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My Family Part 1

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It has been 13 years since my sister and her daughters moved in with me and there have been developments.

I am Tyler. I have recently just turned 42. I work out regularly. My sister Lexi (37/f) turns 38 in about 2 months. We lost our virginities together when I was 13 and she was 9. We continued our relationship until my sister got pregnant at 11. My parents sent her away and we grew apart some what. Well 13 years ago she left the father of her two children because of a physically abusive relationship and she move in with me with her two daughters Amber and Mia. Lexi and I discovered that our feelings for each other were just as stong as when we were kids. In addition to that we also discovered that her daughters were just like her and we all became a wonderful, sex driven little family. Amber became pregnant and had a little girl we named her Tinsley. Lexi sort of “accidently” got pregnant and she had a little girl we named Sophia. Amber got pregnant again about a year later and had a little boy we named Alex. It took Mia another two years to get pregnant (which she was salty about for a long time). She had another little girl we named Riyan. Well we have become a big happy family and we now live a big house because our condo was too small. So here is where we are now.

Tyler 42/M (me)
Lexi 37/F (my sister)
Amber 25/F (Lexi’s daughter)
Mia 23/F (Lexi’s daughter)
Tinsley 13/f (Amber’s daughter)
Sophia 13/f (Lexi’s daughter 4 months younger)
Alex 11/m (Amber’s son)
Riyan 10/f ( Mia’s daughter)

The family has grown up knowing for the lost part what kind of relationship Lexi and her Daughters have with me. We have also been very clear that no one is being forced to be involved in the dynamic relationship. They also do not need to be involved either if they don’t want to. Up until now none of the kids have been interested in anything sexual with me or Lexi…until now.

Tinsley came running into the house after school. Dad! She shouted through the house. Dad!


Robby Higgins asked me out!!! Wooooo!!!

I knew who this was and I was happy for her. She day dreamed about it for the whole week and then on friday night she went out on a date at the movies with Robby. She was gone for a couple hours but when she came back she was crying.

What happend? Amber inquired.

Robby wanted me to suck his dick! Oh no I thought. Did he force you? NO! I wanted to suck it but when I tried he said I was horrible the worst he ever had! He dumped me immediately and said he doesn’t want to waste his time with me! Amber raised an eye brow at me. You just need practice baby…
Practice!!!! I have to have a cock so suck to practice!!!!

Amber wipes the tears from her eyes. Well…you are in luck. I happen to be one of the best cock suckers in the house and daddy happens to love having his dick sucked…don’t you daddy she winked at me.

Really dad! Can I suck your dick…please! I need to be good at sucking dick!

I chuckled to myself and said of course babe. You can suck my dick as many times as you need too and I will patiently help you practice. Amber wiped her eyes one more time and then Tinsley looked at me with slightly wet eyes and said…can I do it now???

Oh…well sure! I reached into my pants and pulled out my cock and gripped in in my hand. It was still pretty soft. She looked down at it.

Wow thats massive compared to Robby

I chuckled again knowing I was only of average size but if she wants to call it huge I’ll take the compliment. Amber instructed her to get on her knees and get started and well see what you can do.

Unfortunately it didn’t start off well. She gagged immediately and drug her teeth accross my shaft and gripped my cock to tight, her rhythm was awful…I paused her and said its not a race. You don’t have to go so fast. And you dont want to rip it off. I need it for later. I winked at Amber this time.

She took a breath and gripped it again. Amber showed her how to fold her lips over her teeth and into a soft “O” shape. This time when she went down on me it was very different. She softened her tongue and the warm wetness engulfed my member. When she started to suck this time her mouth glided over my flesh smoothly and she looked up at me with soft wanted eyes. It was so sexy. I ran my hand through her hair and watched her head bob up and down finding a better rhythm. Amber couched her and encouraged her for 4 or 5 minutes and then I knew I was cumming soon. Amber said ok daddy is going to release his sperm. You can take it in your mouth or you can stroke him off at the end either way don’t stop until daddy tells you too. Just a hint most guys like it when you swallow.

She bobbed up and down rapidly and I told her here it comes. She decided to hold her head there and I started spurting into her throat. She gagged again with the surprise of the first jet of sperm. With the second she just opened her mouth and I squirted onto her tongue. With third dribble of cum she put my cock back in her mouth and I could feel her tongue licking the slit of my head. All of my cum was extracted. She looked up at me as she rolled the cum in her mouth trying to decide if she liked the taste or not. She then gave it a hard swallow.

Good girl! Amber praised. Pleased with herself she smiled and got up from her knees. Can I practice again later daddy? My jaw is a little soar.

Of course you can. I’ll visit you when its bed time and we will do another practice. You’ll be a pro in no time!

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    Nvm just read turns 38 in 2 monthes😂🤣😂🤣

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    Good story but 1 issue your 42 your sister is 37 that 5 years if you were 13 and she was 9 that 4 years old simple math and an error in the story