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My first zoo experience

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The story of how i became obsessed with dogs. (True story)

When I was a little girl, i was always horny. I’d constantly hump anything i could, i couldn’t sleep at night without rubbing my pussy against the bed until I came. My earliest memory of this was when I was six years old.

By the time i was eight, my family had several dogs, small and large. My favorite was the smaller one, a little dachshund. I was best friends with him, and one day I had the idea to hump him. This didn’t do anything for me though so I just went back to pillows and stuffies.

When I was ten, the family American bulldog Champ was going through another humping phase. I was fascinated by it, seeing the red rocket poke out through his sheath as he’d hump the air. It turned me on in ways I can’t describe. I loved it when the adults in my family touched me down there, it made me squirm and cum faster than i could on my own, but at that time i had been hornier than they could keep up with, and i needed daily relief.

I decided one day when I was home alone to lure him into my bedroom, I played with him on the bed for a minute and I was quickly getting turned on thinking about what I was about to do. I pulled my pants off and he started sniffing my panties. He was way bigger than me and very rough, I was moaning and shaking already and he hadn’t even began to lick. I just laid there with my legs slightly open, he flicked his tongue once against the fabric and I decided I needed him to lick me bare. I pulled my clothes off and I was fully naked, my pale skinny legs were open wide and my hairless body was his for the taking. He started to lick my pussy immediately, he was rough and fast, and my body couldn’t handle the pleasure. I came less than a minute later, gasping and arching my back as he pushed his tongue into me. I tried to get up but he kept going.

I was in love, it felt so amazing, I was soaked with slobber and desperate for him to continue, and he did. I remember how good it felt to this day, and I miss that dog because he would always be the best relief after a long week of being desperate for his big tongue. I let him lick my pussy up until I was 17, I’m 20 now and crave it every day. I haven’t had a tongue that good in so long.

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