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My First Sexual Experience

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I am on my way to becoming a sex addict.

I am now a teenage prostitute.

Chapter Five.

Its Sunday morning and am going to take Lightning out for his morning walk this time am taking Lightning down to the old football stadium, I only have one thing on my mind that is for Lightning to fuck me. So we started walking to the old football stadium as we were walking there I passed a couple off guys who play in our school football team they stopped and asked me where am I off to.

I am just taken my dog for his walk, Alex went to stroke Lightning so I told Alex I wouldn’t if I was you he’s quite protective over me. With that Lightning started to growl and Alex soon pull his hand away, I said ok guys I better get going I said I’ll see you guys at school tomorrow ok, so we started walking again, couple of minutes later we arrived at the old stadium I looked to see if there’s anyone here.

There was one an old guy walking his dog in the old stadium as soon as he saw me he came over and said what a beautiful dog I said thanks he is, the old man asked how old I said he’s 10 months now so the old man said he’s a big boy for a puppy I yeah. The old man asked what’s his name, I told him Lightning he good name my phone started ringing I said sorry I need to take this, the old man said ok.

Hi David what’s up I have a new person that would like to meet you the only thing is he goes to your school so I thought I better ask and see what you wish to do, I asked David what’s his name. His name is Chris he plays in your school football team, I asked David how do you know Chris. He’s my cousin I said to David will he keep it to himself so David said if he doesn’t I’ll give him what for.

I said ok bring him tonight David he said are you sure I said yeah he knows my brother and if he starts to say anything then he knoes my brother will gave him what for as well lol, so he be fine how much did you say David I told him $40 because he’s at school still and he will find it hard to pay anymore then $40, but its his birthday so am paying this time around so I said ok I’ll see you at 4:30 David.

I looked around to see if I can see the old man and his dog, I then saw the old man go out of the old stadium so I run to the changing rooms and waited for a few moments to hear if I could hear anyone.
But nothing so I pulled my jogging bottoms down and took them off, I didn’t have any panties on as I knew I was going to let Lightning fuck me, I didn’t waste anytime and went down om all fours.

I let Lightning lick me from behind and within minutes Lightning mounted me and I took hold off Lightning’s cock and placed it into my pussy within seconds Lightning started fucking me a few minutes in Lightning’s knott grew inside my pussy and then his cock started to pulsate and then Lightning exploded deep inside my pussy and then Lightnings knott went down and pulled out.

As Lightning pulled out his cum started oozing out off my pussy I managed to catch some off Lightning cum and I drink his cum which was nice and warm, I cleaned myself up and put my jogging bottoms back on, I told Lightning what a good boy he was so I gave Lightning a nice treat which I had in my bag for him, we came out of the changing rooms and started walking home so I could relax.

4pm came round I had to leave, I started walking to the old stadium there was David and Chris waiting for me Chris said to David that’s a friend from school, David said that’s who we are waiting for, Chris said know way Sofia’s the prostitute David said yes, Chris said Sofia’s only 13 and your fucking a 13 year old girl, David said to Chris, Sofia’s not got a body of a 13 year old girl so shut up and be have.

I said to Chris have we got a problem Chris, Chris said no am ok am just a little shocked that’s all. I said to Chris you will keep this to yourself won’t you. Chris said yes I’ll keep this to myself, I said hi David, hi Sofia so I said lets go then, we looked around it was a quiet evening so we went into the changing room, once there I said ok whos first David said well Chris its your birthday you go first.

So I said happy birthday Chris so what do you want Chris said a fuck, I said ok take your pants down then so Chris did I asked Chris how do you want me Chris said Sofia there’s something I’ve always wanted to try, so I said what’s that Chris he said first please don’t say anything to Nikki will you. I said you keep this between us then I’ll won’t say anything to Nikki, Chris said ok I promise so I said thanks.

I told Chris I’ll promise I won’t say anything, so I said Chris what have you always wanted to try then. I said anal I said sure its your fuck so I said Chris get yourself nice and hard for me, it didn’t take long so I went down on my knee’s and told Chris come close to me so I took hold off Chris’s cock and slowly put it on the tip of my ass and told Chris to push your cock in slowly and start fucking me.

