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My First Sexual Experience

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I am on my way to becoming a sex addict.

The School Slut.

Hey, am Sofia and I am 14 years old.

I discovered sex when I was twelve, I caught my big brother having sex with his girlfriend after school one evening when our parents were at work. I went tell my older sister all about what I have just seen, I opened my sister bedroom door and damn my sister was playing with herself. My sister told me to come in and shut the door so I did I told my sister what our brother was doing.

My sister told me its about time that I needed to learn all about sex, I was twelve and my sister was fourteen. My sister was a bisexual but preferred girls over boys, my sister said that she will teach me how to masturbate. But what happened next I never believed would happen, first my brother knocked on my sisters door and told my sister that he’s and his girlfriend are going out to meet there friends.

So both my sister and myself had the house to ourselves for the next couple of hours, my sister said ok now get undressed so I done as my sister asked me, next my sister took my hand and started to rub my pussy. My sister said carry on and do that for a couple of minutes or so, my pussy started to become wet a little so I told my sister that, she said good that’s normal.

Now my sister said that she’s going to show me something if it was ok with me, I said sure its ok show me with that my sister asked me to lie down with my legs open. My sister inserted her finger into my pussy she aid if it hurts I was to tell her start away, my sister started slow and softly it really felt nice and I was really wet by now my sister asked me how does it feel, I couldn’t talk.

I was really enjoying myself, my sister could see that I was just about to cum then all of a sudden I came I didn’t understand what happened but I really liked the feeling it felt real good. My sister pulled her finger out and I asked what had just happened, my sister said that I had my first orgasm, my sister said that you looked like you enjoyed yourself. I sat up and said thank you I did really enjoyed myself.

My sister said that’s enough for today, I asked if we could carry on tomorrow after school she said sure we can but I would have to change my plans for tomorrow. I said what you will do that for me, with that my sister said your my little sister of course I would. I gave my sister a long cuddle our boobs were as hard as hell I was turned on by my sister.

It was Friday and my brother had a school football game, my sister was in the school cheerleader team so both myself and our parents was going to the football game and I was watching the cheerleaders, I was starting to fall for my sister. After the game I asked my sister what’s she doing, my sister said she’s going to get something to eat with the girls so I said to my sister have fun then.

So I started to walk to the car with our parents then my sister shouted out Sofia come with us if you want, with that I ask mom if I could mom said go on it will do you good to get out of the house for a while, mom shouted out you better look after your sister then my sister said of course I will Sofia will be with all us girls, so we all went to the local diner to get something to eat.

Mom gave me $30 dollars which was far more then I needed, when we got to the diner my sister asked me what I wanted to eat I told my sister that mom gave me $30 dollars to get me something to eat. So my sister she will treat me to something to eat and the next time its my turn to pay for something to eat, so I said its a deal and asked my sister that there is a next time then.

My sister said of course there is, she went on to say that she loves spend time with me so I said could I have a chicken burger and a banana milkshake, so me and my sister and her friends sat down and the waitress took all of our orders. A little while later the waitress bought our orders over, as we were eating the boys came into the diner and my brother asked me what I was doing here.

With that sister said I asked Sofia and she said its nothing to with him, my sister said go and sit somewhere else your not sitting with us. After my sister told our brother to go and sit somewhere else he was being pig headed as always and just sat down next to his girlfriend who was also a cheerleader, with that my sister said come on Sofia we are going home.

I said to my sister you stay I’ll get a cab home it be ok, my sister that’s not going to happen I told mom I’ll look after you and that’s what am going to do. So we left and went for a walk along the beach before we headed home, it was a beautiful night I turned and thanked my sister for everything she has done over the last few days, I told my sister that I have enjoyed her teaching me what I now know.

My sister said I haven’t showed you everything yet, there’s so much more to teach you Sofia if you still want me to teach you with that I stopped and without thinking I just kissed my sister. I expected her to push me away as a kiss is personal, but my sister returned and carried on kissing me back, so we kissed for a while and I asked my sister if she could teach me everything and I said everything.

