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My first time raping!

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100% fake the story is pure fantasy o something I would like to do!

Jay (19m) tall, athletic build. Christy (39f) brown hair, thick in all the right places.

It was a foggy night in autumn…I have always had a fantasy of raping a female and decided that tonight would be the night. Christy was my mom’s friend and I knew where she hid her spare key. Around midnight I watched all the lights in Christy’s house start turning off one by one, so I knew she was getting ready for bed. I turned over the flower pot by her garage and in the street lights the silver from the key beamed, as I thought to myself yes, game on!

I slipped in Christy’s house quiet as a mouse, locked the door behind me and slipped down the hallway toward her bedroom. I heard the water running and thought she must be in the shower. I then entered her room and waited for the moment she walked out of the bathroom. As I have spent nights over here when I was a young lad I knew that she slept naked, so I knew she wouldn’t be clothed upon walking out of the bathroom.

I watched through the cracked door as Christy was bathing her beautiful body and my dick got rock hard thinking about what was about to take place. She stepped out the shower toweling off and I got a full look at her beauty…the most perfect pair of titties I have ever seen, a luscious bald fupa, an amazing ass, and to think it’s about to be mine.

Christy starts to walk out of bathroom into the pure darkness of her bedroom…when I step out of the shadows and grab her from behind, wrapping my hand around her mouth, I speak to her in almost a whisper as to disguise my voice…and tell her to do exactly as I say and I promise to not hurt her. I ask her does she understand and she nods yes while whimpering. I put a blindfold over her eyes so that she can’t see me. She starts to cry saying please. I tell her shut up.

Then I pull her towel off and tell her to get on her knees. She does as she’s told. I tell her to open her mouth and she hesitates sayin please noooo. I slap her across her face and tell her again bitch I ain’t asking I am telling you to open your mouth and if you bite me I stg I will kill you. She opened her mouth frantically crying as I unzip my zipper and bring my 11 inch cock out and place it in her mouth. Face fucking her so hard she’s gagging. To which I say bitch you best not puke. I put my hand on her head to slam to the back of her throat, swallow I tell her, it will help you take me slut. Raping her mouth I feel an explosion coming on and I empty my balls inside of her.

Still sporting a semi hard on… I snatch her up by her arm turn her around and bend her over her bed where her pussy and ass is on display for me. I slide my hand down her big ass to her slit and she’s soaking wet. You stupid bitch you like it your wet. Her pussy is wet but I bet her ass ain’t so I spread her ass cheeks wide as I can and line my cock up to her ass and ram my cock into her as hard as I can. She screams and writhes in pain. Saying your ripping me nd Slashing about I tell her calm down or the pains going to get worse as I reach around grabbing her nipples and pinching as hard as I possibly can…she almost hits her knees which shoves her down on my cock so far that it feels as if my balls will disappear into her ass…I guess it stopped hurting cos she started moaning and trying to rub her clit. I refused to let her rub it, this bitch would get pleasure when I seen fit. I decided I would piss deep in her bowels as a form of embarrassment for her punishment for thinking she could do whatever the hell she wanted.

When I finished I gabbed her by the hair and stood her up…just to push her back down to the ground so she could clean my cock real good with that pretty mouth of hers. After I just pissed in her shithole with it. She again attempted to refuse so I started choking her and said keep fighting bitch. I will fucking kill you…she opened her mouth to gasp in air, this time I refused her effort to breathe and shoved my dick down her throat. Slamming in as deep as it would go and holding until I seen her losing consciousness…as she passed out I let the bitch fall and as she fell back I got between her legs pinching and twisting her clit. For what reason I don’t know but I wanted her to be sore to remember I was there for days to come. I then slide my dick between her legs, line it up against her sopping wet fat ass pussy, grab a handful of hair, and pull as I slide her into her. Still semi unconscious she begins to moan and writhe underneath me as I take every opportunity to mark her, as I possibly can.

Fully alert now and snapped backed to reality and just in time too cos I am about to blow the biggest load I have ever shot in my life…she quietly whispers please don’t come in me…as I filled her pussy to the brim with my cum…I stayed there inside her for ten or so minutes just letting my cum breed this bitch.

I got up got dressed told her don’t take the blindfold off until I am gone and that’s when she hit me with a will we ever do this again? I laughed and said I am sure I will see you around.

To be continued…

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    Hey Master
    How hung are you??
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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0x5np8m

    Very nice fantasy and love your level of aggression!

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    • Master ID:9psyj9jq8wa

      Hi there I would like to know you more jojo

    • Master ID:9psyj9jq8wa

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      Good for you, slut! Black boys will always deliver the goods!!

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