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My friends mum {part 2}

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Val had just had a shower as I arrived, but she suggest we have a shower, I know I sure needed one, and to have a shower with her sounded great.

She turned on the shower and didn’t need to undress since we were both naked already. I was kind of still pinching myself, here I was with my best friends mum about to have a shower with her, she is standing in front of me naked and to top it off, I’d just fucked her brains out. Am I dreaming?

While we waited for the water to heat up, neither of us said a word to each other, I guess she was doing the same as me, wondering what the fuck is happening.

“You can wash my back first,” i said as I stepped into the shower,

“Oh I thought it was ladies first,” she laughed as she followed me in, closing the door behind us,

“You’re right, I will gladly wash the rest of you as well,” I said cheekily. She handed me a soft sponge and the body wash, put her back to me and stood under the flowing water, for a second I just stood looking at the water running over her hair and shocked how long it actually was, since most of the time she has it in a bun.
I snapped out of my trance and soaped up the sponge and started rubbing it over her back.

“Oh wow!” she said, “I honestly can’t remember the last time I had someone shower with me who was over 6 or 7 years old, and I could get used to this,”

“Well, I would be more than happy to share a shower with you any time I can, or at least wash your back and give you back some of the kindness you have given me the past few years,”

“Aww Pete, you are such a sweetheart, but some how I don’t think the others in the house would be very happy about that arrangement.” I was giving her back and shoulders a good scrub, then I worked my way to her skinny bum cheeks, I slipped a finger away from the sponge and followed the crack of her cheeks down to her pussy, to my surprise she stuck her bum out and allowed me to brush past her brown hole to her pussy lips and just let out a tiny moan.

“Keep your mind on the job and don’t go getting too distracted young man.”
I found the ‘young man’ statement a little odd since she had called me daddy before, but didn’t say anything. I did want to ask her about it but right now didn’t see the time to do so.

“OK backs done now turn around and let me wash those titties so I know they are clean enough to nibble on,” she didn’t hesitate or comment, she turned around and look me right in the eye, then we leant in and kissed, omg what a kiss, this lady was missing so much affection in her life and I think right now she is just happy to have someone pay her some attention and I certainly was not going to spoil it, I was enjoying it just as much as she was.
Our kiss went on for a few minutes and we were rubbing our hands all over each others body, touching and caressing and our tongues were clashing, it was possibly one of the best kisses I’d had.

We finally separated and just stared into each others eyes, my cock was rock hard and I so wanted to fuck her right there, then she said, “You probably want to fuck me right here, right now, but would you mind if we wait a little but till we get to the bed?”

“Val, I’m still trying to get my head around all this and I am in no hurry and I would be happy to wait until you say so,”

“Oh don’t get me wrong, I want that big cock of yours, but just not in the shower, right now,” she said and gave me another kiss on the lips with a gentle tug on my hard cock, “I think this is so wonderful Pete and I really hope you don’t think I’m being foolish.”

“Please believe me, I’m more than happy with what is happening and I definitely don’t think you are being foolish at all.” With that I started washing her boobs and she put her head back, lifted her arms and let me do as I liked. I did spend a good amount of time on each breast then made my way to her pussy, she opened her legs, leant back a little holding onto the wall and let me wash her bits, I did have the sponge at first but got rid of it and used my hand and gave it a thorough washing making sure to give her clit special attention.
“OH god you have me so worked up, quickly turn around and let me give you a wash.”

“Nah I’m clean enough lets just get dry so we can get to bed before you change your mind,” I laughed,

“Don’t think that is going to happen but yeah lets get in there,”
We quickly dried each other off and went back to Brad’s room, his bed was a double and there was plenty of room, her bed while it is a queen size, the room also has Timmy’s bed in it and the room is quite full of boxes and things so I was more comfortable in Brad’s room anyway.

We lay on the bed cuddling, I took a nipple in my mouth a sucked it, my hand was between her legs which fell apart as soon as i touched her thigh, she didn’t touch me, just lay back enjoying the attention I was giving her, I was so happy I could make her feel so special.
Before too long her hips began gyrating, I slipped a finger inside her, then a second one, she was so tight, it was so good but her juices were flowing so much,

“Baby, can you get a towel for me to lay on, I’m going to have to wash these sheets before they come back but I don’t want the mattress getting wet.”

