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My friends mum (part 1)

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My best friends mum was hard working, always happy to feed us, pay for us to go to the movies, but his dad was a lazy drunk.

This is a true story, some of the details are a litte blury as it was in the 70’s and relying on my memory which has never been the best lol, Enjoy.

Brad and I became great mates from the first day at high school, I was 12 almost 13 at the time, he is the same age. My name is Peter but my friends call me Pete. He lives not too far from me yet we had never met, we went to different Primary schools and had a different circle of friends, but once we met we were real close mates. I went to his house every day after school, his mum, who had recently turned 40, was never home on week days until she finished work at 5. He had a younger brother and sister and a very younger brother, but he was cared for by their grand mother until Val got home and Mimi would be there with Timmy.
I spent so much time at their house and Mimi had a holiday house up the coast, we would often get a train and bus there for a week end or over the school holidays. I became and extra member of the family.

Then there was the dad. Bruce the drunk, lazy did nothing around the house and worked nights as a barman at a local club, so would be gone by 3pm and never home before 2 am.

Val was such a lovely lady, always busy, she worked from 7 till 5 Monday to Friday, weekends she would drive us to play rugby league or to the pool or most anywhere we needed to go. She was awesome. She was not what would be classed as the typical Milf, she skinny, thin boney arms but strong, little B cup boobs, yes i checked her bra lol, and almost no ass, shoulder length strait black hair with a hint of grey and never wore make up. She was the Typical plain Jane.

Brad and I took up ballroom dancing when we were 14, Brad was in it for the dancing, I was in it to pick up the girls lol, I was never any good at the dancing, even the girls would have to lead when we got to dance, I did meet my girlfriend there so it was a success.

My girlfriend was Linda, the funny thing is, Brad’s younger sister was also named Linda and we used to hang at Brads house all the tome, to the point where his mum who was actually dating her, as the 3 of us went every where together.
It was obvious to Val that Linda and I were having sex there, as Linda was quite vocal during sex and after all, Val did the washing!

In the school holidays, Linda went on a trip with her family for two weeks, Brad, his brother and sister went on a cruise with Mimi for 10 days so I was left alone. I didn’t have the best family life so I would spend the time at Brad”s house a lot of the time. Val was there taking care of her youngest Timmy since he was too young to go on the cruise, so I helped look after him while Val went shopping or just had a break at a local cafe. The thing about the 70’s, nobody ever locked the front door, so when I went to Brad’s I would just walk strait in, never knocked.
This one particular day, it was around 4 in the afternoon, I;d been at another friends house but went to Brad’s for the afternoon, I walked in and it happened, Val was walking from the shower to her bedroom, right by the front door “NAKED”. She stooped in her tracks, I stopped, looked and smiled, then for some reason i said, “Oh wait a second for me to get naked too.” she laughed and blushed,
“Well,” she said, “I guess there is no point hiding it now you’ve seen it,” and stood the for a few moments and casually walked in to Brads bedroom, “Well, go on, get naked,” she said.
Now i was stumped, lost for words and a little embarrassed. I’d never even looked at his mum in a sexual way before, but being a horny teenager I was willing to give it a go. I followed her into Brad’s room and quickly undressed, she was laying on the bed nothing covering her, and she was rubbing her pussy. I have to admit, she was in much better shape than what i’d imagined, she body was covered better than i thought, she had put on a sit of weight and looked great.
I got naked and lay beside her, she took my cock in her hand and was slowly rubbing it, not jerking it just rubbing it.
“I’ve wondered what your cock was like since I heard the way Linda screams when you and her are fucking.”
“She is just loud,”
“No she is loud because you obviously know how to use your big cock,”
The way she was talking is so unlike how she usually speaks, I;d hardly heard her use any bad language, it was kind of comforting and calming to have her talk the way she was.
“We have all night, luckily for us Timmy is having a sleep over at his friends house and ‘Father’ wont be home till early morning, so lets make the most of the time,” with that, she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it like a woman possessed, played gently with my balls and I was impressed how well she could deep throat my cock, which I think was close to 8″ and thick.”
She looked up at me and smiled, “I don’t want you to cum in my mouth and waste good semen, I want you to fill my pussy up, so I will save the head for after,” she explained. “But i need my cunt eaten and yes I do listen to what you get upto in here and by Linda’s comentry, you do it so well, so show me how you like to eat my cunt,” she sat on my face and I began munching, but i prefer her laying on the bed giving me freedom to move so I rolled her over on her back and spread her legs wide.
I started licking the length of her slit, which was sripping wet already, then i licked her clit and she shuddered, “OH FUCK YES, I need this, use me anyway you want I want to be you slut for the day.”
as I was licking her clit, I slid a finger inside her wet cunt, it was tight, so very tight, I wondered how long since she had been fucked? The moment i had a finger inside her, she began humping my hand, she was so hungry for cock, but we had a lot of time so no need to rush, it’s all about the foreplay.
I was busy licking her clit and fingering her cunt when I grabbed her boob and began tweeking her nipple, she put her hand on mine and helped me pull it hard, she even had me pinch it harder then i’d ever pinched a nipple before. “I love a little pain so don’t hold back, be rough with me please da…” she stopped short, was she about to call me daddy?
Her body was trembling I felt her cunt contract and her back arched, and she shouted, “OH GOD YESSSSS, I’M CUMMING, PLEASE DON’T STOP WHAT EVER YOU DO, OHHHHH YESSSSSSS.”
Her entire body was trembling and her hips thrashing and my mouth and hand were not able to keep in contact with her, she put her hand between her legs and rubbed her clit and slid a finger in and brought herself to an enourmous orgasm,
She did, she called me daddy??? But it didn’t bother me, I actually quite enjoyed it, I got between her legs and she was looking me in the eyes, I was about to put my cock inside her when i felt her hand around my cock, she guided me in and as I was slowly pushing it into her very tight cunt, she was wanking my cock slowly but it felt so good with my cock forcing it’s way in.
Now I was getting turned on being called daddy, “OK baby take all of daddy’s cock, mmmm do you like how big it is in you tight cunt baby.” I was happy to go along with it if that is what she wanted.

