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My Family Part 2

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Tinsley begins to realize why I am a good choice of lover instead of boys her age.

Tinsley has been practicing her blowjobs on me for a few days now and she has gotten quite good at them. The tutilage of Amber has paid off quite quickly.

Tinsley comes into the living room where I am sitting in the evening. She lowers herself onto her knees before me and grabs my knees. As she rubs my cock through my pants I look into her eyes. They have become quite seductive toward me the last few days. As she starts to unzip my pants I lay my hand on hers and stop her gently. I want to ask you something. With all this practice in pleasing a boy. What do you expect they should do for you in return? Her face changes and she looks confused and distraught.

I don’t know she replies. I guess i was so fucused on doing good for them I didn’t think about it. I touch her face and smile. You are so beautiful and loving that any good man should be doing his best to keep you happy as much as he expects to be pleased himself. With that I stand up and grab under her arms and turn her around. I sit her on the couch where I was previously seated and I lower myself to the floor between her legs. She giggles. Daddy I don’t have a cock for you to suck.

I reach up and grab her pants with the curles of my fingers and pull them down. She lifts her hips and zi slowly pull them down taking her panties with them. She allows me to remove them and I ser them to the side. I lower my face down and kiss her thigh. My finger tips explore her soft flesh and slide upward toward her juicy cunt. She takes a deep breath inhailing sharply and bites her bottom lip. Opening her legs gently I bring my lips down to her cunny and snake my tongue out. Starting at the bottom of her vulva and slowly sliding my tongue all the way up to her sweet little hood, I use the tip of my tongue to find her little clit and circle it.

Oh my!!! She says as she shudders and squirms not knowing what to do with her hands or her body. I reach up and bring her hands to my head and she holds on while I rhythmically lap her pussy with the flat of my tongue. She is moaning and her hips are bucking to meet the attentions of my mouth. Her pussy is leaking nectar like a faucet and I am lapping it up like ambrosia. She tastes so good it reminds me of her mother. With a few more rapid flick of my tongue directly to her clit and she howls.

Ohhhh…ohhhh.ohhhhh …….oooohhhhhhh……OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! She creams me right on my face. Turns out she is a squirter like her mother too.

Well…what did I walk in on? I hear Lexi say from the doorway. And then a gasp from little Riyan. Whats happening? She asks inquisitively. Well Lexi says…daddy was showing Tinsley how to recieve proper attentions from a man. She smiles happily at the scene. Well Tinsley, if you thought that was nice I bet you can’t wait to feel his stiff cock inside you. That is twice as good.

Tinsley looks shocked as she contemplates that thought. Fucking is twice as good as that?

Only if your partner is as good as your daddy!

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