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My Fuck Buddy

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Ok it’s almost a hundred degrees here. The sun is out and I’m putting on my white thong and going to the pool. I grab a towel, lotion and off I go. There’s no one here, nice. I feel like a little kid saying I got the whole pool to myself

I’m putting lotion on and putting on some music. I lay down and the sun is really hot. I’m laying here for sometime and now I need to get wet. I shower off my lotion and jump in the pool. I’m swimming around and when I look over at my unit, there’s Stelton.

He waves to me and points at the door. I know what that means. He wants to fuck me with his humongous cock. I’ve been so horny lately, I just grab my stuff and leave.

I walk up to Stelton and he says Carol are you ready. I said to him I’m always ready when it comes to you. I put the key in the door and we go inside.

Stelton grabs me and takes my top and my thong off. He pulls his cock out and I get on my knees and start to suck it. Stelton says no woman has ever sucked my cock like you. I suck it even harder and Stelton says he’s going to cum.

OMG age shoots a huge load in my mouth. I swallow every drop and I keep sucking HOA cock. Stelton says bring that pretty white pussy over here I want to suck it. We get in the sixty nine position and he’s really licking and sucking my pussy the way I like it. Stelton then puts not one or two fingers inside me. He puts three inside. I tell him to make me cum.

I cum and Stelton says now your ready for my big black cock. I spread my legs and Stelton pushes all of his cock inside me. Oh that’s right baby fuck me make me cum. Stettin is slamming my pussy and he says I’m going to make you cum all day. I look at him and say promise. Stelton says yes I promise.

Stelton has been fucking me for awhile and I came twice. Stelton says Carol I’m going to cum inside you. I grab his ass and tell him yes baby cum for me. Stelton fills my pussy with black cum and he says for our baby. I scream yes make me pregnant give me a black baby.

I lay in his arms and Steltom asks me so when are you coming home. I tell him I am home. Stelton says you know what I mean. I tell him I’m happy here and why would I leave. Stelton says I want you home with me. I tell him that’s not going to happen.

Stelton’s cock is hard again and he slams it inside me. Stelton rolls me over and he’s fucking me doggy, my favorite. Stelton’s black balls are slamming against my ass and I cum again. Shelton pulls his cock out of my pussy and he’s rubbing it against my ass.

Shelton says can I fuck your ass. I tell him yes and I grab my ass cheeks and spread them. No lube is needed since Stelton’s cock has all of my juices on it. He oushes the head inside my ass and he asks, how does it feel. I tell him oh it’s so good baby fuck me. I can’t wait to feel Steltom’s cum in my ass.

Shelton is slapping my ass cheeks. I tell him hit me harder. He does and he asks am I hurting you. I tell him no just keep smacking me. Stetlton says he’s cumming and I cum also. I’ve told you people who read my stories that when a man cums in my ass I can pass out.

Well it happened. I came so hard I passed out. Do you know how Sterling took care of me. He put his cock back inside my pussy. I don’t know how much longer I can take this. We both cum and we’re laying in my bed. Shelton asks could he stay. I tell him no I have things to do today.

Shelton grabs his cock and says so you want me to leave. I say to him no stay and fuck me some more. Well that’s what happened and I’m truly enjoying my fuck buddy. Would you like to be my fuck Buffy?


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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my stories and since you like them I will in the near future put you in them !! but I promise I won’t cast you as a (XXXX) well you know the bad word I used and I’m still ashamed of what I did !! love Britney

  • Reply Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

    I’m so glad my ex bought me that big black toy. I got me used to having my pussy filled with black cock. I can fuck myself anywhere.

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:gnrrw0fzj

    Another great horny story Carol. I wish I was Shelton fucking your pussy and ass!! Keep on fucking Carol and tell Shelton from me that I’d sell my soull to be in his place!!

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      I’m happy you like my stories. Most if not all are true. I’m just an oversexed woman who loves cock. White, Black Whatever

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    I’m so happy for you that Stelton is back fucking you and the way you described him breeding you for a black baby made me so fucking wet and what set me off was when he was fucking your white ass and slapping your well toned and tanned ass cheeks !! I love being fucked and dominated like that from a black guy Carol !!!! you’re so hot and a good role model for us younger girls when it comes to BBC fucking !!! luv ya Britney !! Oh by the way !! can you do a remake on your first story (daughter fucks stepdad with mom’s blessing) when you wore your first girdle and stockings for your stepdad !! and if you don’t want to can you please give me permission to write my version of it !! It’s such a hot story that I can really make it hotter with the both of us as sisters getting fucked by our stepdad together !!! if not that’s okay no big deal !!! Britney

    • Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

      You can do whatever you want

  • Reply Dirtymax ID:1d9cso29vgu1

    Dam you have a nice pussy