“Oh yes daddy it feelss so good, go all the way in now daddy don’t make me beg for all of you r cock please,” she started almost whispering.
I was forcing my way in her tight cunt and finally I was all the way in and it felt so good, I slowly started fucking her, pulling my cock almost all the way out then all the way in again and again, then I did pull it all the way out and when it went in it slid in so much easier, but so very tight for a woman her age I figured would be looser. I was geting faster and faster, she was matching my movements and was fucking me back, her arms over her head her legs pulle dup giving me so much depth. I was fuck ing her hard and fast, and she was moaning with delight.
I pulled my cock out and told her to get on all fours. She did so without hesitation, looked over her shoulders and smiled watching me get behind her and as I slid my cock back into her waiting cunt, she smiled and bit her bottom lip, closing her eyes and pushing against me, I lifted a hand and slapped her hard on her ass,
“OH PLEASE DADDY, I’VE BEEN VERY NAUGHTY AND NEED TO BE SPANKED.” I obliged and spanked her hard again and again and she seemed to love the pain, then i concentrated on fucking her hard, grabbing her hips and driving my cock hard into her, then back out and slamming it back into her, i felt her begin breathing heavily, and she was moaning long deep moan and her legs were shaking I figured she was about to cum, now was time to give her my best. I slapped her ass three times hard in succession, and she screamed and yess she started to cum, then a slid a finger in her ass and she bucked like crazy,
“OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, YES FINGER MY ASS I’M CUMMMMMINNNNNGGGGGGG.” she shouted as she bucked as i kept fucking her then i gegan fingering her ass hard and deep she lifted her hips in time and she let out a very loud shout and then slowed all movement but her hips were still rocking in time with my strokes which had also slowed, but i wasn’t done, I got up on on leg and lifted her slightly and was fucking her on a different angle which is a position I found Linda just loved me doing. Val was loving it too, but to me it was the best and before long i was about to fill her with my hot thick cum.


I stopped spewing cum inside her and i felt my cock soften just a little and was still fucking her, but she felt exhausted, and as I let go of her hips, my cock fell out of her and she slipped on to the bed and didn’t move.

“Oh my god, if that is how you and Linda are when you are in here, no wonder she is so vocal, Pete you are one hell of a fuck, you are one of the best i’d ever had. Oh hell i am so exhausted, thank you sweety, so very much.

“Hey wait there was two of us here from my recollection and I sure didn’t just fuck myself, you Val are amazing, how have we not done this before?”

“Hmmm, let me think, oh yeah, you have a girlfriend oh and you are my son’s best friend, but don’t think I haven’t wanted to do so for quite some time,”

“Well all you had to do was ask,” I laughed.

We have a few days of fun before the others are back then we wont be able to any more so lets make the most of it while we can OK.”

“Oh no, once everybody is back we can still do things, we just need to be careful, but don’t think this is going to stop, I don’t want to stop and i’m guessing you dont either.”

“OK we will work something out.”

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