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My Family Part 3

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Tinsley explores her sexuality and Riyan has gotten curious now too.

A few days after going down on Tinsley she calls me into her room. I leave my home office and approach her room casually. When I reach the door I walk in to see an amazingly beautiful sight. Tinsley is laying across her bed with one knee proped up and her auburn hard flowing down her face caressing her budding little perky breasts. She is proped up on her elbow with her hand under her head. Her little triangle patch of bubic hair looks like its been recently trimmed.

Woah…what can I help you with love?

She smiles wickedly at me and tucks a little piece of hair behind her ear. She blushes as she forms the words. Daddy…I want to try it… I want to fuck you and feel all the amazing things.

I am stunned for a few seconds.

She then swivels her legs off the bed and slides down to the floor. With a few steps she crawls on all fours over to me and when she stands up on her knees she grabs my belt and starts to undo it. Popping off my button and unzipping my pants she pulls them down to my ankles. I step out of them. She reaches into the front of my boxers and grabs my shaft in her palm. Her fingers curle around it and she pulls it through the whole. I am already starting to swell in anticipation. I’m half hard but she opens her mouth and her tongue slides from the base of my balls all the way to the head of my cock. By the time she rests my cock on her wet tongue I am at full thickness. When she takes it into her mouth I groan. I’ve had my cock sucked many times but something about seeing an adolescent girl bobbing her head up and down with wanting eyes looking up at you for approval makes my knees weak.

I pull her head from my dick with a pop.

If you want to do more I would suggest laying up on the bed. I have a better place that I woukd like to put my load. She looks up at me with lust in her eyes and I lift her up onto the bed by her waist. She lays back and lifts her knees up. I grab her by the ankles and place her feet up on my shoulders. She has a slight look of fear in her eyes as I line up my cock to her slit.

Will it hurt daddy?

Sometimes it hurts the first time but it will go away.

I start to push my head into her opening. Feeling her pussy open up slowly it is sloppy wet. She winces a little when my head sqeezes through her hymen.

Fffssssss…she inhails.

I pause momentarily to let her relax and when she does I resume gliding the whole length of my cock into her cunt. I stop again when I feel my balls touch her taint. She looks up at me and her pussy squeezes my shaft making me throb within her.

It feels so FULL and BIG! Wow daddy. Now what?

I grab her by the hips and secure her legs on my shoulders and start thrusting. OH MY she lets out a moan. I am thrusting in and out of her for several minutes and then I withdrawal. Taking her legs down from my shoulders I swing them over the side of the bed and lean forward slamming into her from behind. She is face down pinned to the bed while I pound my cock into her cunt. Slapping noises fill the air. I reach up and grab her by a shoulder and a tuff of hair and start hitting her harder with my pelvis. The whole bed is shaking and thumping against the wall.

Ohhhhh GOD she screams. Her pussy convulses and i know she is having a small orgasm.

I pull out of her again and spin her around. Grabbing her up off the bed she jumps up onto my waist. I walk over to the wall and press her back against it inserting my cock once more and pound her ass into the wall with every thrust. Pictures start falling off the wall. I grab her by her ass and drop her on her computer desk with out stopping my hard pounding. Someof her school books fall to to floor as she spreads her arms out looking for something to hold on to. With nothing stable tobgrab she holds the back of my neck and the back of my arm. Every thrust bounces her and shakes the desk. She looks at me with reckless lust and pushes me backward. I fall back first onto the bed again but she doesn’t waste any time jumpping on me. He pussy is dripping with nectar and she grabs my cock and lines in up while she stradles my hips. When she feels the right spot she starts bouncing her whole body upband down rapidly screaming each time.

Suddenly amidst the rough bouncing I feel a slip. My cock came out of her pussy and she comes down and I feel it go back in hard but something is different. It got significantly tighter. She screams momentarily!!!

Ouuch….oh my god…its in my butt daddy!

I hold her for a second. Are you okay? Yeah…it just feels different. Painful…but good at the same time.

She lifts up and slowly comes back down. I thought she was going to get off but instead she starts fucking me. She returns to the bouncing motion from before. Almost as hard as before. No actually maybe harder then before. Within a few strokes she is fucking me as hard as she can.


A flood of her orgasm sprays me all over my stomach. The tightness of her ass and the convulsions of her orgasm send me over the edge. I let loose a blast of cum right into her ass. I can feel it pooling up in her hole and sqeezing out around my cock as she keeps slowly moving up and down. I spurt again two more times my dick throbbing in her. She has her hands on my chest and her full weight rests on my cock that is still inside her butt hole. She opens her eyes as her orgasm subsides and she looks down at me.

How often can I do this?

What about me? I hear from the closet. Riyan peeks her head out. You said I could do it too Tinsley!

Woah how long have you been in there? Tinsley looks like she has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She wanted to watch. She was curious.

When do I get a turn daddy? Riyan inquires innocently.

I pull my cock out of Tinsley’s ass and grab a piece of clothing from the hamper near by and wipe my cock with it. Take off your pants Riyan.

Yay!!! She shouts and gets excited. She has her pants and panties off in a heart beat. I pick her up and put her on the bed. Okay…are you sure about this? She nods and I line up my cock with her pussy. She is hairless and smooth. Her tiny pussy lips are like vice grips. It has been a long time since I had a pussy so young. I get extra excited and my cock starts twiching. Lined up properly I push forward. She yells out….ouch! It goes away…trust me Tinsley reasures her. She holds onto my wrists as they grip her hips and I keep pushing my dick forward. There is so much resistance from her hymen that I’m not sure how I’m going to get through. Then it happens. Like a rubber band it lets go and my cock slams all the way to the hilt. Her hips lift off the bed and she arches her back. I am gleefully devirginizing my second little girl of the day and I am in heaven. Yay! Tinsley praises her and rubs her little nipples while I begin a rhythm of in and out thrusts. Leaning down Tinsley takes on of her little nipples into her mouth and starts tonguing it. You are becomming a little slut fast aren’t you. I say to Tinsley. It wont be too long now Riyan. Im going to cum. She looks upbat me opening her eyes. I grab her hips firmly and plant me seed deep into her canal. I groan as I release a load into her. Its less then with Tinsley’s ass but it feels amazing! After I am done releasing my sperm I pull out and Tinsley leans down and starts licking the cum out of her pussy. She cleans up the mess thoroughly until Riyan is grabbing the back of her hair and holding her tightly with her whole body in a stiff back arched pose. When she stops she breaths heavily trying to catch her breath.

Well girls…I am hungry. Do you guys want to get some food?

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    Need another chapter, there is still one more virgin in the house

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    God I hope you get them pregnant to… such a good dad