak in sex and would show each other stuff every night. We enjoyed all of it and we eventually broke up. I am now 14 and have looked back on those great moments. One main memory is going out to the nearby forest and having her suck my dick. She was amazing at it and made me cum everytime. I miss her a lot and I think she still misses me but she cheated on me so there’s no going back. Some very wonderful moments in my life though and I miss seeing a naked girl when I can. I’m getting desperate for something to make me feel that again so I thought I’d post this story. I’m normally very horny. Well 14 year olds or higher I hope you enjoyed the story. If anyone wants to reach out to me I will have my email in the comments and I’m looking for ladies 14 or 15. I hope you enjoy this. I’ll be checking the app and my email for comments if you want to reach out. My name will be toast in the comments anyone who wants my real name or any information will have to reach out. I can’t post this until I hit the characters needed so ladies 14 and 15 if interested email me name and why you emailed me. I’m interested in most types of girls. No I don’t care if your tits aren’t big I like them medium sized.

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