I told Chris slow at first and when am used to your cock in my ass I’ll tell you you to start fucking me hard, a couple off minutes later I told Chris that am ready to be fucked hard. About 10 minutes in I felt Chris cum inside my ass, Chris said omg sorry I’ve cum in your ass I said that’s ok Chris don’t worry, Chris said that was amazing thanks Sofia I said your welcome Chris am glad you enjoyed the fuck.

With that Chris pulled out and his cum oozed out of my ass so I cleaned myself up and said Chris that was a good fuck, I said ok David what do you want. David asked if anal be ok I thought about it and I was getting used to anal so I said sure thing David I said to David you know what to do so my ass is all your’s David so a couple off minute David slowly put his cock into my ass and started to fuck me.

20 minutes later David pulled out and I turned and took his cock in my month and started to suck David off a couple of minute went by and I had a mouthful off David’s sweet cum, which I swallowed so after I pulled my jogging bottoms up and said ok David that’s $80 dollars please David said what about you finishing me off in your mouth, I turned and said don’t worry about that David thanks Sofia.

I said Chris remember you say anything then your Nikki will found out, Chris said I promise I won’t Sofia and to make sure can I fuck you again, then you know I mean what I said what now know not now I have to save up so when I have the money then can I. I told Chris sure that’s fine right David do you wish to book now or give me a call, David told me that he’s finally finished with his girlfriend.

So David said I’ll hope it’s ok to have sex with you every couple off days, Sofia you are the best fuck I’ve ever had so I would like to fuck you every 2 days if that’s ok with you, I said thanks David and am sorry that you have finished with your girlfriend. David said don’t be its been coming for a long time Sofia, I’ve found someone I actually enjoy having sex with and spending 30 or so minutes with Sofia.

So I put David in my client book for every 2 days I asked David what times, David said is 6pm every 2 days ok so I said yeah that’s fine David. David said Chris wait outside for us I want to ask Sofia something, Chris said okI’ll wait outside. With that David asked me if he could take me out to dinner sometime and said I’ll pay for everything Sofia, I said I don’t know David then I said ok only once tho.

Then we go bach as we are is that ok David, David said that’s fine Sofia. I said its going to have to be somewhere out off the city and when, David said how about next Sunday I said that’s good for me David. So we left thew changing rooms and said are you taken Lightning out for his walk when you get back home, I said yeah he needs his walk so David said ok I’ll see you at the doggy park, I said ok.

David said do you want me to drop you off, I said its ok with that Chris said to David I’ll walk home as well as I only live down the road from Sofia, David said then Chris. I both myself and Chris walked home together, Chris asked e how long have I been a prostitute for I told Chris for about 6 weeks now, Chris asked me how long have I been fucking David for so I said 6 weeks in fact David was my first.

Chris then asked me how many do you have on your clients list, so a told Chris there’s 4 and now you that makes 5 as my clients so do I know any off them I said I can’t tell you Chris as its between myself my clients. Chris said he understood Chris said he would definitely like to fuck you again as I really enjoyed fucking your ass Sofia I said Chris we can’t talk about that on the streets Chris.

I said here I am I said I’ll see you at school tomorrow Chris, 25 minutes later I meet David at the doggy park and there was Sean, I said hi Sean and Sean said hi back he asked me if I was busy so I said apart from taken my dog out for a walk know am not busy I asked why Sean said he needed some sex and if it’s ok with me I said sure ok let me walk my dog then will go to the school changing room.

Sean said to me that everyone is out at his home we could go there I said sure but only if David could be there as I don’t really know you that well just yet Sean, with that Sean said what about a threesome I said who Sean said me you and David, Sean said I’ll pay, I looked at David then at Sean and said I’ve never done a threesome before, I said David do you want too or do ypu prefer one to one David.

David said its something I’ve always wanted to try but if your not sure Sofia then know I thought about it and said ok lets do it so Sean said how much I said $120 dollars Sean said that ok so I said let me finish walking Lightning and then take him home then we will go to your Sean. With that David said I’ll take my dog home and give you a lift to take your dog home then will go to Sean’s together Sofia.

I said yeah that sounds good David,so 4o minutes later we arrived at Sean’s and went in so I got undressed as they did. I said lets do this Sean and David both double penetrated me Sean in my ass and David inside my pussy it lasted fi=or about 40 minutes and then they both came deep inside of me, as they both pulled out there cum started to oozed out of my ass and my pussy I really enjoyed it.