My sister said like you want me to fuck you Sofia I said everything yes even fuck me I wish to lose my virginity to someone I care and love. My sister asked me if I was sure, I said yes am sure you said I still had so much to learn so teach me everything you know. I ok then I will, I new that my sister was a lesbian but didn’t have a girlfriend as she just finished with her ex girlfriend.

We both started kissing each other again, and after a while we stopped and held hands and carried on walking along the beach. We started walking to get a cab home, 40 minutes later we arrived home, mom asked me if I had a good time I told mom the best and she said I could come with her whenever I wanted to, mom asked the both of us if we wanted a coffee we both said yes.

I then asked mom where’s dad, mom said he’s had to go into the station as something had happened tonight, mom said she’s having an early night as she’s starting morning shift at 6am tomorrow, mom asked us to keep the nose down we said ok we will. Mom went upstairs to bed, both myself and my sister wanted for a while before we started kissing again which is a damn good job we did.

Mom came downstairs and told us that our brother is staying at his friends house and dad will be home in an hour, mom went back upstairs to bed, 30 minutes later dad came home and asked if we had a good night. We said to dad yes we had a great night and he said is mom in bed I said yes mom went to bed about 40 minutes ago and our brother is staying at his friend’s tonight.

Dad went on upstairs to bed we stayed down stairs and watched a movie, we cuddled up to each other as we were watch resident evil 2, an hour into the movie I went upstairs and opened mom and dads bedroom door to see if they were asleep, I thought to myself good there asleep so I went back down stairs and told my sister that they were asleep, so we started kissing again.

I asked my sister when she got herself a new girlfriend this would have to stop wouldn’t it, my sister turned and said that she’s not planning on finding a new girlfriend, don’t worry Sofia you are all I need, but there will be a time when I do want a new girlfriend but not any time soon. So we carried on kissing each other for a while and then finished watching the movie.

40 minutes later the movie finished and we went upstairs to bed, my sister asked me if I wanted to lie down with her for a while so I said love too so I went into my sisters room and laid down with my sister for a while my sister said now for something new but my sister asked me to try and be quite she said it will be hard but try Sofia, so I said ok I’ll try to be quite for you.

So my sister began stimulating my vaginal opening, I was starting to became aroused then my sister separate my labia majora (just in case you guy don’t know what am talking about my lips) then my sister headed towards my labia minora (second set of lips) then my sister went towards the top of my vulva, then on to my clitoral hood my sister stayed there for a bit but only to tease me.

After my sister teased me my sister gently pushed the clitoral hood upwards to reveal my clitoris, my sister reached wear she wanted to be, she started to feel for a nub its approximately the size of a pea no bigger as my sister found it I had the biggest orgasm I have ever had, I came over and over again and again my sister had mouthful and she was so damn wet when she finally came back up.

The bed was wet through I said to my sister I was sorry, she gave me a cuddle and said no need to be sorry that was supposed to have happened, showed me that I pleased you and you were pleased also, so I said thank you to my sister. My sister told me there’s no need to thank me Sofia it was my pleasure and I enjoyed myself just as much as you did, I asked my sister if we could do that again.

My sister said yeah sure anytime you wish to Sofia, but my sister said we will try something else next time. My sister said am sleeping down stairs tonight as my beds wet, so I said I’ll sleep down stairs with you so it looked like we fell asleep watching a movie. My sister said ok that be nice so we went back down stairs with a cover and laid down on the sofa and we fell asleep together.

It was 5am Saturday morning, Mom and dad saw the TV on so mom went into the living room and found both myself and my sister asleep on the sofa, mom called dad into the living room and said to him look at both of them, dad said to mom does she want me to take them upstairs, mom said no leave them there so mom turned the TV off and shut the living room door.

