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My eleven year-old Old Soul comes back for a visit

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By late morning Hunter was playing in the pool while Brinnley and I talked on a couple of the pool lounges. We sat facing each other. Me, constantly glancing at her spread legs and her swollen muffin bulging from the old faded swimsuit. She, glancing at my hard dick fighting to sneak out the leg of my board shorts.

We talked of discreetness and how it was so important that no one, absolutely no one ever found out about our secret.

Brinnley added, “Jack, you have no idea how I have changed since yesterday. I am more alive than I could ever imagine. I’ve wondered about my feelings for a couple years now, practicing on my own. Then, the night I watched Mommy fingering herself and cum was unbelievable. I remember sneaking back to my room and my pussy was soaked, at first, I thought I peed, but the juice running down my leg was oily. I rubbed it so hard that night, but I couldn’t get to the point that you helped me with. I think I was still too young. And, my god, when you licked and kissed me down there, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.”
“Girl, you are a very special human being, you are much older than you actually are. You are what they call an Old Soul. You are absolutely beautiful and sexy. Don’t ever doubt yourself again and ignore the rude, mean things your dad says. You are just perfect the way you are and you will grow up and do great things.”

“Jack,” she whispered because Hunter was swimming by chasing the beach ball. “Is it wrong if I say I think I love you?”

“Brinnley, not all. I love you, too. Just remember, the day will come when you get a boyfriend and your life will go on like it should. In the meantime, I am more than willing to teach you, help you understand things about yourself, and yes, love you too. At first, I never dreamed of making love to you, but when we did, it changed my life also. I promise I will never hurt you, mistreat you, or say bad things about you. You have my total trust. And, that is what we need if you want to take this further.”

“I was hoping you were going to say that. I want to make love to you again and again. And, I know it has to be our secret, you can trust me too. Pinky swear,” she added reaching out her hand with her pinky extended and we shook on it.

I glanced down again at her puffy pussy bulging through the almost transparent bikini bottom, there was a wet spot the size of a silver dollar. “You better go change before your mom gets here, Sweetie.” She glanced down, pushed in on the wet spot with her finger, and said, “I think I better shower again, also. You make me so wet, Jack, I can’t wait to see you again.”

Before the ladies got home from their weekend, Brinnley showered, changed into her mommy-approved one-piece bath suit, and returned to being a big sister to her little brother in the pool and the day ended on a good note.

The following weekend, Autumn and the kids were coming back. Linda asked if I minded, and I told her it would be okay, I really didn’t have anything planned. However, on Friday morning Autumn called, telling Linda, that Hunter was sick and would be staying with his dad, and asked if she thought I would mind watching Brinnley while Linda and she went shopping on Saturday. Of course, I was willing to help out.

At 10:00 Saturday morning, Brinnley and I stood in the driveway saying goodbyes to her mom and Linda. Autumn bent down to kiss Brinnley and said, “Remember, you be good for Jack, we’ll be back early tonight, Okay? Pinkie promise?”

“I promise, Mom. I will be good for Jack. Don’t worry.”

“She’ll be fine, Autumn. You two have a good time and don’t worry.”

Brinnley and I walked back in the house and she followed me into my bedroom. I got an old quilt from the closet and draped it across the bed.

“Do you want to cuddle, Sweetie? Let’s go sit on the couch.”

Oh, Jack, I feel like I’m going to jump out of my skin, Yes, silly, I definitely want to cuddle. But, only if you teach me how to kiss first.”

I sat on the couch and Brinnley climbed onto my lap, facing me, straddling my thighs. I held her tightly and leaned in, my lips touching her satin-soft skin. My heart melted and my dick hardened. She wasted no time, sticking her tongue in my mouth. We kissed like two love-starved teenagers for at least thirty minutes. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her tongue in my mouth harder. I reached up and squeezed her nipples with each of my thumb and index fingers. She started sliding back and back, rubbing her pussy on my hardness. She grew frantic, panting and almost jamming her sweet little pussy on my dick. Her shorts were soaked, as well as mine. I couldn’t believe how wet this little nymph got. I never knew a woman in my life whose pussy just leaked juice from start to finish. We were both within seconds of cumming.

I pulled my head back. Her eyes shot open questioningly. “Time for cuddles, Sweetie.”

“But, but, I was there, Jack. I was there. I was ready to explode.”

I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. “Time to go cuddle. But one condition, no clothes this time. Come with me and close your eyes.”