That was the best fuck I have ever had I’ll have more like that anyday, with that Sean give me my $120 dollars and said could we do that again sometime, I said sure anytime you wanted to so I said I better get home Sean said thanks Sofia and then before you go could I book an appointment with you Sofia, I said sure when so Sean said how about Tuesay evening I said sure that’s fine about 5:30 is that ok same place as always Sean, sean said ok till Tuesday then, so David droped me off near my home.

With that I gave David a little kiss on his cheek and said thank David, I got out of the car and started to walk it took me a couple of minutes to get home so that was another $ 200 dollars. I am now making so much money I needed to put my money into my back account, the next couple off days went passed, I asked mom if she could give me a lift to the bank as I wanted to put some money in.

Mom said yeah and she said she needed to do some groceries shopping, I picked up my bank card and mom said here you may as well put your monthly allowance into your account so I said thanks mom. So I put $ 700 dollars into my account so after that we went grocery shopping as we passed some stores I saw something I wanted so I said mom you know I love you, mom said yes Sofia.

I said I like those leather pants mom could I try them on please mom, mom said your a little young for them so I said mom please I’ll pay for them with that mom, mom said you can try them on and I’ll see what you look like in them. So we went in and asked if they had them in my size, I was lucky they had 3 of them in stores so I tried them on mom said you do look good in them Sofia I said thanks mom.

It makes you look a little older then I saw a pair ankle boots, I again said mom please could I try those ankle boots on, please mom. Mom said ok try them on, mom said it does make you look a couple of years older, mom said Sofia you can have them and mom said she would pay for them but don’t tell your sister or she will want them as well, I said she will see them anyways mom, mom said you paid for them.

Mom said happy now I said yes mom and thanks mom so she said ok lets go and do some grocery shopping now please Sofia, so I said yes mom and again I said thanks mom. Mom said its December 1st tomorrow and we need to start and get ready for Christmas Sofia, mom asked me what would I like for Christmas, I said I don’t know yet mom I’ll have to think about that mom ok you have 3 weeks.

I asked mom what’s happening this Chritmas mom are we going to grandma and grandpa’s this year. Mom said no there’s coming to our’s this year, anyways while we were grocery shopping I got a call it was my brother he asked me where was I, I told my brother am grocery shopping with mom, mom asked me who’s on the phone so I said to mom its my brother mom said ok is your brother home.

I asked my brother if he’s home for the weekend, my brother said tell mom yes its just me. Mom said ok then so I asked my brother what did he want, then I said no tell me in text. So my brother sent me a text and told me he wanted to fuck me again, so I texted him back and ok when and where and I have something to tell you as well so he texted me back and said what do you want to tell me Sofia.

I texted my brother back and said not now as I should be helpping mom with the grocery shopping, I asked him where’s Julie. He texted me back and said she falling behind in college so she’s staty there for the weekend, so I said ok then I said I’ll see you when we get home ok. He texted me back and ok can’t wait to fuck me little sister again with her nice tight pussy, I said ok am going now to help mom.

I said sorry about that mom, mom said don’t be its nice to see the both of you getting on with each other, mom asked me where’s his girlfriend so I said she’s falling behind with her college studies so she stated behind to catch up, mom said that’s not like Julie she’s always been good with her school and college studies I said I know to be honest I think they have had an argument more likely mom.

Does sound right Sofia, so we finished grocery shopping and went home for the rest of the evening, we arrived home and my brother was waiting I said to my brother where’s our sister my brother said she’s out with her girlfriend Sofia I said ok, mom asked my brother to carry the grocery’s from the car to the kitchen for her my brother said ok mom I will, Sofia come and help me so I said ok.

My brother said well what do you want to tell me then I said not here, we took the grocery’s into the kitchen for mom and then my brother asked mom what time’s dinner. Mom said normal time about 7:45, my brother asked me if I want to go for a drive I said sure mom am going out for a while, don’t start dinner as we will be back in a bit and I’ll help you cook mom, mom said thanks Sofia that’s kind.

So both off us went for a drive I where are we going my brother said how about the old car park the other side of the woods know one ever goes there, I said yeah that be a good place to fuck. so 30 minutes later we arrived at the old car park. My brother was right it looks like know ones been there for years, my brother asked me so Sofia what do you want to tell me I said don’t worry about it.