20 minutes later we both woke up and we heard mom and dad talking so we went into the kitchen, mom said we hope we didn’t wake the both off you up, we both said no mom, mom asked us if we wanted a cup of coffee we both said please dad asked if we wanted some eggs again we said please dad, so they asked us what are our plans for today we both said might go down to the beach.

Later that day my sister friends phoned her up and asked her if she’s up for hitting the shopping mall my sister said maybe later as my sister said there’s something she’s got to do first, I said to my sister go you can’t always stay with me with that my sister no its ok I’ll go later and she asked me if I wanted to come with them, I said your friends won’t like that, she said they be ok with it.

So my sister said are you ready for the last thing I have to teach, I said yeah am ready but I started to look sad, my sister asked me what’s wrong, I said so its come to the end now then no more after this. My sister asked me if I’ve felling for her, I said yes I have its been the best time of my life and I don’t want it to stop, I want this to carry on for as long as we want, my sister said that she fills the same.

My sister said well lets carry on then but my sister said you know this is incest and we have to be careful we don’t get caught, so I asked my sister if she will be my first partner my first girlfriend. My sister said she would love to be my first girlfriend so I said ok am ready, first we locked the front and back doors so our brother couldn’t get in then my sister took my hand and led me to my bedroom.

As soon as we got in my bedroom we got undressed and started kissing, after a few minutes of kissing my sister moved round to my neck and started kissing and sucking on my neck where my sister give my my first hickey on my shoulder where only my sister can see the hickey, after my sister said now that shows you that your my girlfriend I smiled at her and said thank you,

Then my sister started to nibble on my ear which felt real nice then she gentle bite my ear, with that my sister gently laid me down on my bed and we started kissing each other again. Then my sister moved down slowly kissing all the way down to my small boobs and started sucking on my boob and playing with the other boob at the same time, I was getting wet again this felt great.

My sister changed and started sucking the other boob and playing with the other boob, I was having another orgasm I was in heaven. Then my sister moved on down to my pussy kissing all the way down, once my sister got to my pussy she started to do exactly the same as she done last night, I soon had another massive orgasm again and my sister got another mouthful of my orgasm.

Then after my sister said this might hurt, I said am ok am ready so my sister went to her bedroom and bought some lube into my room I asked my sister what’s that for, my sister said it will increase pleasure and comfort during sex, I said ok then so my sister put some lube on here finger and inserted her first finger, second finger and started to go in and out back in and out again.

My sister said to tell her if it starts to hurt, I said ok I will then my sister inserted her third finger I started to moan a little, my sister asked me how does it feel with that I orgasmed again so my sister said ok that’s real good Sofia, so now my sister had three finger inside of my pussy it felt amazing feeling, my sister asked me if I wanted my sister to try a four fingers I couldn’t talk I was in heaven.

My sister asked me if I was ok, I said sorry yes try four fingers, so with that and with three finger inside of my pussy she put some more lube on my pussy lips and on the hand she was using, my sister started to put the fourth finger in real slowly. I said to my sister it hurts a little now my sister asked me if I wanted her to stop, I said no don’t stop please.

With the fourth finger inside my pussy she started to go in and out and back in and out again my sister done this for the next 10 minutes or so I had another orgasm, I then said to my sister try the last finger My sister said it’s real tight down there with four fingers inside my sister said that my pussy might tear and that would really hurt a lot, my sister said that there are other times.

So my sister said when your a bit more experienced we will do five finger then after five finger then I will fist fuck you Sofia, I said that sound great can’t wait for that to happen. My sister giggled a little, I asked my sister if that’s it, my sister said that she could carry on for a little longer if I wanted her to, I said please am not ready for you to stop yet so my sister carried on fingering me.

After a while we stopped and my sister pulled out of my pussy slowly and once my sister pulled out there was blood all over my sisters fingers, I said is that normal my sister said its rare to lose your virginity with just being fingered but it does happen. So my sister said I have taken your virginity Sofia you are know longer a virgin, so we jumped into my shower and took a nice long shower together.