I stood her beside the bed and with trembling hands, I raised her arms and slowly slid her T-shirt up. She held her eyes closed taking deep breaths as I watched her brown pointed diamond-hard puffy nipples come into view. I slid my fingers down her raised arms and across her budding tiny breasts. I pinched and rolled her nipples as she sucked in a deep breath. My hands dropped lower, my thumbs going inside her shorts and panties and even slower this time, I pulled them down over her little girl hips and thighs. It was my turn to suck in my breath when I saw her tight little pussy come into view, with that little patch of golden brown hair curling into the top of her slit. She helped me by stepping out of her shorts. When her sinewy pre-teen thighs parted, a steady flow of little girl juice coated her mound and upper thighs. While looking at her angelic face, I whispered, “Keep you eyes closed and no talking.” She bit her lower lip and nodded in affirmation.

I slid my hand between her legs, thumb up, fingers extended. Lifting my hand, I squeezed my thumb into her slit and immediately felt her hard nub at the top of her crease. I ran my thumb in a circle over her clit, feeling it spring back side-to-side, while I sawed my hand back in forth, making contact with her pussy and ass crack. I swear her clit was larger than my wife’s. My hand was getting wetter by the second by a steady stream leaking from her hole; she was insatiable.

“Oh, Jack! It’s happening already!”

“Shhh. No talking Little One.

She started matching my sawing motion, moving her hips big and forth attempting to create maximum contact. Her breath was growing rapidly, her tummy muscles began quivering.
I pulled my hand away.

‘What! What! Why did you stop, again! I was so close, Jack.”

“Sshhush. No talking. I picked her up and laid her on the quilt with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. I quickly dropped my shorts and pulled off my T-shirt. I grabbed a bandana from the nightstand drawer and asked, “Do you trust me, Brinnley?”

“You know I do.” I tied the bandana around her eyes.

“Now, I want you to reach down, grabbed your knees, and pull them back as far as you can. Try and touch your shoulders with your knees.” She acquiesced.

I stood in awe at the obscene view before me. Her juices were leaking from her pussy and flowing down and over the most beautiful pink star I had ever seen. With her rosebud facing directly up, the white sauce pooled in the center of her star. I looked down at my granite-hard cock pointing straight at her. I too, was leaking cum like never before.

I bent down and softly blew on her pussy. She moaned loudly, whimpering. I sucked her hard pencil eraser-sized nub and thrust my thumb into her tight crevasse. No hymen, but I kind of figured she had already taken care of that. Her pussy started spasming, she was so close. I continued sucking and bouncing her clit side to side with my tongue while holding my thumb in her as deeply as I could. Her body started convulsing. I pulled my thumb out. She cried out again, “No-o-o-o!”


I looked down and her pussy was jumping up and down, humping thin air as she continued crying and pleading, “Oh, Jack. Please. Please!”

I bent back down and rammed my tongue inside her. She bucked hard against my face. I took my right index finger and held it against her star. I allowed the tip to press the star inward.

“Oh my, god. Oh my, god!” she screamed.

When I went up to swipe at her clit again, she jammed her tight hairless asshole onto my finger, sinking it two knuckles deep!

Her pussy exploded like Kilauea! Hot molten pre-teen lava shot from its crater, spraying my face and flooding my mouth. She jammed her ass harder onto my finger, it was completely buried to the bottom knuckle and locked by her ring. Her ass was squeezing so tight I couldn’t move my finger at all; like it was permanently embedded. Her screams got louder as her little body twisted around like it was hit with a stun gun. She then started crying and laughing simultaneously, trying to catch her breath. Her pussy kept squirting, and my face and forearm were completely covered. I took my thumb and jammed it into her pussy. She squirted again, heaving and panting.

She suddenly stopped moving. The little nymph passed out. I removed my thumb and another bubble of juice popped out. I pushed on her ass while prying my finger from her ass. Beads of sweat covered her face below the bandana. I looked at the finger that was wedged in that tight vise-like rear end and sucked on it greedily. Then I got a cool wash cloth from the bath, pulled off the bandana, and dabbed her forehead. Her gray-green eyes fluttered open and her breathing, although deep, was returning to normal.

“Are you okay, Sweetie?”

“I love you so much, Jack,” she whispered. “We you kiss me again?’

We spooned together, my arms wrapped around her while she soundly slept.

I still had not cum. I slid my cock between her oily, soaked thighs, nudged tightly against her pussy. At only the sixth back-and-forth slide I came hard, watching five long ropes of cum shoot across the quilt of the king-size bed.

I held her tighter and closed my eyes.

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