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My First Times

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True story of my first times being used by my stepdad growing up.

** I don’t condone child abuse but this is a recounting of how I felt about everything that happened, before years of therapy. **

My mother married her third husband when I was around 5. She had a good 13 years on him, whereas he was only 11 years older than me. I didn’t spend much time around him until I moved back in with my mother when I was around 8. Full disclosure, that woman was a narcissistic twat, but a kid always wants a parents approval. When she wouldn’t spend time with me I moved on to trying to spend time with my new step dad who didn’t mind having me around.

My upbringing was far from ideal, so I got in trouble a lot, swore a lot more. One of my favorite things to say to anyone was “kiss my ass”. It just made me feel so grown up to swear, and I liked the look of shock most adults would get after hearing it. Most of the time, if anyone ever said anything back to me, it was to yell at me or try to correct me, but my stepdad always responded with “Bend over and bear it.” I think I more or less ignored that for a while before I started to question what that even meant. He just explained that if I took my pants off and bent over, he really would kiss my ass. I just laughed and went back to whatever I was doing.

It was sometime after my 10th birthday when we moved and I got a room to myself, instead of sharing with siblings. I was in my room one night doing something, I don’t remember what, but much later than I should have been up. He had come in to yell at me to go to sleep, and I remember realizing I was wearing a nightgown and told him to kiss my ass. He responded with his usual, but he looked a little shocked when I lifted my nightgown and bent over. He turned off the light and I heard the door shut, I just assumed he had walked away until I felt him get on the bed with me. He pulled my cotton underwear to my thighs and planted sloppy kissed on each of my ass cheeks but his hands kept holding my legs.

He said he wanted to try something and I didn’t even have time to think before he swiped his tongue over my exposed slit from clit to asshole. I must have made a noise because he pushed my head into my pillow and told me to be quiet. He continued licking and sucking at me and I just remembered going wild and crying into my pillow. The tisms was a bit stronger back then and I was just so overwhelmed with how good it felt and how confused I was. I was too young to ever have sex Ed at school, and all my mother was ever good for was popping out more kids. I remember begging, but I wasn’t even sure what I was begging for. I wanted him to keep going because if felt so good, but also I felt like I had to pee and I tried telling him.

He didn’t stop though, just continued to eat me out from behind and just kept repeating, “Just let it go.” When I finally did, I had my first orgasm and he had to hold another pillow over my head to muffle my noises. When I was quiet he pulled my panties back up and made me lay down. He laid with me for a bit just spooning until I ended up falling sleep. This became a mostly nightly routine for at least a few months. I never really talked to my mother in general, and I had no frame eof reference to know this was wrong and that I should have told someone. I just knew it felt really good and it was nice getting love and attention from a parent for once.

One day he caught me on his computer, we had a shitty old desktop, think early 2000s. I really just wanted to play a game, but when it opened I saw there was a video playing in another window. I swear I thought it was a normal movie, my mom was super into buying bootleg movies at the time, but it was one of his porn DVDs. When I opened the video I couldn’t even look away. It was some pirate porno, and everyone was fucking or sucking and I didn’t know what to make of any of it. He came in the room and didn’t yell at me like I expected. I wasn’t meant to be on the computer at all, let alone watching this. He just came up behind me and turned off the desktop before picking me up and moving to his and my mom’s bed. He asked if I liked what I saw and I said yes because it was the truth but admitted I didn’t understand most of what they were doing.

He told me this part had to stay a secret, which I didn’t understand but still accepted. My mother used me to shoplift a lot so I was no stranger to secrets. He tossed me on the bed and told me to get undressed so he could show me. I did and sat there patiently watching him get undressed as well. He told me to lay back and spread my legs as wide as I could, so I did, and he crawled his way between them. He hooked his arms around my thighs and pulled me to his face to eat me out. This part I knew and really, really enjoyed. I had cum at least twice before he stopped and moved his way up my body. His cock was already rock hard and I felt it at my leg. He told me this part is going to hurt, but if I just wait it will get better. He didn’t even give me a chance to question before he covered my mouth with one hand and used the other to line his cock up with my tiny preteen hole. He was right, it did hurt, and I tried to scream. He wasn’t huge my any means, but 6 inches and thick is still massive to a 10 year old.

He only managed a few soft thrusts before he lost control. Looking back now he fucked me like a rag doll and it’s a wonder there wasn’t damage or anything. He just kept whispering in my ear about how tight and wet I was. I remember thinking to myself, my mother has had 7 kids already, of course I’m tighter. I may not have known how babies are made, but I knew where they came out of. I was moaning and crying, clinging to my step daddy as he fucked me for what felt like hours. He started playing with my clit as he pounded me and I was hit with the familiar feeling of impending orgasm, but it felt so much stronger that just when he was licking me. He must have known I was close because he made me look at him. He said he wanted to see the look on my face when I came on his cock. The words didn’t mean a lot to me yet, but I knew it was hot and just egging on my orgasm. When I finally broke he held my chin and forced me to look him in the eyes while I screamed “Yes Daddy!”

I think that was the first time I had referred to him as Daddy while he was doing anything to me, and it kind of pushed him over the edge. He came inside me, holding me by the hips so he was spurting his cum right against my cervix. It was a brand new feeling, being filled, and I really liked it. I don’t remember much else about that day, aside from him sending me to take a bath before Mom got home.

After that day, he started teaching me to suck dick and deepthroat as much as I could. Even early on I didn’t have much of a gag reflex, and he taught me to always swallow my “protein shakes”. It was maybe a month later he started fucking my asshole. And maybe a year beyond that when he started inviting Uncle Thomas to join him in using me. This continued until I was about 16.

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    Very nice . We need part 2 .

  • Reply Gonzo ID:3tabfb9rk0i

    Seemed like a fairly good ordeal so your first sexual experiences were positive. This is something that people need to understand that a good first sexual encounter will lead to many wonderful sexual encounters. With my own daughter the first few times were so amazing and hard to believe they got better as time grew on and she became more experienced. Rape is way to hard on them so show then love n kindness which last a lifetime

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    Hot story