Then after the shower we put both of our bed sheets in the washer and put clean sheets on our beds, my sisters bed was dry now, just as we made our beds my sisters friends knocked on the front door. I opened the door for them and they all said hi Sofia and asked where my sister was, I said she’s in the kitchen so they went into the kitchen and asked if she’s ready to go to the shopping mall.

My sister said yeah and she told her friend that I am coming as well they said the more the better I asked them if they minded me coming, my sister’s friends said no they don’t mind at all. So I said thanks, my sister lets go girls as we were just about to leave out shit head of a brother came home and asked why were the front and back door locked as he tried to get in my sister get out of the way.

So we all got into two cabs and hit the shopping mall we finally arrived at the shopping mall, my sister said need to get something to eat and I said I do as well so we went to KFC chick burger and I had the chicken sizzler burger and my sister was just about to pay when I said its my turn to pay. So I paid for our late lunch, after everything my sister has done for me its at least what I can do.

After we had our late lunch we had a good look around the shopping mall, I bought a new top and some panties and a new set of earrings my sister bought new pants and a top. after a couple of hours both myself and my sister said we are heading home as its our turn to cook dinner tonight, so we said will see you all tomorrow and will spend the day at the beach, so we said see you all tomorrow.

We went to get a bus home instead of a cab so we could act like a couple unless there were people on the bus that we knew, by luck there wasn’t anyone on the bus we knew so we acted like a couple. Its going to take time to get use to being a couple when know one we know is about. But its going to be hard from acting like girlfriends then going back as sisters again but we will get use to it.

We arrived home and there was know one in but we only had an hour before mom and dad came home from work so we started cooking dinner and every now and again we kissed, it was starting to get hard to keep our hands off each other all we wanted to do is hold each other, kiss each other every time my sister passed me she would grab my ass, my sister said I had a nice tight ass.

The front door opened and it was mom, mom shouted out is anyone home we said in the kitchen I put the coffee machine, we asked mom where’s dad, mom said he’s had to stay for a while longer at the station to cover until the night station commander got there, mom said he’s running a little late mom said what’s for dinner so we said its jerk chicken, we asked mom if that’s ok.

Mom said sure can’t wait we said it shouldn’t be much longer as we said that dad walked through the door and said something small’s nice, dad came into the kitchen and said that small’s like jerk chicken. we said your right dad it is, we said it shouldn’t be much longer, dad said have you seen your brother we said yeah was he’s being an asshole earlier, mom said Sofia stop that.

My sister Sofia’s right he was being an ass he wouldn’t leave the two of us along as we were trying to get ready to go out. The kitchen timer went off so we said dinner’s ready, so we put everything on the table and everyone helped themselves, are brother then came in and said don’t want any dinner as he’s had something at his girlfriends and he’s only come in to get some money and he’s back out.

After dinner we said we are going out for a while we went out for a walk and we had to be careful as we didn’t want to see anyone we knew we just want to be alone for a couple for a while, my friend phoned me up and asked me where I was, she just knocked on for me, mom told her that she’s gone out with her sister mom said think she’s gone to the store as her sister hasn’t got any cigarettes.

I told my friend that I will see her some time tomorrow with that my sister said ask your friend if she wants to come to the beach tomorrow with that my friend heard that and said please, so I said ok I’ll phone you tomorrow and tell you what time we are going. So my friend hung up and I said thanks for letting my friend come, my sister kissed me and said its ok you never have to thank me.

We just sat in the park cuddled up to each other and every now and again we kissed, we then started to walk holding hands this old couple were doing the same as we were they said to each other that was us 60 years ago we thought that was cute so was starting to get late so we started to head home , as we got close to home we let each other’s hands go and went in doors.


I hope you all enjoy my story thanks for reading….

If you wish for a second chapter tell me in the comments down below thanks, Sofia <333

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