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My colleague’s wife

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Where I met the hottest sexiest girl I have ever seen my (colleague’s wife)

I met my colleague at his house and he has daughter, wife and big house.

I was shock by looking at his wife (anjali) she is hindu, wearing skirt with white shirt on, however she is skinny but with big boobs and her daughter( neha) is there too skinny with big boos just like her mom.

The food arrived on the dining table and Anjali put down the cutlery and her daughter put down the glass plates down and I call anjali (angel) because first time hearing the name anjali she started to blush as I said her name wrong (angle)

She sat with her daughter and I sat opposite them both as my colleague sat next to Anjali we put food on our plates the food was delicious butter chicken with chapatti and brown rice (pillow rice).

I was loving the food kept saying hmm after three minutes went by I was loving the food so much I dropped my fork whispered (fuck) I went under the table and saw anjali sexy legs she crossed her legs and she purposely opened it and I seen her pussy wet lips and luckily I got my phone out took picture of it and did a mini video and seen her like this make my dick slightly harden my dick growing slowly (9.4 inches) then next to her was neha she was wearing school uniform but no pants and she only 14.
She pulled her skirt up and I seen her pussy lips too and ready to play them both but not yet let me think of a way to get the husband to go out and stay out for long as we want.

I started to eat fast as I was excited to get her body and her daughter but I told my colleague to go out for drink I meet you at the bar and I told him to go to the other side of the cuntry and he let me stay with two beautiful girls (women), anyways.

I showed the pussy pic to her anjali she nooo!! Please I beg you I do anything you want I said ok i want ur shirt off right now!
She was stumbling my my s-shirt?
I said yes! Or else I rip it off you and slap you and treat you like tramp slut!
She slowly unbuttoned her top and her big milky boobs came right out juggling and I grabbed them she said please be gentle!
I said shut up I do as I please myself! you heard me!

Call me sir right now or else I show your topleas to ur daughter!?
Ok sir please don’t show any nudes to my daughter I beg you please!

I said shut up and unzip my trousers NOW! Ok ok sir she crawls on the and feeling my big fat long cock (9.4 inches 3 inches wide)

Take my trousers (pants) off she said sir you have nice big dick sir!

I put my hair on her head and said open your mouth I give one big trust she wasn’t ready for my big long fat dick in her mouth she tapped my legs and I said I don’t care find a way to breath she gagging chocking eyes watering I pulled it out and pulled a jaldi hair slapped her face started eyes water up more and I said shit the fuck up!

I got her up bent her over slapped her ass and I got my bent tied her hands on her back as I spank her ass panty in her mouth as she screaming so loud and so much and I make her muffle her moans fuck I slide my dick in her ass anal fucking her it’s like her first time she nodded her head it’s her first time and she was screaming and I watched her eyes roll as I grabbed her neck fucking ramming her ass deeper and stretching her ass bitch you like it now huh!!

Then I ramm my dick in her pussy after her body shakes so badly and she tell me to use her like slut cumslut slave bitch whore and she didn’t care of anything just me fucking her ass.

Her daughter watches me ramming her mom pussy so hard she moaning and behaving puts her hand in her pussy rubbing it fingering it I called her to join us I took her top off roughly I said you both don’t wear bras but I told mega to suck my creamy dick which anjali kept on cumming so much uncontrollingly

She taste her mum cum fist time but I didn’t stop her I told her to continue as I wiped her mom in front of her so much she turned red.

Then Naha and her mom kiss for the first time which helps my dick more growing and I continue wiping her tits and she was trying beg for mercy I said no mercy here!

Her daughter lays down legs open wider,
Then I insert my big dick she started to moan, screening.

If you want more of this let me know for part2

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    This is so hot sexy and made me creampie

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    So hot I wish I could join

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      Sure but you have to dms mesocial media?

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    This is so hot can you say more because it making me so horny and wet I wanna know what’s next?

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      Sure neha as I will tell you in more detail in part2 this was to build the suspense

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    I want more sir
    Part 2? It’s amazing

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      Sure I will let you know with part 2