My brother said Sofia tell me please, I said are you sure you want to know. My brother said yes tell me I said don’t be mad and don’t hate me, my brother said I could never hate you Sofia it can’t be that bad. So I asked my brother you have to promise me you will never tell anyone not mom, dad, not even our sister promise me, so my brother promised me so I said I have a sex addiction and that’s not all.

My brother said ok, so what else is there Sofia so I said am a teenage protitute and I have been for about 7 weeks now I have made almost $800 dollars. My brother said what the fuck Sofia he said are you for real I said yes and you said you won’t get mad at me, my brother said am not mad am shocked that’s all Sofia, my brother said you don’t fuck old men do you Sofia, I said know I don’t.

I said the oldest is 20 years old and I have 5 regular clients 20 and younger, my brother said I can’t believe it but its your life Sofia. My brother said your not going to charge me are you I said its $50 dollars please brother, I said don’t be silly I would never asked you to pay me your my brother. I said so do you still want to fuck me or not anymore, I said yeah I still want to fuck you Sofia.

So my brother asked me if I have ever done anal, I said yes I’ve done anal and I enjoy anal. I asked him is that what you want to fuck my ass, my brother said I’ve never done anal so yeah I would like to try that with you Sofia. So my brother got out off his car and Iwent down on all four but over the car seat I said ok pull your pants down andcome close to my ass I took hold off my brothers big cock.

I put his cock on the outside off my ass and told my brother to push his cock in slowly so his cock just went in real easy so I told my brother at first go slowly I’ll tell you when you can start fucking me as hard as you want too, so for a couple of minutes my brother took it slow like I asked him too, then I said ok its your ass now so start fucking me as hard as you wish too, don’t worry if you cum in my ass.

So with that my brother started to fuck me as hard as he could a few minutes later I had one masive orgasm and my brother came deep inside my ass at the same time I said stay in my ass for a couple off minutes as I want to make sure all off your cum is in my ass, 2 minutes later my brother pulled out and all off my brothers cum started oozing out off my ass it was like a river there was so much cum.

So my brother started to pull his pants up I said stop am not finished with you yet, so I took hold of his cock and started to suck my brother off. A few minutes went by and his cock started to get hard again so I said now fuck my little tight pussy use me like a bitch a your for the taken, so I put my brothers cock into my pussy and he didn’t waste anytime he started fucking me hard right away.

I had my second orgasm and this time I said to my brother pull out quick and move or your going to get very wet with that I squirted everywhere I felt so damn good after, I said ok we better get home. As I have to help mom get dinner ready, my brother said could we fuck again over the weekend, I said will see as I have a couple of clients to see over the weekend so I can’t promise you but if I can we will ok.

On the way home my brother said am curious about something Sofia so I asked what are you curious about, my brother said how much do you charge Sofia I said 16 year old I charge $40 and over 17 and over $50 for how long, I said till they cum wherever its inside or not so soon as they cum then sex is finished, My brother asked me if am scared about becoming pregnant I said no an not scared at all.

I want get pregnant as I take the emergency contraception pill, my brother said we ain’t supposed to use anything I said I know we ain’t but am not going to get pregnant and i can’t stop having sex. My brother asked how my times a week do you have sex, I said sometimes 3 times a day sometomes 2 times a day ot depends, my brother said damn you must be making a lot of dollars then Sofia.

I told my brother last week I made almost $800 dollars, my brother said damn Sofia where do you put the money I told my brother in my back account where else. Well we have arrived home and we said know more about it, as we were just about to go in Jason sent a text I said to my brother I need to answer this text, I sent a text back saying can’t tonight as my brother’s home from college Jason.

I said I can do tomorrow if that’s ok with you, Jason texted back said yeah that’s cool and he said he’s got a friend who would like to meet you. Iasked Jason how old as I don’t really have sex with anyone over 20 years old, Jason said he’s 21 but he’s a real nice guy and he said he will pay whatever the price you tell him, I text back and said ok I guess I could meet him and if I like the look off him maybe.

The End.

I hope you like this chapter.

The picture is of me now.

If you want another chapter then leave a comment down below thanks, Sofia xo


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