I got up and laughed, “stop being a mother while I fuck you at least,”

“Just do as your told,” she said jokingly. I returned with a fresh thick towel and she lifted her hips so i could put it under her, of course I tool the opportunity to kiss her pussy while it was there right in front of me. “Cheeky.” she said as I kissed her cunt.
We resumed where we were before but i used the other nipple this time and I attempted to get three fingers inside her, “NO” she said so I stuck with the two. She held my cock and slowly stroked it, and i was ready to give her a good fucking, we were over the nerves, now it was time for real action.
“Get on all fours,” I said quietly, she didn’t hesitate and was up and ready in no time.
I got behind her and I saw her hand between her legs ready to guide my cock in, she was very hot and so horny.
She guided me in and kept her hand near her pussy and as I slid my cock into her she started rubbing her clit, she put her head on the pillow, her butt was up and ready for action.
I was sliding in and out of her wet cunt slowly and then I got quicker and a little harder, her hand was rubbing slowly and then as I got quicker so did she. I grabbed her hips and began fucking her harder and harder,
I go so worked up I was ramming my cock deep and hard into her,

“SO BABY GIRL, you like it rough?”

“YES DADDY.” With that a gave her a good hard slap on the ass, she shuddered and moaned, “OH FUCK YESSSS.”

I slapped her two more times hard and she rubbed her clit harder

I slapped her ass again hard and fucked her slapping my hips against hers, she was thrusting and bucking like crazy and then she cum,
Her entire body was shuddering in orgasm and she didn’t show any sign of wanting to stop, then I could feel my own orgasm.
“OH YEEESSSSS BABY I’M GOING TO CUMMMMMM” I shot load after load of hot cum inside her, I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to it just cum and cum and cum. I was still firm and I kept pumping her pussy with my cock,

“Don’t stop I’m going to cum again Daddy, fuck me hard fuck me just fuck mmmeeeeeeeee,” she insisted. She has amazing orgasms, so powerful and entire body orgasm, it’s so good to see how she loves my cock.
She collapsed onto the bed, and I lay next to her both catching our breath.

“OH Pete, wow, just wow, I’ve been trying to think the last time I was fucked like that and to be honest, I can’t remember, I do know it has been over 4 years since I had sex, so excuse me if I seem a little rusty,” I just laughed,

“4 Years, the way your body goes, I would have thought you were fucking regularly, but your cunt is so tight it is so good and so are you.” she smiled and I actually think she had a tear in her eyes.
We cuddled up and kissed a little, it was so good just to lay in each others arms, and enjoy what we’d just had.

We fell asleep for about 2 hours, still in each others arms. Val woke up, I was awake just before her but didn’t move, I was still in shock. I was in my best friends bed with his mum and we’d fucked a couple of times and showered together, I didn’t move because I didn’t want to wake up and find it was a dream, but it was real.
Val looked at me and smiled, we started kissing, like true lovers, it was just great. I felt my cock grow and so did she, she started stroking it, she pulled away to look at it.
“It’s persistent isn’t it,”

“Ready for more?” she just nodded with a huge smile.
This time, I wanted to show her I wasn’t just into fucking, but I could also make love.
I rolled her onto her back and I got on top, not touching her boobs or pussy, no foreplay just right into love making. MY cock found her waiting wet cunt and I slid right in. We began kissing as we slowly began fucking, her legs now wrapped around my hips and she was already breathing heavy, her movements told me she was into missionary and I was loving her kissing me so passionately.

“Oh Daddy, you are such a wonderful lover, this is just what I’d hoped you would do right now, your just wonderful, can we just stay like this for a few hours,”

I know you are wondeful and I wanted to show you how much respect and how I admire you, and I would be happy to never move from here, BUT…” we both laughed as we carried on love making. Slow steady movements but still hitting the right spots, Val was letting out little moans time to time and then after about 5 minutes she started her hips moving in a differnt way, I think she is about to cum. Her body began shaking, not like before but little twitches of shudder, like spasms, and then she said the word…


She began spasming which made my cock feel so good, the way it sent shivers through my cock I knew I too was about to cum again, but not right now, but very soon.
Her orgasm seems to have past but her eyes were still closed and she was still slowly rocking her hips,

“Baby, I’m going to cum.”


She felt my cum splash her insides, and she began longer strokes helping me cum and drain every last drop into her.
When I stopped cumming, I lay still for a moment, and she held me tight, took my head in her hand and looked deep into my eye. Nothing was said but I could feel the love she was building, not just her sons friend but a lover.

A while later we got up just washed our bits and put on dressing gowns and cooked something to eat, the conversation we had I will save for next time.
Happy reading and please leave any comments…… TBC

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